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  1. The economy has apparently skipped the recession phase and gone directly to depression.
  2. The very attributes that make Nashville a dynamic town are the same ones that make it vulnerable to a pandemic. The lack of leadership from Gov, and Mayor has not helped. They should've shut everything down three weeks ago. If you want to see an example of what an actual response looks like then take a look at the northern border: Kentucky. Granted, the bluegrass state may not have the urban areas we have but the Governor there also ordered a shutdown a week before our leaders began encouraging us to "do the right thing," and they sure weren't allowing thousands of people to gather in its downtown core for a hoedown! As a result the rate of infection and spread is significantly lower there. Lee and Cooper made huge mistakes in not acting sooner and decisively. Unless something changes drastically I don't think we'll be out of the Covid-19 mess till there is a vaccine. It remains to be seen about the Nashville economy.
  3. Indeed it is! And while it may be effective system for distributing power to the states in normal times it doesn't work well in a pandemic. Example: In our current situation the federal government has much more power than the individual states to purchase and negotiate the best prices for the medical supplies that is needed. Heck it can even create its own market which is essential. No manufacturer is going to ramp up or retool to produce masks temporarily if it doesn't know who their going to sell it to. If they had a deal to sell to the feds then problem solved.
  4. While some of you were gushing over Trumps newfound civility in the last couple of days it is worth noting that he told the country yesterday that the states are on their own when it comes to getting needed resources to combat this virus. Instead of using the vast resources available through the federal government he instead dismissed such requests because the federal government is not a "shipping clerk" - I crap you not. This includes the production and distribution of test kits, masks, ventilators and who knows what else. The briefings from our governor are not encouraging either. Basically he is leaving it to people to isolate themselves and trust that Tennesseans will do the right thing and self isolate. Although testing locations are being ramped up, it is only for those people who are exhibiting symptons and have clearance from physician to get one. We are starting to suspect that many people are carrying the virus and are asymptomatic. Unless testing is increased significantly we are going to be in this for sometime. Since the federal govt doesn't want to get involved then its imperative that Lee address these problems. Below are some areas I would like to have answers to. When, if ever, will people be able to have a Covid-19 test on their own accord? Specifically, what action will be taken by your administration to provide testing for anyone who would like to know if they are carrying the virus or not.? If you are planning such action can you provide a timetable for when this might occur? Do you have a plan for acquiring the needed resources (masks, ventilators, etc) for first responders and those who become hospitalized? If so, please elaborate. Have you met with any Tennessee companies to coordinate a response to this need? If not, do you plan to do so? Are you concerned that if this virus does indeed spread that there are not enough hospital beds in the state for those that need them? If you are concerned is there a plan? Perhaps using college dormitories, etc. The economy is tanking, retirement plans are being wiped out and people are going to get very freaking angry. What we are in dire need of is Leadership. Please start doing what you were elected to do. If you would rather hang out on your cattle farm then please step aside.
  5. Anyone out there who knows what the mayor was thinking allowing the concert to go on over the weekend. He does know that we're in the midst of a pandemic doesn't he?
  6. This is about the virus and the market's perception that we aren't managing it is what this is about. Its a global economy and what happens in asia matters to wall street. If this ripples our way then we are in for some interesting times to say the least.
  7. The first thing I noticed about the jersey is that its an advertisement. I suppose I'm being naïve but I expected to see "Nashville" or something similar across the front. Seems like the thing to do in order to identify who is playing. So I looked at the rest of the league jerseys and they all do it too. Watching the "Renasant" team play "YouTube TV" just doesn't get the juices going . I have no issue with sports teams selling naming rights to stadiums or running digital ads across their fencing or even wearing patches for sponsors the way professional tennis and golf do, but to plaster it across the jersey is a bit much. I have to say I like the blue ones better than the gold.
  8. Enabling? - Ever consider how many people living on the streets are there because they got sent to the middle east so they could have the pleasure of losing a limb or seeing their buddy get blown away or experienced some other horror? Now go back home soldier assimilate and get job because all this homelessness makes me uncomfortable.
  9. While watching some MLS matches I've noticed that the size of the field varies somewhat from field to field. Apparently MLS franchises have flexibility in this area. Has it been decided what the dimensions of the playing field will be for the new stadium?
  10. A headline from a couple of days ago had it right - "NYC and Amazon don't need each other"
  11. That's not quite accurate. Correct me if I'm mistaken, but after Davidson County voted it down, the state passed a law that basically said you would need our blessing to build mass transit. So, If DC voters have a change of heart and it would come back up at some point in the future, the state would have essentially the ability to say no.
  12. I will start this by stating that I am excited about the Amazon announcement, but from a socio/economic perspective there will eventually be pushback from the have-nots. Anyone who follows this site is aware of how this plays out. Those who favor growth and urbanization are at odds with those who prefer something that is completely at odds with that. You want to build transit - that's a non-starter; you want to decriminalize weed - not on our watch; you want to build a soccer stadium on the site of our beloved flea market - nope, that's a sport popular somewhere else; why would we do that! As we all know these attitudes exist in Davidson County - even though they may be a minority there is a sentiment for small-town Nashville. Those who live in rural Tennessee will react by electing politicians at the state level who are nuttier than the crop we currently have. Whether you agree with it or not, the state has quite the history of getting in the way of metropolitan areas pursuing agendas that are contrary to their values. The majority of rural folk in this state could care less about urban development and are actually repelled by it. There are lots of benefits to be had from this announcement even for rural middle Tennessee, but there will be lots of resentment as well. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out in the next 10-20 years.
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