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  1. Based on my earlier analysis, the main reason Louisiana is losing population is... J... O... B... S. There are better job opportunities in other states, primarily in the South. I have a little perspective on this. I'm from Mobile, AL, and have family and friends there and in NOLA. My wife is from the Mississippi Gulf Coast and has family in NOLA. The Crescent City has not yet recovered from the population loss incurred from Hurricane Katrina in 2005, usually referred to as the Katrina Diaspora. Unless you or your family have lived through a major hurricane, you may not be able to appreciate the long lasting effect it can have. Here we are 16+ years later and Katrina is still influencing company moves, retirement home location decisions, vacations, and the mood of the residents. I just spent a week in Pass Christian, MS, and walked past the Camille memorial several times (The Pass was in the eye of Camille in 1969 and the storm is listed as the second most powerful to ever hit the U.S.). The storm surge in The Pass from Katrina was 27.8 feet. The Mississippi Gulf Coast was devastated by both storms. It's hard to rebuild when the next Cat 5 hurricane could be just a few years away. http://camille.passchristian.net/memorial____gulf_coast.htm
  2. This is fascinating. Ingram makes 5X in six years, so that's a win, especially since this building hasn't been used that much (based on my limited knowledge). MarketStreet just sold the 915 Division parcel and has now invested those dollars into this location. I wonder why. Does it have anything to do with the developer who is building the dual brand Hilton? Does this have anything to do with the Pine Street Parking Lot on the map? I'm just throwing out ideas here hoping something makes the Magic 8 Ball say "Maybe."
  3. Here's some more details about the Census Bureau information on population movement in 2021. It would be good to see this on a per capita basis. https://www.americanexperiment.org/minnesota-lost-13453-residents-to-other-states-in-2021-most-in-more-than-30-years/
  4. All I know is this: life in my condo on Division Street has been much quieter since December 1. The party is still going on but the 11:30 PM wake-up calls are nonexistent.
  5. When a client asks me about the need to own precious metals, I mention FDR's 1933 executive order and tell them, "Own smaller coins and bars. Put them in a very safe safe in your home. Do not buy an ETF. Do not put your metals in a safe deposit box or any other place where someone can keep you from getting to them." Funny story a friend told me about working in the trust department of a bank. The bank was executor of a man's will. He died. The trust officers had to go through his home and find anything of value: cash hidden in socks, uncashed checks stuck in a pile of old magazines, stuff like that. After several days, they felt like they were done and were walking towards the front door when someone said, "Don't those curtains look a little funny, a little stretched?" In the bottom seam of the curtains, the man had placed one ounce gold coins. Lots of gold coins.
  6. I would argue that the Federal Reserve's policies have made cheap money available primarily to the wealthy and have contributed to the wealth gap. Here is a perfect example. Big investors flush with cash and low interest rates make housing less affordable for those who need it. When the market drops and the VC firms dump a bunch of houses, it will be another VC firm that buys them in big blocks from the firms in trouble. These homes may not be owner-occupied for many years.
  7. Last week I saw work being done on the interior of the former Colt's Chocolates building on the SW corner of Overton and Mansion, directly behind Barista Parlor Golden Sound. I heard today that we may get up to three businesses in here: perhaps a restaurant of some sort and two other concepts. Easter egg: If you look closely, you may see the name "BOND." Edit: Because this is a lower quality image, you may not find the word "BOND" in the window of a unit in the Terrazzo building, but it's there.
  8. It was fun to go through this list when trying to pick the one and only tree on the 12th Ave S side of Terrazzo. We had an overhang about 25' up so the tree had to stay below that. Also, safety concerns required that the bottom 6' to 8' be free of branches. We chose a coral bark Japanese maple. A year later, when the building was completely renovating the front entrance, I thought the tree would be cut down but instead it was moved to the bed in front of The Blowout Company. It is beautiful year round!
  9. When considering an expat retirement, it is wise to review the tax relationship with the U.S. Panama is not the best in this area. Costa Rica is fantastic. Mexico is quite good. Ireland can be a pain at your passing. There are various aspects to the financial decision? How are withdrawals from Roth IRAs treated? What are the inheritance taxes and laws? Do you need to spend a certain number of days each year out of country in order to keep the taxes low? And much more.
  10. @titanhog, you are being honored here. Your vision is coming to fruition!
  11. Those are amazing, @Bark At The Sun! As soon as the roads were cleared (about two weeks post-Camille) my dad took us over the Coast. I remember seeing those two ocean freightors sitting on the sand. To see that picture today brings back a lot of memories! My in-laws are half a block from the beach. They did not get water from Camille but Katrina put six feet of water in their first floor. They used to be the eighth house from the beach and are now the second. Their homeowners policy did not cover flooding so they had to spend their own money to buy materials to rebuild. Some Amish men from Pennsylvania provided the labor to rebuild. They do great work.
  12. @markhollin, did you visit Mobile for these pics? I was born and raised there and still have family in the area. Mobile benefited from the New Orleans diaspora from Hurricane Katrina. @Bark At The Sun, my wife grew up in Long Beach, MS, and her parents still live there. They can tell lots of hurricane stories: preparation, devastation, recovery, resiliency. The loss of the historic homes along the coast to Hurricane Katrina was very sad. We go down for visits several times a year.
  13. The residents in The Four Seasons will be getting some views they weren't expecting.
  14. While Icahn's land could become more valuable over time, Cooper's political prospects are decreasing.
  15. My wife and I see this building from our condo so we look at it day and night. She likes it because it seems to be a mix of old and new. It's definitely new but hearkens back to older buildings that had brick, stone or concrete and smaller windows. I think it will look outstanding next to the other buildings that are going up around it.
  16. I think this bill is a step in this direction. The goal is to get the industry to talk with Metro about community-oriented regulations. Up to this point, the industry has said to Metro, "Speak to the hand."
  17. That feeling of completeness when UP puts an ad for an excavator in my UP thread.
  18. Y'all may already know some of this, but here is the update. Ordinance BL2021-911, carried by Councilmember O'Connell, passed unanimously last week on its second reading. The ordinance provides a path for Metro to regulate these vehicles and would temporarily ban open containers in unenclosed vehicles. The ordinance is the first of a multi-step process with an end goal of stipulating route/hour parameters and creating a reasonable path for operators to serve alcohol. We anticipate counter efforts to amend the ordinance in Metro Council on 10/19. Any such amendment would mitigate the bill’s original intent. It is critical that councilmembers hear from you this week supporting the ordinance as it is currently written. Your voice is very important as people who live, work and invest in downtown. You can find the contact information for your Metro Council member at Nashville.gov. Now is the time to let your voice be heard, regardless of where you live in Davidson county. Let's roll!
  19. Freedom of speech. Freedom of the press. Personal liberty. Yep. I can stand with those. Left, right, doesn't matter. Let every voice be heard and the best ideas will win out in the marketplace of ideas.
  20. As I sit in Denver today I think "What if Davidson County included part of the Rocky Mountains?" Since I'm from the Gulf Coast I think "What if part of Davidson County was swamp?" Those parts of the county would have to be considered when calculating density. I'm not saying that Joelton is mountainous or swampy, but that it's not the same, development-wise, as the rest of the county. From now on, density calcs for Davidson county should be by zip code and not just one number for the county.
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