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  1. CenterHill

    Nashville International Airport

    The interstate signage directing you to the airport currently says "Nashville International Airport". Wonder if this will entail new signage and what it will say? "BNA International Airport"?
  2. CenterHill

    CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    I actually meant more than any distillery in KY, but Ole Smoky’s visitor numbers are so large they actually might be more than all of KY combined. But I can’t substantiate that.
  3. CenterHill

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Maybe he has bad teeth.
  4. Is that corner piece being demo'd part of the NMAAM?
  5. CenterHill

    CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    Wow, the Ole Smoky portion has taken it to a new level. Fun fact: Ole Smoky's distillery in Gatlinburg is the most visited distillery in the world. Think about that. More than Jack Daniels, George Dickel, anything in Kentucky, Macallan, Jameson, etc. It helps being located at the entrance to the most-visited US National Park and that, well, there are only so many fudge shops one can visit in Gatlinburg. But still, quite impressive.
  6. CenterHill

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    What do you mean the police are not allowed to pursue? If bikers are disobeying traffic laws and harassing drivers, why would there not be citations issued? Some of these vehicles are probably not even legal to drive on city streets without a permit.
  7. A friend who works in the Pinnacle building told me this weekend that the bottom level of the Pinnacle garage is flooded due to seepage and the river at a sustained high level. The garage is expected to be that way until May, assuming river levels recede.
  8. CenterHill

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    I encountered them Friday evening leaving downtown. I was headed south on 8th at the Demonbreun light and the group of them were opposite me heading into downtown. The light turned green and they were all wheelies up blazin into town. One guy on a four wheeler doing a wheelie nearly side swiped a car in the lane next to him. I’ve never seen this group before and thought wtf. Then yesterday I saw the report about the officer being hit.
  9. CenterHill

    Haven at The Gulch, 11 stories, 299 apts, $100 million

    This quote made me laugh. As if the person were not aware that steel frame construction has been in use since the 1800's. The snap-on panels covered in stucco sound like taking cheap to a new level.
  10. CenterHill

    Haven at The Gulch, 11 stories, 299 apts, $100 million

    Disappointing. It's unfortunate that this will be the first "downtown" building drivers will encounter approaching from I-65 and I-40 E.