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  1. That article on market oriented new urbanism (http://www.rppi.org/marketnewurban.html) was great. A very clear notion of what NU should aim for instead of falling into the trap of just preaching to the choir. But your point about parking goes completely against it i think. The point is that it is perfectly reasonable to let the market sort this issue out. Instead what we have today is government mandated requirements that are illogical and cause more harm than good. (there's a great new book on this- http://www.planning.org/bookservice/highcost.htm)
  2. Cotuit, Every time I see that shot of the Roger Williams statue on the east side I think it makes him look like "the DJ of Providence" (his hand is extended slightly as if he were scratching a record) I'm sure you could have fun with it in photoshop. Any idea what the sculptor's intent was? It seems like an unnatural pose. K
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