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  1. I hope everyone is monitoring tonight’s weather. Some people posted after March 3 that there was not enough warning about the possibility of severe weather that night. There are warnings for storms tonight arriving roughly the same time as the 3/3 storms. The % likelihood tonight is actually higher. Please set an alert app before you go to bed. Stay safe everyone.
  2. At least not cancelled. Could be better camping weather.
  3. Someone can probably post a rendering that captures it, but I'm pretty sure upper 10th will only have vehicular access to Church St. and will only extend the length of the Amazon towers to the north and the length of the AEG complex to the south. It won't connect or have a ramp to either Broadway or Charlotte. It will provide vehicle access to the Amazon and AEG parking and passenger drop off. Lower 10th will remain continuous from Broadway to Charlotte. Actually, here's a pretty good rendering that shows the southern terminus of Upper 10th more or less at Commerce St., Commerce St. connects to Lower 10th.
  4. There are many historic structures in Buena Vista (fewer now after March 3), but there is no contextual zoning in place, such as historic or conservation zoning that requires new construction to fit with the character of the surrounding neighborhood. For example, Germantown has an historic zoning overlay and Salemtown has a conservation zoning overlay. The Buena Vista neighborhood is under the more general Urban Zoning Overlay, which only requires "MEDIUM DENSITY RESIDENTIAL, REQUIRING A MINIMUM 6,000 SQUARE FOOT LOT AND INTENDED FOR SINGLE AND TWO-FAMILY DWELLINGS AT A DENSITY OF 7.71 DWELLING UNITS PER ACRE." Meaning, if you're a developer who doesn't give a damn, you can build two adjoining out-of-character 3-story town homes on a lot that formerly had a single bungalow.
  5. I love this tower and how it’s going to look on VU’s campus. Remind me what function Vandy proposes for the tower. Looking at this image, after the elevators and stairwells, there’s not much usable square footage per floor plate. But each one will have great views!
  6. But it’s disrupted for every market. More so after last night for routes impacted by the EU restrictions.
  7. I hate this. I’ve always loved the little Geist building. I’ve had this painting on my wall for some years. The artist did it to bring attention to the building back when it was in serious disrepair and in danger of being lost. On the bright side I read an interview with the restaurant owner after the tornado that sounded like the damage can and will be repaired.
  8. Margaret Renkl is a Nashville treasure.
  9. I’m pretty sure the builder was only working on it in his spare time on weekends. I think it took about 2 years to get to this point.
  10. Germantown Place apartments at 4th & Jefferson. Wood planks pierced and buckled a brick wall. Makes you appreciate the force of this tornado.
  11. For the curious and those out of town, the storm system and the forecast evolved during the day on Monday. It was known was that the conditions were there. As I left for work Monday a.m., my wife said to me "you know they're saying there's a chance of hail and tornadoes tonight". Throughout the day on Monday, NashSevereWx tracked the system every step of the way. I'm leaving out dozens of their update tweets during these hours, but this sampling gives you the sense of how the storm evolved during the day. Monday 10:35 a.m: Monday 2:02pm: Monday 4:22 pm: Monday 6:07pm: Monday 11:12 pm: Monday 11:17pm: Monday 11:19pm: Tues. 12:35 am: Tues. 12:41am:
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