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  1. brainpathology

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    What's drab to you guys? Lake Eola looks like the Easter bunny threw up all over the surrounding buildings and even the Suntrust Building has the now fading pastel pyramids that make my eyes hurt every time I look at them. I'm pretty sure that's more because I came from Denver where 2million shades of earth and brick tone is the rule (and if you really want to hear howling about drab boring colors you can talk to some Denver residents) and not because there is anything inherently wrong with colors. When I see loud colors or even bright colors I always suspect the building has something to hide, either it's geometrically boring, poorly constructed, or has nothing to do (no ground floor retail or public space).
  2. brainpathology

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Don't know where else to put this, so I apologize if this little rant belongs elsewhere. One of the main reasons I moved out of downtown to south of downtown was cemented for me yesterday when I had an appointment for work in Lake Ivanhoe-ish and headed back down to ORMC. There was work going on at DPAC and Orange was closed. Unfortunately you couldn't tell that until you were a block or two away and more or less trapped for 10 minutes until you could creep along and turn either way just before the close. The only warning was a sign announcing lane thinning, not closing, and it was only 3 or 4 blocks away. No info sign at, say, Colonial that Orange would be closed periodically for construction. Nothing at Livingston, nothing at Robinson, nothing at Central. Just all of a sudden, at rush our, the main S route directly through DT gone. So either the planners here know the city is so small time that doing that doesn't really inconvenience many people (the overwhelming impression of outsiders from speaking to others "Really, you actually had a chance to slow down and SEE downtown Orlando?!? You should have enjoyed it!"), or the powers that be are less than competent to run a "real" downtown - which we may actually have someday - and that the design joke that central station is shows we have a long way to go before we have one. This was a regular (probably still is) happening on weekends at bar close times too, only then multiple streets would close making it necessary to figure out, and then memorize and then ALWAYS use the one single route that could get you home (to the Solaire) if you happened to be out after dark on any weekend day. (I'd actually be all for a long street downtown to be permanently closed to auto traffic to act as a pedestrian artery for these times, and as a central promenade or mall.)
  3. brainpathology

    Virgin Trains (f.k.a. Brightline)

    The fact that you can reasonably use Atlanta as some sort of example of encouraging smarter denser growth says even more.
  4. brainpathology

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    If you really want to be put on the map you need to bribe the cartographers.
  5. brainpathology

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Man I work for the wrong Hospital lol.. we can't seem to get the hotel out of the ground and FH is building a city from scratch basically.
  6. brainpathology

    City and County...

    If it's Twitter it's probably nothing more than "Orlando" being fewer characters than East Orange County or even just Orange County.
  7. brainpathology

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Wait what? THAT's what's horrible about what he said? 'Don't forget John those horrible people work here - but yes they are horrible.. just don't forget you need them to clean your sh*t' BTW I'm certain that's not what you meant at all.
  8. brainpathology

    800 North Orange | 4-Story Office [Under Construction]

    Does that link not work for anyone else?
  9. brainpathology

    E. Colonial between 436 and Primrose

    If they really want to save this mall they need to build apartment units with some ground floor retail over every single surface parking lot there. Even leave the parking on the surface. Hang the apartments over them. Convince the Target up the road to leave and make an urban super-target on one parcel as well. This is in addition to the new tenants/buildings they are putting in now, not instead of. There is no possible way this mall becomes a destination mall - which is the only way it has a chance to increase its life expectancy substantially. It dies quickly or it dies slowly. With these changes it will more likely be slowly - probably generating the owners enough revenue to make it worth the small effort. If the city wants it to be viable more long term though they can start making it resemble Bel Mar in Denver now.. or have a large hole to fill in 10-15 years.
  10. brainpathology

    Orlando Citrus Bowl Stadium [Renovation Completed]

    That is the kind of yummy yummy historical information that I can get behind. And now I have an excuse to go visit the airport for a reason other than to escape the city. I hear voices in lots of foreign languages all over Orlando, at all times of the day rain or shine though... not sure I'd make any friends by suggesting that meant Orlando was haunted.
  11. brainpathology

    MLS Soccer Stadium

    I'd rather the ownership keep as much money as possible for player contracts. I would MUCH MUCH rather have a serviceable stadium with a good team than the best stadium in the world with the MLS equivalent of the Colorado Rockies playing there. There is not a more burning misery in the world for a team's fan than to go to a gorgeous, beautiful, destination stadium and watch as your team perversely turns early compliments about the venue like "It's so gorgeous I'd go there just to watch the grass grow" into gut wrenching descriptions of the reality of everyone sitting in the stands. If the team attracts and keeps fans the number of people showing up for the games and sprinkling their money in the surrounding area will be immeasurably more valuable than a trophy stadium with nothing to see inside.
  12. brainpathology

    Other Metro Area Projects

    Any long range plans to run one of the rail projects to Port Canaveral or is that along the route to Miami already (pretty sure it's not - would love to be wrong). Still exciting though. The maglev seems more like a Shelbyville idea... but I hope it actually 'gets off the ground' as well.
  13. brainpathology

    Orlando Citrus Bowl Stadium [Renovation Completed]

    That couldn't be more true. Though I was speaking more or Orlando specifically, not Florida. I don't think I qualify for a Northerner.. and certainly wasn't pissed off when I accepted my job here, but I was well aware of most of the things you mentioned above about the state. And frankly, you didn't really add anything about Orlando. There is plenty of media/gaming/entertainment "history" that could be played up more here. More in aerospace probably. More, I think, in what the city is going to do to change the rest of the state in the future by it's continued growth and it's relatively liberal population (compared to other parts of the state). Probably a lot of other areas I'm missing. The city COULD actually embrace and take more pride in the attractions here too (and I'm not sure what I mean by this. There is an 'atmosphere' of sorts that I quickly became vaguely aware of that citizens here tend toward a resentment of the immeasurable credit that Disney/Universal/Busch have for the city being what it is today). I could never figure out why there wasn't always a transit connection from the airport to the parks, I-drive and downtown - though I am encouraged by the beginnings of that sort of thing being on the horizon. I don't see this odd resentment on this forum as much FWIW.
  14. brainpathology

    Rida Development Corp's Mixed-Use Complex [Under Construction]

    It seems like Orlando would be primed to have a few more hometown microbreweries take off. If I had the extra time/money I'd seriously consider getting friends together to start one up. I could advertise that I'm from Denver/Ft Collins and hope that people (wrongly) assume I know how to make good beer!
  15. This is the reason I left downtown. Downtown is so small there is only one street going north and one going south, you just can't close one of them and not cause a detonation of trouble. If you get caught late at work or driving home from family or the airport on a weekend you are pretty much screwed. If you make a single wrong turn trying to get to any downtown building you can kiss up to an hour goodbye - and yes EVENTUALLY you learn the one single route that will get you home. But, since the situation is completely unworkable the way it is now, adding another block is truthfully not going to make anything worse. Actually, making people park on that side of downtown is doing them a favor because they can easily hop onto I-4 and go to wherever it is they are coming from while walking through the mess that downtown is at night.