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  1. Except that history didn't happen in the Orbison building, at least nothing that Roy Orbison himself did there. After Roy's death, his wife, Barbara, purchased the building in the 90's and used it to manage his estate and market his legacy. The building was originally constructed as a storage facility and the east-facing facade was a blank wall (due to other buildings that I believe flanked its east side before being torn down for Beaman's parking lot). Barbara sunk money into the building to add the east facing windows and redesign it for office space. All worthy and admirable, but nothing guaranteed her that someday the Beaman lot would not be developed.
  2. He means behind Grainger. Grainger owns the building and the grass lot behind it. The greenway that runs between Grainger and the tracks is on a long narrow parcel owned by the 11 North apartments entity.
  3. That's where Broadwest really dropped the ball. There is no activation of either 16th or 17th. 16th is a blank wall with a narrow set of steps leading up to the plaza, to allow pedestrians to escape the dead street. 17th is just a block long blank wall. Because you're right, the potential for both streets, with Reed fronting 16th and future development on 17th, could have been huge. A missed opportunity.
  4. Actually saw this happen. About a month ago, I was riding my bike over the connector using the bike lane (elevated shared pedestrian/bike path protected by bollards) and came upon a woman who had just driven her car up and over the bollards and took out a light pole. She was fine and seemed embarrassed, but her car was a mess as were about 4 bollards and the light pole. Not sure if she was distracted trying to catch a glimpse of the skyline or what. Definitely a lapse in attention.
  5. Yeah, sorry I wasn't sure what to call it. "Tile" didn't seem right. Anyway, just wondering if that will be used throughout the concourses as well as the ticket counter and baggage areas.
  6. So will that laminate flooring be the new look throughout the terminal? Eventually replacing the beloved (by some) BNA carpet?
  7. I'm sure the YMCA would love to have the lot for future expansion, but not at that price tag.
  8. ^ Did the Treehouse building survive the tornado? In one photo I saw it looked like it may have suffered significant damage.
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