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  1. Thanks, smeags. I will continue to walk by City Fire and stare into the windows, hoping, praying...
  2. I'm a little late in responding, @PillowTalk4, but as a long time Gulch resident (11+ years) I thought you may want a more detailed answer. Whole Foods is amazing: large, well-stocked, all the major departments (flowers, deli, bakery, hot bar, etc.), but isn't quite as large as the other two in Nashville. Having dealt with the bakery department, I know that you will find some baked goods at the other two stores that you won't find downtown. Parking is royal pain. Don't even try it if you're driving a big pickup. It's kinda fun to watch your cart descend to the lower parking levels via
  3. The renderings for 909 Division may have some influence on this building. Perhaps they were considering adding some commercial but now want all residential. Based on my experience in Terrazzo, the combination of commercial and residential in the same building can create issues. Manuel Zeitlin has been the go-to architect for many MS buildings in the Gulch.
  4. There aren't enough truckers, period. And not enough trucks because of the steel shortage and a shortage of various replacement parts from around the globe. Trucking activity has a correlation of 0.9 with real-time GDP. If you follow the truckers, you know exactly where the U.S. economy stands today. Here is the Cass Truckload Linehaul Index. The red circle is the tariff bubble. Many companies ordered extra supplies in anticipation of price increases due to tariffs. When the price increases did not appear (I can explain this, if anyone wants to know), the companies worked down the e
  5. To tag onto the article about building materials' cost on the rise, let's talk about steel. Talking with someone earlier this week I was reminded of the steel shortage in the U.S. that is impacting everything. Here's an article from an industry rag. https://metallurgprom.org/en/news/north-america/6432-deficit-na-rynke-stali-ssha-prodlitsja-kak-minimum-do-konca-pervogo-kvartala-2021-goda.html You can find many articles covering various aspects of the shortage. Bottom line: steel is hard to get and very expensive. This has to be affecting commercial construction.
  6. At the next GBID board meeting on May 27, I'll ask the MarketStreet representative. In the meantime, I'll try my A+ Storage connection when I see him. Of course, someone on this thread may know something... So, let the speculation begin!
  7. If I'm remembering correctly, MarketStreet pulled water/sewer permits for two buildings on the southeast corner of 12th and Demonbreun before the rates were hiked, but they didn't pull a permit for this lot. Now, there's drilling. Something happened to make them move on this location and I'm wondering what that is. If you're interested in the details, here are the spots they've marked for drilling. I can't see anything in the back corner by A+ but I assume they will drill there too.
  8. And it's interesting that I haven't heard/seen any core drilling at the A+ Storage/909 Division lot. When I see the manager at A+ (a neighbor and friend), I'll ask him what's going on.
  9. Heads up, UP-ers. There's core drilling going on at 915 Division, the surface lot between Terrazzo and A+ Storage. Does anyone know anything about this? This is in the front 1/3rd of the lot and a little to the west. You can see that they have blocked off both of the front corners (facing Division) for drilling, marking the spot. And they've marked off the back corners by the interstate. My wife says that we'll have to sleep in the guest bedroom when this gets underway.
  10. Me, too, @volsfanwill. It's taken me more than 3 weeks and I'm still not caught up. Now, with the Oracle announcement and the ensuing speculation, UP will blow up and it will take me another month to read the new stuff.
  11. Hello, y'all. Yep, it's been awhile since I posted. A neighbor in Terrazzo told me yesterday that Turnip Truck may be leaving as well. With Whole Foods and Publix less than a mile away, I would not be surprised to hear that TT is leaving. It is a shame: for many years they have been a wonderful treasure for Gulch residents. Our family has sweet memories here since my oldest daughter landed her first job out of college at this location.
  12. The Loft website confirms that this store is now closed. So sad. My wife and daughters found many good things there at good prices over the years. I haven't heard of what might be going in there.
  13. Thanks, Ron. That's what I heard at first and then CVS was mentioned. It reminded me of the 'Rumor' or 'Telephone' game we played in high school. This type of store has been high on the wish list for downtown residents for many years.
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