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  1. Urbanlooker

    Norfolk Gateway

    I may be wrong but isn't the juvenile court moving into the new courts building once phase 2 is complete and the school is taking over their current space? But I do agree that building does need to be replaced.
  2. Urbanlooker

    Hampton Roads Off-Topic Talk

    In order for ORF to even dream of becoming a hub it will need at least a second runway
  3. Urbanlooker

    Block 2 Tower

    Well with this news of only 5 spaces left available, looney still listing it at 22, and the fact that a 16 story has not been released maybe hopefully it will indeed be 22 stories or maybe taller.
  4. Urbanlooker

    Sentara Norfolk General additions

    The new addition opens to patients next month. https://pilotonline.com/inside-business/news/health-care/article_8175fc30-6ff5-11e8-8108-3bb804c1df4c.html
  5. Urbanlooker

    Norfolk International Airport

    Woohoo! And further west ORF goes, maybe we can reach the west coast next? Edit: This is also a route that RIC doesn't have(yet) so it could attract some from there as well.
  6. Urbanlooker

    River Tower

    Second tallest to possibly the 9th tallest, 27 stories to 22 https://pilotonline.com/business/real-estate/article_4e8ca33c-606e-11e8-a959-cf48758e66f9.html
  7. Urbanlooker

    Virginia Beach off-topic

    So in other words Norfolk is choosing to help ... something VB would not have agreed to if the roles were switched
  8. Urbanlooker

    Richmond International Airport

    The reason this would never happen is because of the HRBT it is always a hassel to get across even without the extra traffic that would come from making the Newport News airport the go to for HR.
  9. Urbanlooker

    Virginia Beach Development

    So I think the 200 is the total number where as the 30 refers to the number of jobs they are adding with the expansion/new data center.
  10. Urbanlooker

    Virginia Beach Development

    I believe this is the article you mentioned. https://pilotonline.com/business/jobs/article_93a858aa-52cf-11e8-b6a2-23442a91b231.html
  11. Urbanlooker

    Norfolk International Airport

    Another new airline is coming to ORF. Frontier will begin nonstop flights to Denver in August! https://pilotonline.com/news/local/transportation/article_856e1dc6-52c3-11e8-8a75-b3e15f7c0404.html
  12. Urbanlooker

    EVMS Education Building Progress

    Did this lose a floor? I thought it was suppose to be 12 stories
  13. Urbanlooker

    Virginia Beach Development

    Another data center is coming to VB. ACA International is moving it's headquartere from Northern NA to the Beach and has plans for future cables landing in VB. https://pilotonline.com/inside-business/news/technology/article_927f61f8-432f-11e8-ad33-b7ae57b67412.html Maybe it's time to start a data center's thread?
  14. Urbanlooker

    Virginia Beach Development

    What the new city hall could look like ... more of the same but wait bigger. https://pilotonline.com/news/government/local/article_697a2658-3f29-11e8-9ca5-f7e9be6e52ef.html
  15. Urbanlooker

    Norfolk Stores and Retail and Resturants

    A "barcade" is trying to open in ghent. We have something similar near where I live in TX and it's fun a nice spot to go with friends. https://pilotonline.com/business/consumer/article_da171fd2-3ddb-11e8-8fa1-2f0a67b8e1db.html