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  1. Enabling? - Ever consider how many people living on the streets are there because they got sent to the middle east so they could have the pleasure of losing a limb or seeing their buddy get blown away or experienced some other horror? Now go back home soldier assimilate and get job because all this homelessness makes me uncomfortable.
  2. While watching some MLS matches I've noticed that the size of the field varies somewhat from field to field. Apparently MLS franchises have flexibility in this area. Has it been decided what the dimensions of the playing field will be for the new stadium?
  3. A headline from a couple of days ago had it right - "NYC and Amazon don't need each other"
  4. That's not quite accurate. Correct me if I'm mistaken, but after Davidson County voted it down, the state passed a law that basically said you would need our blessing to build mass transit. So, If DC voters have a change of heart and it would come back up at some point in the future, the state would have essentially the ability to say no.
  5. I will start this by stating that I am excited about the Amazon announcement, but from a socio/economic perspective there will eventually be pushback from the have-nots. Anyone who follows this site is aware of how this plays out. Those who favor growth and urbanization are at odds with those who prefer something that is completely at odds with that. You want to build transit - that's a non-starter; you want to decriminalize weed - not on our watch; you want to build a soccer stadium on the site of our beloved flea market - nope, that's a sport popular somewhere else; why would we do that! As we all know these attitudes exist in Davidson County - even though they may be a minority there is a sentiment for small-town Nashville. Those who live in rural Tennessee will react by electing politicians at the state level who are nuttier than the crop we currently have. Whether you agree with it or not, the state has quite the history of getting in the way of metropolitan areas pursuing agendas that are contrary to their values. The majority of rural folk in this state could care less about urban development and are actually repelled by it. There are lots of benefits to be had from this announcement even for rural middle Tennessee, but there will be lots of resentment as well. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out in the next 10-20 years.
  6. I just found out the answer to this. It's not the The Pharmacy burger and beer parlor that's opening there, but an actual pharmacy. Signage must've gone up in the last day or two
  7. I was walking along lenox village storefronts recently and noted that a build out of one of the spaces was going on. One of the workers told me it was for The Pharmacy restaurant. There's nothing on their website about it. Anyone corroborate or have any info on this?
  8. Nashville sold its soul to tourism a long time ago.....might want to get used to it
  9. Anyone know what kind of ground covering they're using?
  10. I'm beginning to have doubts about what is really irking the likes of Smiley, and the opposition regarding this stadium.
  11. I wonder if the work on I-24 and HH Pkway will go ahead if this is indeed dead.
  12. After all these years whenever I see that signage it makes me ill that it got demolished. Will never forget seeing a Kinks show there. Damn, that place was rocking that night.
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