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  1. Ambitious is a good description. Quote from the would-be developer: “I see a huge need for an indoor soccer complex for the kids to come enjoy. We don’t have one in Nashville,” said Devinder Sandhu. Not quite accurate as there are several indoor soccer complexes within Metro. But I would agree we need more and better. Something like the former A-Game complex in Cool Springs.
  2. Nice infill on what is currently a parking lot. This fits in well with the existing architecture in the Village.
  3. ^^ I recorded 10.5" of rain in my gauge since Monday.
  4. Great!! This needed to happen.
  5. Write your council person and the mayor. You raise a valid point, seriously. We have crews that pressure wash the streets downtown every night, but sidewalks are left to the property owners and tenants. I see some tenants who sweep the walks in front of their shops every morning and even pressure wash from time to time, but most do nothing. Even well away from Lower Broad, many mornings on downtown sidewalks it's not uncommon to have to step around the remains of someone's excess partying from the night before.
  6. I laughed out loud at that.
  7. I seriously doubt that's red brick. I expect it's paint. But doesn't matter if it's Italian marble, the garage portion looks like sh*t. Although, as pointed out, this sits in a vast sea of multi level parking structures, so it will blend in nicely. From this image, the hotel looks to be solid stucco in various shades of dirty gray. Might as well add window unit air conditioners while they're at it. I'm not a fan of this design if you can't tell.
  8. Love this project (Geist)! Regarding the brick, didn't I read somewhere before the project started that they were salvaging the bricks from the old two story house that stood on the site now occupied by the patio and were planning to use that brick in the new construction? I might be making that up.
  9. And in several photos posted above in this thread.
  10. The NBJ article discussed that the developers are proposing to make 5th Ave from Broadway to Commerce a zero grade streetscape. There would be no curbs and gutters - the sidewalks would flow seamlessly across the street between 5th & B and the Ryman - similar to stretch of 5th between the MCC and the Omni. There are some engineering issues to overcome, like stormwater drainage, but the developers would like it to happen. You can see what they mean in this image.
  11. The sidewalk was completely closed while workers removed the old electronic sign and removed the planter beds. Then the barriers were recessed to re-open the sidewalk.
  12. Corner Pub coming to MDHA garage retail space adjacent to 505. First retail tenant in the 5th Ave spaces.
  13. I really like the interior concourses at FTP and the seating and field layout, generally. It's just the exterior facade I don't care for.
  14. The bartender ladies on the club level are a hoot. They serve craft beer and call you "honey". Always earns them a nice tip.