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  1. Universe_Explorer

    Packing District / Fairvilla

    If that becomes a Publix, and they discuss closing the one on Edgewater, there may actually be a full scale riot in College Park...
  2. Universe_Explorer

    Broadstone Lake House | 9-story Mixed-Use [Under Construction]

    I really like this now that they added the cafe. This + The Yard will add a mass of people to a thriving little sector of the city. It's foolish to think of these buildings as "out of place" in this part of the city - take a look at Florida Hospital (ahem, I mean Advent Health) campus master plan - they own a huge portion of the land around Ivanhoe and have plans to increase the massing dramatically - as they already have begun doing.
  3. Universe_Explorer

    Loch Haven/Ivanhoe Village/FL Hospital

    I don't hate this as long as they keep the first floor retail/restaurant space - wasn't there a rendering without that as well? These apts will have nice skyline/lake views and be walkable to Ivanhoe Village/Virginia stuff. It's a good location
  4. Universe_Explorer

    College Park

    Probably belongs in Rauvadage, although I'm not sure how my CPer's would use it. Conversely, a smaller Target store in the Creative Village/UCF area could work well after all the housing is filled up. Most of my neighbors seem fine using the SODO or Fashion Square stores, with the Princeton St Walmart (and Amazon) filling the needs that target otherwise provides... One a side note, The Princeton and The Yard seem like the slowest moving apt developments I've ever seen. At least The Yard is all concrete so they've got an excuse, I feel like the Princeton could've been done a year ago but it's still a ways off. Church St Station will be topped off before people move into it
  5. Universe_Explorer

    Creative Village

    Interesting...I had no idea the school itself was so new - I kind of assumed it had been around and this was a new campus with a signature building. Still, someone must have had either a great connection or a lot of cash to bring in a starchitect for it. I can't argue about more STEM education needed, but depending on how many students are there full time it's still really barren in the area. I sure hope the UCF Downtown campus pulls more development and activity with it regardless of how much less iconic the building is More recently, other fountains were proposed for the lake to go along with the I4 ultimate - once again billed as a "Northern Gateway", and once again foiled by the locals (this time because they would impose on wake boarding, fishing, paddle boarding, etc.). A much more noble, and acceptable reason I believe
  6. Universe_Explorer

    Creative Village

    It was alluded to here before, but someone has to enlighten me - what exactly are the politics behind Florida Polytech, and how did they manage to have the money/influence to get a Calatrava building? I remember driving by it on I4 during construction and wondering what in the heck was being built way out there. Then as it neared completion I recognize it was pretty signature Calatrava and got even more confused, so I looked it up - but nothing about it made sense financially. I realize that FLW made Fl Southern because of the old agri-money in Polk back then, but who got this thing greenlit?
  7. Universe_Explorer

    Orlando Citrus Bowl Stadium [Renovation Completed]

    The 60M additions make the stadium eligible for College Football Playoffs, a better option for the World Cup, and potentially (if the NFL ever softened their stance on cities with franchises) the Super Bowl. Although it's my least favorite of the "venues" funded by TDT dollars, it is far from being a money pit - it's actually the only one that makes money. The Pro Bowl has been a success despite terrible luck with weather, the college football kickoff games have been essentially an additional sold out bowl game, and in the last couple years Jay z, Beyonce, the Eagles, Jimmy Buffet, the Rolling Stones, and Guns'N'Roses have sold out shows there. Without the existing renovations we probably couldn't even have kept the original citrus bowl (or whatever they call it now), let alone all of that. The TDT accounts are overflowing, the laws still don't let the money go to other things people may find more appropriate, and every time this stadium fills up so do hotel beds, restaurants, etc. I'm all for it
  8. Seems crazy that they'd close that location. There's always a line for the drive through and rarely available seating inside. Heck, I'm actually sitting in it right now surrounded by people with Orlando Health badges. I guess it's good news for the Foxtail Coffee that is supposed to be opening across from ORMC in the old Mama B's, if they ever actually start the build out
  9. Universe_Explorer

    Novel Lucerne [Under Construction]

    I would expect another patient tower (and another big garage) on the OH property within the next 3-5 years. The master plan for Florida Hospital's main campus is even more ambitious than that
  10. Universe_Explorer

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Oddly enough, I spent a lot of time in Seaworld last month and found myself wondering what their best strategy would be in the current market. It was noticeably less full at the main park than my experience at the other attractions during the summer high season. However, Aquatica remains packed (was at capacity and turning guests away several times I was down there), and Discovery Cove remains a hit for it's exclusivity if nothing else. There are a number of things going for Seaworld. It's location, as mentioned, is fabulous (it's also the closest park to the convention center and it's surrounding hotels). It has the start for carving a "thrill park"-like niche in Orlando (all three major roller coasters are excellent and unique in their ride structure for the area, and Infinity Falls is being marketed as a thrill-type ride although I'm always skeptical of those raft-based attractions being a big hit), and it has the second best toddler-age "IP" in town to Disney (Sesame Street, which they are in the process of expanding in the park). However, they obviously have some big problems. Blackfish, and their terribly executed response, is part of it. The next generation of young parents (ie potential customers) has strong feeling about these things - ask Barnum and Bailey. Blackstone was awful for the park - not only the lack of visionary foresight, but the little things too. It's difficult not to feel like you're being nickel-and-dimed at every turn in Seaworld compared to Disney or Universal. They confiscate even small amounts of food, the lockers at the roller coasters are strongly enforced but not provided for free, casual employees are disengaged...heck, they don't open the back part of the park until an hour after the front some mornings and there's no sign or communication about it - you walk back and find a rope blocking it off (and an employee if you're lucky). Best case scenario is laid out above (bought by deep pockets), but even then it matters what those pockets do. Their newer non-coaster rides have been flops (the penguin thing is cool, but honestly do you think it pulls anyone at all in who wasn't already going? I feel the same about Infinity Falls). The shows are no longer thrilling. Aquatica is an excellent water park but Volcano bay is changing that whole landscape. I hope they pivot towards roller coasters and fill that void. It costs much less than the amazing IP-based dark rides Disney and Universal are throwing out there and yet offers an attraction that there's still a market for. They could also still hedge on the aquatic theme and build a major resort hotel - the proximity to OCCC would make it all the more attractive. Their future is Roller Coasters and Beer. There, I said it.
  11. Universe_Explorer

    Colonial Pedestrian Overpass and OUT Extension [Under Construction]

    I'm very excited about this - I'm on the OUT several times a week and look forward to a nice route toward downtown. It won't reach it's potential until they finish the link to Gertrudes walk without going on the streets, but based on the amount of Orange bikes I see on the OUT and around the bars on Virginia on weekends, I think quite a few people from downtown will use it to connect the two parts of town - especially when it reaches all the way down to Church St
  12. Universe_Explorer

    The Yard at Ivanhoe | Mixed-Use [Proposed]

    As a frequent Lake Ivanhoe paddle boarder, the way this structure looms over the Lucky Lure is actually really cool. It's going to be a great addition to the area, which is already pretty flush with pedestrian and bike traffic. I'd love some Virginia Dr sidewalk improvements though Side note: some letters are blown out of the Chapel's neon sign and no one seems to be fixing it. I didn't love the proposal for that site, but I'm not against something there (it would have an amazing DT view) as long as they add first floor commercial space and find a way to work that sign in the way this project is working in the old silos...
  13. Universe_Explorer

    I4 - Beyond the Ultimate [Pre-construction]

    Driving by the most recent construction I was surprised by how close the off ramp from I4 west goes to the Amway Center - it's going to feel like you can reach out the passenger window and touch it!
  14. Universe_Explorer

    College Park

    I'm a proud College Park resident, and fairly active within the community there. Most of the newer residents (myself included) are young families or couples that have outgrown downtown condo/apts but still want to live in the city. I think the priority placed on urbanism by new CP residents and existing Mills 50 residents is part of why the Edgewater/Ivanhoe/Virginia commercial area is thriving. The long-term CP folks are the ones that groan about new development. That said, I think most would embrace streetscape and beautification along Edgewater, but there are logistical issues (cost and space being the biggest - the south portion of the road has a narrow ROW and I'm not sure how far they could cut into the existing street).
  15. Universe_Explorer


    Agreed. Parking is going to be an issue there, unless they make a deal with doubletree to use their garage. I think they could also make an excellent garden area in the park to the west of the building, although it has to be done carefully to shield the noise from I4 as best as possible.