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  1. Add this in the mix. A Global Climate Strike encouraging people in cities around the world to stage protests against climate change inaction. A Nashville group is scheduling an event here for 6:30pm downtown on Friday. TDOT closes 440 at 9pm, about the time all these people would be leaving downtown.
  2. Maybe LC is planning to stencil on a "brick" surface like in Germantown? Not being sarcastic - I mean, from the street the Germantown building looks like actual brick.
  3. And you have the Vandy/LSU game and a TSU home game
  4. Does this mean the proposed hotel on the current Czann's site in Sobro is moving forward?
  5. I agree that the vast amount of stucco finish is a big disappointment. The rendering admittedly made it hard to decipher the exterior materials, but even so, the rendering showed a more 3D exterior cladding, with much more pronounced horizontal ledges, cornices and vertical elements. The finished product is basically a flat surface and much less interesting.
  6. The church next door is an event space (Clementine). Highly recommend Hathorne, the restaurant.
  7. Yes, Parks is taking their time. Site study determined that the current bridge location is unstable and the bridge will have to be relocated further from the river. Metro is working on specs for a new bridge and re-routing of the greenway trail, and will put out bids this fall. Probably looking at a 2020 construction. Until then, users will have to use the unpaved detour path.
  8. I wonder why they would demo the Church St. viaduct stair. The stair doesn’t seem to be in the construction footprint, at least for now. Agree that rerouted pedestrian crossing of 11th under the viaduct is a frogger nightmare. Pedestrians are hidden behind the construction barrier until they peek out to cross and then, look out! They really need to address that. There are way too many pedestrians, cyclists and scooters trying to use what’s left of the Gulch Greenway.
  9. Although, many of the buildings you post on this thread ARE architecturally significant and represent great examples of craftsman, Tudor, timber/brick commercial buildings and other forms that haven't been utilized in the last 50-100 years. I love getting these updates about how these buildings are being preserved, updated and re-purposed. Keep 'em coming!
  10. Back to the wall discussion, I noticed today that the 6’ decorative fence that used to span most of the distance between 21st Ave and the Carmichael Towers, separating the sidewalk from the campus buildings, has been removed. And the lower limbs of the magnolia trees lining West End have recently been pruned above head height, with the effect that there is now much more of an open view from the street into the campus. The low stone retaining wall is still there in places due to the change in grade between the sidewalk and the campus grounds, but all in all it’s a much more open feel.
  11. They were hackberries, but unfortunately they were the only trees on the front campus. Hopefully they will replace them with some new and better trees as part of the new landscaping.
  12. Curious that the email from Endeavor to the Planning Commission states that Endeavor was "required" to put a mural on the wall. I'm not sure what requirement that would be. What about just this on the wall?
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