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  1. Urbanlooker

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    There will be a unique restaurant and 350sf coffee shop inside.
  2. Urbanlooker

    Virginia Beach off-topic

    The pilot has an article on the state of the city address. As 23320 stated above no new developments and nothing really exciting. But hopefully Dyer does keep his pro development attitude that he's had since becoming mayor and does embrace the business community as he stated. https://pilotonline.com/news/government/local/article_9fbd5036-4a96-11e9-a891-5f0459257b94.html
  3. Urbanlooker

    Hampton Roads Off-Topic Talk

    Virginia Business has an article from a few days ago about a bunch of companies expanding and their developments going on in the cities of HR. http://www.virginiabusiness.com/regions/article/a-sense-of-momentum
  4. Urbanlooker

    Scope Area Renovations and Redevelopment

    Richmond's arena might not even get built I don't fully keep on top of their forum but the last thing I saw made it sound like a similar thing was happening there that did in VB.
  5. Urbanlooker

    Richmond off-topic postings

    The 25k jobs that were going to New York will be split among cities that already have big Amazon offices. "Spokesman Adam Sedo confirmed in an email to the Business Journals that the 25,000 jobs planned for New York will be spread among these cities or metropolitan areas: Atlanta, Austin, Boston, California's Bay Area, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, San Diego, Toronto and Vancouver" I'm reposting this from a post that The ATX made in the Austin forum.
  6. Urbanlooker

    Norfolk Light Rail and Transit

    The only place I could see the gondolas it to cross the river from Dowtown to Portsmouth, maybe connecting the 2 casinos if they get built.
  7. Urbanlooker

    Norfolk Stores and Retail and Resturants

    I agree with most of what you're saying if the mall and more entertainment options it would be better off and that the better management as far as malls go tend to be Simon ran malls. That being big box malls are becoming a thing of the past if it's not mixed use with entertainment options it will probably fail eventually. With the location though I DO NOT want to see the samething that is happening with Military happen with MacArthur if it's really going down then redo the whole thing open it up to the streets or tear it down and bring back the street grid and make the land ready for mixed use towers. The whole area could still be a shopping destination but with towers above and destination retailers on the bottom floors.
  8. Urbanlooker

    Norfolk Development 2

    Gateway tower having a big name tenant is amazing but I think a lot of ya'll are over looking what could possibly be an even bigger news story here. The plans for MacArthur mall were there any details given? Is it a for sure thing or is this what the councilwoman wants to happen?
  9. Urbanlooker

    Casino in Norfolk (Proposed)

    I agree with Vdogg I think that HR can handle 2 but I don't think we should have more than that.
  10. Urbanlooker

    Atlantic Park (Proposed)

    Council will vote on The Wave tomorrow(Tuesday). https://pilotonline.com/news/government/local/article_4287e326-15bd-11e9-8e01-63c364ca28a6.html
  11. Urbanlooker

    Norfolk International Airport

    So I flew into ORF from DFW on Saturday and I am currently in the TSA security line to fly back so here's my thoughts on the airport as a whole. The security areas are nice and modern seeming and so is the lobby area prior to the security checks. However, the airline check-in area needs a lot of work it seems quite small and set back in time from the rest especially how you have to carry your bags to the x-ray scanners. They need to get more of the full body scanners for the security check. The terminals are nice but small they should definitely be at least another 20 or 30 feet wider not because there's so many people walking but because everytime there is a flight everyone waiting around the gates take up the walking area and heaven forbid there's 2 flights taking off near each other at gates right beside each other. IMO I think they should definitely find a way to get the parallel runway and maybe even look into a 3rd terminal especially if we keep getting additional carriers and flights.
  12. Urbanlooker

    Casino in Norfolk (Proposed)

    The Nansemond and Pamunkey tribes should colaborate on this project adding jobs and benefits for both tribes. Giving the Pamunkey tribe a stronger claim to build and benefitting both tribes and the city as a whole.
  13. Urbanlooker

    Norfolk Cruise Terminal

    I forget where we were talking about it but ... https://pilotonline.com/inside-business/news/maritime-and-transportation/article_8bee4650-fe3d-11e8-8f52-b36c57d2d29f.html It is confirmed that both Carnival ships will in fact be sailing out of Norfolk in 2020. Making the total trips at least 7 times between the 2 ships, including the two weeklong trips to Cuba.
  14. Urbanlooker

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Norfolk should really take note of this if it's not a proposal. And should it be a proposal they need to approve it yesterday.
  15. Urbanlooker

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    That is good news the question here though is will the Sunrise stay in 2020? Then Norfolk woukd have 2 home port ships from Carnival. Even if the Sunrise doesn't having a ship that goes to Cuba will definitely be a big draw.