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  1. If 3,000+ high paying jobs aren't worth an incentives package then idk what is.
  2. I agree sounds good but I would like to see renderings
  3. They are in fact building another garage right there.
  4. Honestly I'm fine with the infill too however, these, at least to me, seem very suburban. If they were more on par with what you see down Monticello Ave. by the Chik-fil-a with parking structures and add some retail to it I would be completely happy with it.
  5. Come on now guys they aren't that bad. I mean all the projects they've announced so far have their issues but if they just added 10-20 floors to each, completely redesigned them, got rid of the surface parking, and added retail to each they wouldn't be that bad.
  6. I just drove by it earlier, its got to be a Rooms to Go that's exactly how they all look.
  7. They could be getting ready for these seesaws as well. Courtesy of Norfolkva_developments on instagram
  8. I know someone that works in planning and they haven't seen it so it's still in the early stages because it hasn't made it to planning yet.
  9. I agree can't they put the 2 together and make it like 14 with retail and parking on the first 4.
  10. Allegiant is launching a new seasonal flight to Punta Gorda Airport in Florida. https://pilotonline.com/business/consumer/article_90c64478-bdd9-11e9-854f-f33263fa2147.html
  11. I'm interested in hearing more about the experiential entertainment.
  12. I am questioning why they would even have to move the helicopter training planes and helicopters fly at completely different levels. I get that the planes at ORF usually fly over little creek to land but there's little to no helos flying there.
  13. Norfolk as made a new plan for Wards Corner. It's way less robust than the previous one but along the same lines just in a smaller area. This would be to start, as I would assume that the goal would be to get all of wards corner to eventually be more walkable and dense. https://pilotonline.com/news/government/local/article_6d21d3d2-aa49-11e9-9bf9-2b4eb8645a22.html
  14. I had the same reaction I got all excited then all of it went away and turned to slight anger
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