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  1. That building was designed as a two story masonry structure. I do hope they hired a good engineer to confirm it can hold what’s going to happen on that top level.
  2. Nah. The first renderings showed a stucco structure atop an external parking pedestal. It’s living up to its poor design.
  3. Yes, although that half clover leaf exchange (Exit 239) where the new QT is is so compact that traffic feeding onto I-40 from US70 enters at a snail’s pace. My worry is a lot of new truck and QT traffic getting on and off there will further back up the I-40 flow, which is already congested through the 3 Lebanon exits. TDOT just completed the 2-year I-40 extra lane project between Gallatin Hwy 109 and Exit 236 (South Hartmann). Just wish TDOT would have bit the bullet and continued all the way to 239.
  4. That’s the new one in Lebanon. It will at least give Uncle Pete’s some needed competition.
  5. Whoa. This one is vertigo-inducing. Love this geometry.
  6. Amazing pic, but curious where exactly Sky5 is when they get a shot like that. They can't have their helicopter (or drone) in BNA airspace.
  7. I had totally forgotten about this proposal. Would add to what is already quite a little cluster of towers in this area.
  8. Don’t know about 65, but the stadium looms large from 440 as you pass over 65.
  9. I get a strong c.1965 Ft. Lauderdale vibe with this one. I love it.
  10. It’s virtually impossible to plant a tree this time of year with temps in the mid-90s for extend periods, especially a street tree where the concrete and asphalt cranks the surface temps even higher. A number of the new trees on the opposite side of 11th at the new NES substation have been similarly cooked and died. At this point, it makes sense to wait until the fall to replace them, let’s hope it happens.
  11. Back when the Cumberland River used to flow around the other side of downtown.
  12. Great photos, @donNdonelson2. I ride on the greenway out there all the time and this area is just beautiful. I like that the proposed park tries to preserve the land in its natural state as much as possible.
  13. Rode past this the other day and the stucco crew had begun slathering the portion at the lower left. I’m guessing it will take something like 20 Olympic swimming pools of stucco before this is done. Awful
  14. Looks like the hydraulic breaker suffered a horrible death
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