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  1. Deaderick St here closes to traffic between 4th and 5th one day a week (Thursdays) for food trucks. There are usually 8-10 trucks and they're a hit with downtown workers. I've been down there this winter when the temps were biting cold and saw no noticeable drop off in crowds going there for lunch. I agree it would be great to have a place where this could happen daily.
  2. Yes and I would add the "Urban Planning" and "Cities" magazines on Flipboard. I drop in on all of these daily.
  3. This image shows where the water tower will end up.
  4. Where in Brentwood is this? Great that the historic house was saved and the hotel designed around it. Projects like this are fairly common in states like Virginia, where historic structures are numerous and preservation is top of mind. When hotel or retail chains are looking to build here, way too often the historic structures are "in the way" and are razed and replaced with the chain's prefab, cookie cutter product.
  5. The open rooftop view faces west (looking toward Vandy/Aertson); the covered portion of the roof faces east; the triangular point faces north.
  6. Yes. The Cambria south wall will eventually be obscured by the Embassy Suites tower.
  7. That's a great shot of 5th Ave N from the 50's. 5th Ave's narrow sidewalks feel crowded to me today, but wow, just look at that photo!
  8. MNPS did a great job with the design of the MLK expansion.
  9. I've not seen that photo, but this was the night Mount Love Circle erupted and lava flowed through the streets of Nashville. This is how we lost the Sam Davis Hotel, the Paramount Theater, Sudekum building and other gems.
  10. I don't know about age of the renderings, but that's correct as to Waller's current position. That's my firm and I can confirm the rendering with our logo was a surprise to us.
  11. Excavation appears to be underway at the Hammer Mill site next door to Neuhoff.
  12. I hope the 5th Ave garage facade is done tastefully in materials worthy of the State Capitol grounds. Please no zebra stripes.
  13. I'm not sure Hensler is involved with this project Dave Arnholt and Jim Caden own the Deja Vu property.