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  1. Ok so shutdown permanently all establishments that operate after 8pm that serve liquor. Crime happens at Walmarts that's a fact. So we should shutdown Walmarts too. Shootings are happening at schools that's a fact. So we should shutdown all schools.
  2. If this is true that could be just over a week away. However, I doubt they'll start on the 1st so what are we thinking? Possibly mid month?
  3. Hopefully ORF can keep it up. They're definitely on track to pass 4mil for the first time, if I'm not mistaken. The city/region/FAA should definitely find some solution to get that parallel runway. Overall though there has been a lot of service expansion and additions so passenger numbers should continue to climb. Maybe in the next 5 years we can be looking into an expanded terminal or terminal C? Recently RIC refurbished their international/customs area in hopes to get international flights. I wonder why ORF hasn't drawn up plans for an international area?
  4. Ooh we wish but unfortunately it's just the 7 mile starter line built in 2011 and hasn't been expanded since. Virginia Beach with all it's regional cooperation voted the expansion to VB Town Center down as "it would bring increased crime with it".
  5. https://www.virginiamercury.com/2022/08/31/a-new-passenger-rail-corridor-could-connect-hampton-roads-to-blacksburg-and-beyond/ This would be great for the state and the region. Hopefully it can be opened sooner rather than later.
  6. I totally agree right now VB, Norfolk, and really every city in America needs to do such. There are on average about 4+ parking spots for every person in a city across the US. This is unsustainable, it's worked thus far because the room has been available. But cities are become more and more confined and having 1/3 of the city covered in parking lots and roads constrains them even more. Cities must invest in mass transit be it busses, rail, or otherwise (more preferably a mix) but it must be done well.
  7. The VPA has reported a record breaking year for FY22, in part due to the supply chain break down that's been occurring. This led to cargo initially intended for the West Coast be diverted to the East. Touting the investments made over the last few years that helped to the 14.5% increase in cargo transported through the port. https://www.pilotonline.com/business/vp-nw-port-record-breaking-year-0714-20220714-ny5u2uidefbjhpxo6lmyynbrey-story.html The Port is and will continue to be a big economic engine for the region. Now it needs to be used to lure in the companies that can use it. Further growing the port and the region as a whole.
  8. Norfolk saw the busiest June in it's history seeing 401,517 passengers, a 20.9% increase over June 2021. https://www.wavy.com/news/local-news/norfolk/norfolk-national-airport-sets-record-for-busiest-month-in-airports-history/
  9. The whole of HR does not take advantage of having momentum with anything. It must be endlessly studied until the point of spending more money on the studies than it would have to just build it...
  10. ORF posted on Facebook that frontier is expanding non-stop service to Orlando, Miami, and Denver. https://www.facebook.com/137907066283856/posts/7404012596339897/
  11. So I know for a fact that planning encourages retail around all of downtown with new developments. However, I have also been told that some developers request not to place in any retail as well. IMO I think the city should require retail in all new developments in downtown/neon district. That being said, it needs to be different types there needs to be diversity in the retail, it needs to be for all ages and at all times. Downtowns should have anything from clubs and bars to museums and bookstores to trampoline parks and VR arcades to street side cafes and restaurants and everything in between.
  12. Totally different and I like it a lot from this angle. The contrast between light and dark, the back drop of the water it's quite nice. Next up tear down that office tower forward on the left and replace it with something twice as tall and 100x as nice
  13. Up next new Terminal with international flights. Or at least one can hope right?
  14. Great news! Maybe we need to start work that third terminal? And definitely need to get a second runway somehow someway! Hopefully ORF can continue to expand and Breeze along with it possibly becoming a full on hub!
  15. Construction timeline has been readjusted and the opening has been pushed back by a whole year to July 2024. The ground breaking is still set for this summer. With the gaming license expected to he approved this summer that also leaves 2 years with a license but no where to gamble. This leads them to thinking of setting up a "temporary casino" either in Harbor Park, tents, trailers, or other temporary structures. Although I should note that the Harbor Park option is the only one being considered at this time. This all came from the same Instagram as my post in the military circle development thread.
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