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  1. Allegiant is launching a new seasonal flight to Punta Gorda Airport in Florida. https://pilotonline.com/business/consumer/article_90c64478-bdd9-11e9-854f-f33263fa2147.html
  2. I'm interested in hearing more about the experiential entertainment.
  3. I am questioning why they would even have to move the helicopter training planes and helicopters fly at completely different levels. I get that the planes at ORF usually fly over little creek to land but there's little to no helos flying there.
  4. Norfolk as made a new plan for Wards Corner. It's way less robust than the previous one but along the same lines just in a smaller area. This would be to start, as I would assume that the goal would be to get all of wards corner to eventually be more walkable and dense. https://pilotonline.com/news/government/local/article_6d21d3d2-aa49-11e9-9bf9-2b4eb8645a22.html
  5. I had the same reaction I got all excited then all of it went away and turned to slight anger
  6. I believe that's Mod Pizza there's a few starting to pop up around the 757 it's basically a chipotle but for pizza where you ask for size and then walk through and say what you want on it.
  7. Urbanlooker

    New Arena

    Just use school buses
  8. It could be good news but when reading the article the city could be charged a few arms and legs to get it. Now I'm all for Norfolk acquiring this parcel but it needs to be reasonably done so. Besides there's no way the USPS needs the same sized facility given they only process incoming mail now.
  9. ORF had 3.67M last year and it's consistently had 10+% more passengers each month so far this year. So there's no way unless there's a massive drop in the later half of the year that it will serve less passengers.
  10. "Virginia is here and open for business"!! Yesss!! Pharrell has done a great thing for this region and the state something that IMO we as a collective were beginning to think was impossible.
  11. So I heard and bare with me because it may just be a rumor but I heard that Pharrell and the rest of the organizers have offered a contract to make it an annual thing if everything goes well and if the city agrees. That being said from my perspective being in Texas following the news, hearsay from friends, and family it was great and went without a hitch so the city would be foolish not to sign the contract. If they do I'll definitely put in leave for next year in order to attend.
  12. Military is definitely the easiest and best place is terms of location and really there isn't very many businesses or residents to move. No matter where the arena gets built it will spark development even in downtown. MM and Optima could be moved into the NS building or even in the Gateway tower the other businesses in the mall if they want to stay around the same area they can go in Janaf.
  13. I think the new terminal will definitely get built and if it's soon I don't think it will have any international flights but if they're smart they will design it to accommodate them.
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