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  1. Good to see job growth in Memphis.
  2. I agree, but I think the east face backs up to the 11th Ave. parking lot and will eventually be obscured by development on that parcel.
  3. Couldn't agree more.
  4. Found this image on the MCC website. It appears to be a roof over a roof.
  5. Will all that empty space remain between the roof of the addition and the MCC roof overhang? Seems a little odd, although it might make an ideal new home for downtown pigeons.
  6. Agree, no way. Plus they're locked in a long term lease at Pinnacle.
  7. "Same thing that is wrong with people today", said the Corinthian Lodge replaced by Lake Palmer and the antebellum home now sprouting weeds waiting for a Virgin hotel.
  8. Which is about the time you'll start thinking those are real palm trees
  9. Love that Finnish broadcast. That's what the family and I sounded like on that play in our living room last night! LOL
  10. I saw this today. No idea.
  11. I like the updated rendering better. I like the more extensive use of glass on the pedestal curtain wall and the glass patterns on the tower. The vertical cladding on the pedestal hits a little close to the Hines 222 pedestal, but maybe it won't be nearly as LOUD. Pink sidewalks are interesting.
  12. Best quote: "I think we're learning that we Canadians can learn something about being hockey fans from Nashville, Tennessee." Great to be at the game last night and be part of the "best hockey atmosphere ever"! Can't wait for Game 4!
  13. The Greyhound bus is in place on The Bobby Dream Hotel construction to the right (south) of it
  14. ^ I'm really glad you posted this one. I've always loved this house and its Queen Anne charm. Nashville used to be full of these.