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  1. They might be bringing in the track for the go-cart track?
  2. Passenger traffic at ORF was down over 87% in May with just over 45k passengers. But future scheduled departures are set to rise both in June and even more so in July. https://www.pilotonline.com/news/transportation/vp-bz-coronavirus-norfolk-airport-may-20200612-h2lfx2zmhjh7bfq3eo35k52m2a-story.html
  3. So that rendering doesn't look terrible in fact it looks pretty good for like a mid Town or something of that nature... not so much a downtown. But, I wonder what the population of downtown is sitting around right now and with this project.
  4. Hopefully these show other developers that they need to up their designs.
  5. https://www.pilotonline.com/news/vp-nw-norwegian-cruise-ships-20200504-uluoakfomjczziyteuks2nu64y-story.html Not exactly for them to be worked on but, great pics!
  6. So I've heard from a friend that has contact with multiple people in companies that the city is in talks with a large company to buy military with eyes of turning the hotel into offices. He also mentioned that Amazon has been eyeing more space in and around HR.
  7. Passenger count for February was up 9.1% with just over 260k passengers. But I'm sure March is going to be way down given the pandemic. February-2020-Media-Release.pdf
  8. You would pay taxes for both but the total taxes would end up being about the same as now. This would be due to services currently handled at the city level would be handled at the county level.
  9. If 3,000+ high paying jobs aren't worth an incentives package then idk what is.
  10. I agree sounds good but I would like to see renderings
  11. They are in fact building another garage right there.
  12. Honestly I'm fine with the infill too however, these, at least to me, seem very suburban. If they were more on par with what you see down Monticello Ave. by the Chik-fil-a with parking structures and add some retail to it I would be completely happy with it.
  13. Come on now guys they aren't that bad. I mean all the projects they've announced so far have their issues but if they just added 10-20 floors to each, completely redesigned them, got rid of the surface parking, and added retail to each they wouldn't be that bad.
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