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  1. Considering the events of this week, its most likely that DC would be granted statehood before PR. Not that I would object to PR becoming a state. If you've never been but would like to go stay in the old town section of San Juan. I hear the beaches are nice to but never made it to one of them.
  2. I seems I remember reading somewhere years ago that 2nd Ave / lower broad is one of the longest contiguous stretches of Victorian era buildings in the US. I tried a few google searches but didn't drum up anything conclusive. Does anyone know if this is true?
  3. Its amazing what people in the modern world are doing when it comes to solving transportation problems
  4. I would rather the lot remain empty and full of weeds over what their building.
  5. It looks like the team has a real shot at making the playoffs in its inaugural season, which would be quite the accomplishment. And that goal by Rios the other night against Dallas was as sweet a move you'll ever see.
  6. Out of curiosity how many cities hosts state fairs? Is this even a thing in most states?
  7. What would be mayor's motivation for suppressing this information? I'm not one to embrace conspiracy theories but there has to be more to this. It's simply not in his best interests politically and as a general rule that's what a politician cares about the most.
  8. Seeing that mural reminds me that I would love to see us change our name from Tennessee Titans to Nashville Titans. I don't recall if a franchise has ever done this but why not be the first.
  9. Unless they are willing to put their own money up for a stadium (which they're not) I don't see this happening in this economic climate
  10. The 2nd quarter GDP numbers are startling. We lost a third of our economy! One million plus unemployed every week since March; 160k dead and counting; a thousand people dying a day; digging mass graves in NY earlier this year; Second wave is coming. If this were a sporting event we'd be looking for another game. Covid is beating the holy crap out of the US So much for good ole American exceptionalism. We are not up to the task.
  11. I've spent all of 10 minutes inside first Tennessee park so I'm not knowledgeable at all about the place, but is there any reason why it couldn't be expanded to MLB?
  12. Take a page from NYC and require 14 days quarantine for everyone coming to Nashville. That make some heads explode among the lower broad business owners!
  13. In a couple of months they will be dumbfounded as to why their beloved fall sports has been canxed.
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