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  1. I can’t tell on my phone if those are actual pictures or CG? I didn’t think the roof top space was built out yet.
  2. CenterHill

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    That's why everyone rides them on the sidewalk. LOL
  3. It's been a mystery to me why the boom has largely passed over the area bounded by West End / Charlotte / I-40 and Elliston Pl. That certainly seems to be changing now. Agree it would be nice to have a part of town that develops with more of a residential feel. Elliston Place and Church St. fit that vibe very well. Pedal taverns and Airbnbs do not.
  4. Why can’t we regret them now?
  5. CenterHill

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    A guy I was talking to last week said he saw a woman riding a bird into town riding along the shoulder of Ellington Parkway. He was serious. Yikes!
  6. CenterHill

    Repurposed/revitalized historical buildings in Nashville

    Such an eclectic mix of materials. LOL
  7. CenterHill

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Sounds interesting and I will watch it when I get a chance. Have to take issue with WKRN's choice of headline, though, as if "progress" and "preservation" are binary choices. As if preservation = against progress. We can have both, of course. We can (and we should) persuade property owners to preserve buildings and places of historical significance, while allowing new development where it makes sense. I need to watch the episode, but Cordell Hull is a curious choice to lead with. The restoration of Cordell Hull is amazing and I applaud the state for their about-face, but Cordell Hull was not really an example of preservation vs. progress. More like preservation vs. destruction. The state was just going to tear it down and not replace it with anything. Parking maybe. Sorry to sidetrack, but thanks TH for posting the link!
  8. CenterHill

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    Walked 2 blocks for lunch today downtown. Encountered 4 scooters (separate riders, not a group). All were riding on the sidewalk, none on street. Even though the apps instruct the users not to ride on sidewalks, in the absence of dedicated lanes, we should expect that users will MOSTLY ride them on sidewalks. This was predictable. Maybe we can get Terry Tate to start patrolling.
  9. CenterHill

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    Was chatting with a friend on a downtown sidewalk yesterday evening before LOTG and we noticed a guy on a scooter zipping up and down the sidewalks along 5th, along Union, Deaderick, etc. It wasn't a lime, looked like a bird or could have been his personal scooter. Point is, I thought the new ordinance restricts riding them on sidewalks in "commercial districts". I just can't see how that is ever going to be enforced.
  10. CenterHill

    Repurposed/revitalized historical buildings in Nashville

    Is Flying Saucer still operating in this building or did it close during (or due to) the renovation project? I confess I haven't been to FS in years. So many other taprooms in town now.
  11. CenterHill

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    So should be MHA instead of MDHA...
  12. CenterHill

    Element Music Row | 19 stories, 431 Units | Musica Roundabout

    We like Thai Esane and it’s packed with a wait (but not too long) every time we go. Frankly, one reason it’s appealing for us is that it’s easy to get in and out since we’re usually coming by car. But no surprise that lot would eventually be redeveloped.
  13. CenterHill

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Out for a run today and I came over the Woodland St. bridge and stopped in my tracks at the sight of 20+ identical semi trucks filling the north parking lot at Nissan. What could that be? When I got closer, I saw that every truck was wrapped with "Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour". That's one hell of a production! And yes, downtown, Lower Broad, the MCC seemed to be choked with more tourists than usual (some dressed as Pokemons).
  14. I think that’s the delivery entrance to the Renaissance Hotel.