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  1. Urban renewal exemplified
  2. I don't know the answer, but probably yes. VU left the parking/drive through strip between the new Kissam complex and West End, although with much improved paving and landscaping.
  3. In the Arcade this week. Thought it was cool the way the crane in front of The Bobby (Wells Fargo building) looms through the glass.
  4. I agree 100%. I disagree with Butch Spyridon that a Walgreens does not fit. Where is it written that every building in a stretch of 5 blocks must be used as a honky tonk or boot shop?
  5. City in the clouds. I've never seen a shot from that perspective.
  6. Came down last year. Construction on the replacement is out of the ground.
  7. I like that ^. Plus I've never been in a sausage garden. :-)
  8. I'll second re Aertson. Based on the renderings, I was expecting to be disappointed, but the real thing is growing on me. I actually like the Ascend design, and like going to shows there even more. I would have given The Chelsea on 12S a big ol' Onion.
  9. LOL. Damn I had no idea I've been spending my weekends in East Tennessee! Yes, Center Hill lake is squarely in Middle TN. It's just over 1 hr from downtown Nashville.
  10. Flipped through the parks plan earlier. It's a firehose of information and data and will take a while to digest. Glad to see the recommendation for interstate cap parks made it in.
  11. Ayesh is the jerkball who just tore down the stately Florence Crittenton building in midtown for a parking lot.
  12. I see what you did there. But, yes, there is a direct negative correlation between the size of the "guitar component" in the rendering and the likelihood of the project getting off the ground.
  13. I love the architectural detail on the ground floor. Who builds that anymore? Everything above....meh
  14. I know one of the owners. They've been playing with the idea for some time. Agree it would do well in that location.
  15. I realize the drawings are conceptual, but from the waist down (?) the design has a strong flavor of suburban office park. The rounded corners, the grass strips between building and sidewalk, the lack of sidewalk activation - some of the images are exactly what I would envision for the proposed BNA airport hotel and parking expansion.