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  1. I think what’s most disappointing to me is knowing that these brick apartment buildings will be replaced with schlock architecture, most likely a stucco clad flat window interstate exit box of a Holiday Inn. I know we haven’t seen a rendering, but come on, we know because of who the developer is. If you told me the replacement would be an elegant town house or apartment building that was an architectural upgrade to the block, it would be easier to say goodbye to the old apartments. But I predict we’ll be trading down for what will replace them. Much like the Hampton Inn across the street that replaced the old Father Ryan building, or the Walgreens that replaced the Jacksonian, or on and on. It’s death by a thousand cuts, giving up character for blandness.
  2. Interesting. This may be a good use for Hayes St, as it's such a purposeless street otherwise, given the numerous midtown parking garages along this route (glorified alley, as @PruneTracy referred to it above). I'm not quite following the "Grundy leg connecting to Church around 8th or 7th" part. Assuming an I-40 bridge were added to connect Hayes with Grundy, the east end of the route would stop dead at 11th, given that Asurion/CSX/Nashville Yards sit squarely between Grundy and 8th.
  3. Agree, and it was made abundantly clear with the resignation of the director of Economic Development at the end of the year. In fact, the entire Office of Economic Development department seems to have disappeared from the Nashville.gov website, replaced by a page called "Economic Opportunity (Mayor's Office)".
  4. It totally sucks to be losing another historic (95 yr old) apartment building in this part of town. Infuriating, in fact. However, a frequent refrain on this board is that "Metro does nothing" to prevent this kind of thing from happening. Before that gets started, let's just look at it and admit this is a classic example of a case where there is nothing the city can do, besides ask the property owner to consider preservation. This particular property contains no protective zoning overlay, like conservation or preservation zoning. Metro cannot force a zoning overlay on a property without the property owner's consent (and overlays are rarely if never used on commercial properties or individual parcels - see, eg, the failed struggle to try and get Music Row property owners to support an overlay). This property did not require rezoning to allow for the proposed hotel use of the property, so Planning and Council did not have to approve it. Whoever owned the property would be legally allowed to do what is now being proposed. Had the property been acquired by a buyer who recognized the value in restoring and upgrading the existing buildings, we (not all, but many) would be rejoicing. But where, as here, the land value doesn't support the economics of restoration, you end up with a buyer like Jay Patel, who doesn't see a charming early 20th century apartment building, but sees a mid-town parcel he can scrape and redevelop. I hate it, but this is the very unfortunate side of being a booming city with escalating land values.
  5. Don't think we've seen that render of the rotunda. Love that. I noticed this week they've begun excavating for the footings of the rotunda.
  6. Philadelphia coffee shop set for big downtown project https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2020/01/14/exclusive-philadelphia-coffee-shop-set-for-big.html?iana=hpmvp_nsh_news_headline A Philadelphia-based coffee shop inspired by Japanese culture is heading to Music City. Elixr Coffee Roasters confirmed to the Business Journal that the company will open a location in the forthcoming Fifth + Broadway mixed-use development. Elixr is owned and run by business partners and brothers-in-law Evan Inatome and Winston Justice. This will be Elixr’s first coffee shop outside the Philadelphia area, where the company will soon open a fifth location. Justice, a former NFL player and current financial adviser with Bernstein Private Wealth Management, said Inatome is the “brains behind the operation.” Justice joined AllianceBernstein's Nashville team in October. The NBJ article is from today, but inexplicably uses an outdated image of the 5th & Broad project (outdated by several years - almost everything in the rendering has changed).
  7. Comparing to the post-AllianceBernstein renderings, the protruding columns circled in the above photo will anchor the mechanical screen and logo. If the rendering is accurate, the mechanical screen will be the equivalent of another one story and will cover about 3/4 of the rooftop.
  8. Yeah, it appears the design is intended to divide the curtain walls into separate verticals to give the appearance of two, even three, adjoining towers, rather than one solid glass "cube". I'm trusting it will all come together, but we'll have to wait and see.
  9. Probably '91, not '81. I know it was still Spats when I graduated in '85.
  10. It was Spats when I was in college here in the early 80's. It was a regular hangout for Vandy kids, along with Jonesy's, Waxy's and the original Ruby Tuesday on West End (near 440). Yeah, Spats was lively and loud and known for their Long Island Iced Teas. I'm not sure what was in that building before it was Spats. I think it become something else for a while after Spats closed and before it became Sportsman's Grille, but I could be mistaken about that.
  11. Yes, although that’s a different quarry. The one I’m referring to could become an expansion of Commodore marina.
  12. I had never appreciated how enormous that Vulcan quarry is. It'll make a heckuva lake some day.
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