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  1. Chattanooga is one example. There are actually two dams controlling the Tennessee River as it passes through the city (Chickamauga Dam and Nickajack Dam). The river remains at a fairly constant (and wide) level in downtown Chattanooga. Both dams have locks for barge traffic.
  2. I don’t know the backstory, but something doesn’t add up. If AJCP “always intended” to preserve the Exit In, how is it possible that fact was not communicated to the E/I owners, before they launched a campaign to buy the property themselves? The confidentiality agreement excuse doesn’t make sense commercially. Ok, yes, good that AJCP is now saying they want to preserve the venue, but it sounds like a pivot in response to the public outrage and successful crowdsource campaign to outbid them. What does “preserve” mean under AJCP’s revised plan?
  3. Me, too. Some tumble down shacks for sure, but also a striking number of very nice Victorian era churches, houses and retail buildings. It's a shame the city/state could not have been more selective in what came down, but that wasn't really the point of "urban renewal".
  4. Wow. The Holiday Inn was before my time in Nashville. I'm guessing more than a few state legislators dined on the Iron Gate Steak, lol. If I have the perspective correct, the Holiday Inn was where the Andrew Johnson state office tower sits today at the intersection of James Robertson Pkwy and Rosa Parks. The cut through street with the huge retaining wall was throwing me. That was evidently removed at some point and filled in with landscaping. I'm guessing it was the former Gay St. , which today has only a fragment remaining in front of the Capitol Towers (visible at the left edge of the photo). Here's the current view.
  5. My first reaction is the levee in the renderings seems lower than it is compared to the current site. Possibly the developer plans to back fill the site to raise the overall site level, although that seems like a massive undertaking. As I recall, the former warehouse for Metro Medical Supply came very close to flooding in 2010.
  6. Thanks @LA_TN for that refresher on the process. I think I knew parts of that at the time, but not the whole story. Agree lots of lessons to be learned. The biggest takeaway is that for a prominent downtown location (or arguably for any city-owned property), the Metro Arts Commission should retain approval rights over the final design, and any changes to the design. Why would you ever give an artist a pot of money and carte blanche to place whatever they want in such a location? btw, your description of the unanticipated physics and downsizing brings to mind the classic Stonehenge scene
  7. I would think so too, but a friend in the industry tells me Live Nation and Clair Brothers have done multiple sound tests there with full PA systems. LN wouldn’t do this if the venue wasn’t up to their standards. Having said that, I do wonder what the temperature will be like down in that hole in August.
  8. A lot of potential for this project. If "project" is the right word. Maybe more like the Gulch with development infill undertaken by different investors over time. I'm not sure I follow the ultimate plan. I especially liked this image from the website for the former stadium site and Ft. Negley. "In the future, this area will be considered “Nashville’s Central Park.” It will be the bustling natural heart of Nashville’s new urban life. With hiking trails and climbing gyms, outdoor bars and music venues, live-work and traditional office, townhomes and condominiums, art studios and apartments, New Heights will be the place to live, work, create, make and be in Nashville’s future."
  9. The current NASHVILLE signage, LOL. Postage stamp size and surprisingly cluttered. These TDOT signs have been at each county line along the interstates for as long as I can remember. This one is on I-24 as you're approaching Joelton.
  10. I like the courthouse design overall, but I don't understand these rooftop "sheds". It would be one thing if this was just housing for elevator and mechanical not visible from the street, but these are a good 2 stories tall. Maybe this doesn't reflect the finished design, but to me it looks like someone airlifted and dropped a corrugated sheet metal auto-body shop onto the roof of stately government building.
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