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  1. I was thinking about this several years ago. The technology behind these taxis should allow them to land on top of almost any tall-ish building. Imagine every tower with one taxipad on top of it. When I need a lift, I would make my reservation via app and then proceed to the taxipad on top of my condo building.
  2. A Terrazzo neighbor said that A+ Storage required his brother to vacate his storage unit two months ago. That sounds like movement forward. Does anyone have an update on this project?
  3. The 'Blasting Zone' signs have arrived. Does anyone have an estimate as to how long it will take them to take the rock for two levels of underground parking?
  4. This building is perfect for a company that focuses on energy efficiency. Also, Nashville takes another corporate HQ from NYC! Welcome to Music City!
  5. Is there a way for me to tell if a Southwest flight I've booked will be on this plane? Does Southwest list these special planes on its website somewhere?
  6. Next week, Terrazzo residents will have a complete survey done of all units so that the 'before' condition can be documented pre-blasting. Has anyone heard of this being done in Nashville before?
  7. The drills arrived today. A few blasting blankets and some dynamite and we'll be ready to go! The contractor has spent some time in the Terrazzo garage looking at the bedrock. The Society garage will touch the Terrazzo garage with a concrete wall separating the two. Currently, that side of the Terrazzo garage is open so the bedrock is visible. A plywood wall will need to be built so that rock does not enter Terrazzo. This will be interesting, especially since the Yates blasting crew caused some damage to the Hawthorn garage while building the hotel across the street.
  8. On October 7-8, I'll get a tour of this building while at the Owen reunion. I'll take some pics.
  9. The crab orchard stone makes this building match Scarritt Bennett and the building at 19th and Grand.
  10. Did this get approved at the 7/7 meeting? I went to the DTC website but didn't see this on the agenda, though I don't know much about how to use this site.
  11. They've taken advantage of the slight curve in Division to create the accordian look, have a wide sidewalk, and some patio space. Very nice!
  12. My comment might be better placed in the Economic Conditions thread, but the U.S. is probably already in recession and inflation is hurting everyone. If people delay buying new phones and other electronics, then Asurion would see a drop in revenue.
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