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  1. Black Abbey Brewing off Thompson Lane is one of my tops. For taprooms, I love Craft Brewed in Melrose and The Filling Station in 12S.
  2. Great shots, @nashmoney I love the cloud reflections in this one!
  3. The native plant concept, if done right and maintained, can look amazing in an urban context. Two great examples are the Lurie Garden in Chicago's Millennium Park and the High Line in NYC, both designed by Piet Oudolf. Both are civic spaces open to the public and utilize an extensive selection of grasses and wildflowers native to their regions. They are also maintained year around by a dedicated staff. I'm not sure whether Stix, being in a traffic roundabout, falls under the responsibility of Metro Parks or Public Works. My guess is the latter, but whoever is responsible needs to understand that no matter how nice the initial design, without routine maintenance, the dandelions and thistle will eventually win out.
  4. Hooray! I've wanted to see this happen for a long, long time. Such an incredible facade. Does the article say anything about the intended use? Looks like office on the top 3 floors.
  5. Jeezus, why can’t Nashville figure this stuff out? This project perfectly illustrates the halfassed commitment the city gives to bike and pedestrian infrastructure. The city can’t really hold this out as advancing Vision Zero. To the extent the green paint lures more cyclists onto this stretch of road, I could see the number accidents actually increasing.
  6. These will take the place of the existing Morgan and Lewis residential towers and the Chaffin and Mayfield apartments. The excellent development map says Martha Ingram Commons, but that's not what these will be called. Highland Quadrangle is the working name for now.
  7. I’ve seen at least one article referring to the tenant as a “brewpub”. That implies beer is brewed on site. I don’t see any tanks or brewing facilities in the renderings, but maybe someone knows. My guess is the Saucy company will have their beers contract brewed elsewhere for this venue.
  8. This will be a hit with the bachelorettes. At least it preserves the beautiful fire station building.
  9. Ha, that's because it's still a cheap hotel. I'm not saying I love it, just that as long as the owner wants to continue operating a cheap hotel, the new cladding is an improvement over the stucco.
  10. It's amazing to finally see this project come to life. I remember feeling a tinge of excitement about possibly redeveloping the former slaughterhouse back when Steve McRedmond acquired the property back in the 90's. It's been a long time coming.
  11. The cladding on the new addition is a big improvement over the existing hotel. Wish they would go ahead and re-clad the whole thing. Or maybe that's the plan, does anyone know?
  12. Extremely well done, @Rlooper! I love that you linked all of these projects to the Cumberland River Greenway, which is one of the most complete, unsevered (except for the Ascend segment) greenways Nashville has,. It speaks volumes to the dividends a good greenway system can have for a city!
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