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  1. One small piece of good news: the terrible parking in front of the old BatteredNFried in 5 points that often blocked the sidewalk will not be coming back after the tornado. I asked a guy working there when I was walking by. He basically apologized that it ever existed in the first place and blamed parking mandates.
  2. Thanks as always Brett. I know it is not fun to stand up to a small number of angry neighbors but your reasoning is solid. I honestly could not believe some of the comments. This lot is literally at the same corner as a large beer market. This property has been vacant and in disrepair for many years. I can't believe anyone in the neighborhood wouldn't see an improved use as better than that.
  3. I agree, Public Works is generally in the habit of ignoring best practices that are well established in other cities. The overwhelming majority of even new pedestrian and bike infrastructure in Nashville is dangerous by design.
  4. What is the actual controversial issue here? Is there a zoning change application? Can neighbors (who don't live on Gallatin) prevent this guy from opening a restaurant on a commercial road? If there's not a zoning change, I don't see why he should have to have community meetings and bend over backwards.
  5. We'll see what happens in D5. I'm afraid that there's a small but very vocal NIMBY mindset that will try to block everything. We'll see if the new guy can listen to residents but still move things forward that deserve it.
  6. Thanks Brett. This is disappointing. I live on this block and was hoping for something better. At that intersection, the other 3 corners engage the street and the BM parking lot stands out like a sore thumb. In the context of the 37206 building and the rest of the area it is very surprising that they wouldn't at least try to get rezoning for an improved use. I think the neighborhood would be supportive.
  7. There's a sign up "For Lease" at Bill Martins. Does this suggest that there will not be major changes or rezoning? I would think that big corner lot would be prime for some improvements over the old building. One block away... the church at Fatherland and 10th has a sign up announcing liquidation but to my knowledge has not officially sold yet.
  8. I'm skeptical of the safety benefit of speed limiting scooters. If we have the technology to do that then we should use it to slow down cars. That would have a much greater safety benefit.
  9. Shipping containers turned into affordable housing in Nashville: https://www.wsmv.com/news/shipping-containers-turned-into-affordable-housing-in-nashville/article_c38ce664-b3e3-11e9-b862-f7434ce4a507.html “We’re trying to target that missing middle: nursing, police, hospitality worker, the younger crowd that’s moving into Nashville that may not have a lot of possessions and need 600 square feet”
  10. All of the new scooter safety rules are all well and good but this is set up for failure unless the city makes it a serious priority to build protected bike lanes.
  11. My biggest frustration with the scooter debate is that so many people claim to be huge wheelchair advocates and don't want the sidewalks blocked. That's great, but scooters are the least of the problems faced by wheelchairs in Nashville. They're a nuissance but are easy to move, I move them occasionally when I'm walking and it's no big deal. I can't move utility poles, cars, broken sidewalks, etc. If all of these folks are really such passionate ADA cheerleaders then after we ban scooters they should be screaming for more ADA sidewalks and ramps and for ADA detours at construction sites. That would make a way bigger impact for wheelchairs than outlawing scooters.
  12. The problem is not education. Education will have little safety benefit. The safety problems with our streets existed long before scooters and will continue even if scooters are banned. The way to make scooters safe is to put in protected bike lanes so the scooters are not competing with cars or pedestrians for space. Reducing scooter numbers and slowing down scooters are not safety measures. If Nashville was serious about street safety they would do something substantive to reduce the number of cars and to calm traffic to slow down cars.
  13. I agree with Greg. If this is just a real estate investment then it shouldn't come from greenway funding. Greenways should be accessible to the most number of people possible, ideally reachable without a car. Greenways have the most value when there is connectivity to safe bike routes and this fails that test.
  14. Anyone know anything about 930 McFerrin? http://maps.nashville.gov/MPC/2019SP-027-001_plan.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1elbAIP6h-bXrhJvanaInjDsEsEzm4NenFUko5gR7PTNyLzRNkewZuugQ Looks reasonable enough to me and the SP prohibits short term rentals. There's one neighbor on the warpath against this so I'll be curious to see what happens...
  15. So I got a notice that apparently one of my neighbors (near 5 points) is applying to construct a single family house without building sidewalks or paying into the sidewalk fund (124 S 12th St, permit #20190018835). I think that there is already a sidewalk. How does this work? Are they supposed to build a new one?
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