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  1. I've been on the Finance Committee at MH for about eight years now. A few months ago, MH had an auction for hundreds of items on the campus including architectural features. I'm not sure if anyone bought the four columns on the home but they were on the block! Even the antique safe in the basement was sold off. A couple of years ago, we stopped serving youth on the campus (for several reasons) and found that our mission would be much better served from a different location. The offices are now in Metro Center, much closer to DCS, our other locations, the youth and families we serve, and interstates that allow our people to get out into the communities. Our thanks to those of you who have supported Monroe Harding over the years. This move has made us much stronger financially, more focused on foster youth, and better positioned for expansion of services (which is coming!).
  2. Based on some discussions with other Gulch property owners, this building has an estimated completion date of March 2021.
  3. Based on some discussion at the annual meeting of Gulch Business Improvement District property owners, the 333 is planning to open around May 2020. The retail on the north side will open into the pocket park which will have two water features.
  4. If you haven't seen this before, enjoy.
  5. As a resident of The Gulch, I really like these changes. The start at the Musica Roundabout and go to 8th Ave S. Yesterday, they painted several crosswalks, stop lines, turning arrows, etc. Thank you for making our neighborhood a better place to live, work and play!
  6. The Aertson Midtown and the hotel are 17 stories, I think, and this will only be ten or so. It's interesting that the color seems to match that of the Broadstone next door.
  7. Great pics, @KJHburg! I live in this building. If you look down the Division Street side of the building, to the left, you can see a tree on my balcony. A few other UPers live in The Gulch. The pedestrian bridge would have crossed the tracks from the near side of the red brick building on the right (Cummins Station)... ...to the end of this street where it turns to the right. Glad you enjoyed your annual pilgrimage!
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