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  1. Indy may be willing to give him taxpayer money for this but Nashville is rich in tourist attractions and would not be willing, I hope.
  2. @KJHburg, I heard this afternoon, from someone who should know, that downtown Charlotte has about 30 million square feet of commercial space and downtown Nashville has about 17 million. Does that sound right to you?
  3. The Nashville Tractor guy, Michael Winters, runs a very good business and I don't know why his company was dropped. His wagons have less loud music and aren't out on the streets late at night. By my experience, the Upstate Party Bus people are loud and run late at night. That owner is throwing his employees in front of his bad behavior by suggesting "We can do what we want because we want our employees to have jobs." That logic makes no sense.
  4. The early renderings had images of Nashville's sports teams on these lighted panels. That would have been fun but these depictions of electricity delivery systems speak to what the building does. The bright lights enhance this effect. This is similar to how NES has lit their dome for many decades. It states, "We are Nashville Electric Service and we bring light to you."
  5. Looks like just another way to market the hotel several weeks before Halloween.
  6. I've tagged that IG account several times. It's been famous for many years but I don't know the origin. Perhaps one of the other long-time Nashvillians know.
  7. Bachelorettes now have one more reason to spend a little more time in The Gulch: a new #WhatLiftsYou mural from @KelseyMontagueArt. This is near the southeast corner of the W Hotel facing the alley. It should draw the crowds that typically roam 11th Ave S and get them a little closer to the corner where Turnip Truck is / Two Old Hippies used to be. If those two lots get some development, the crowds will be moving all over this part of The Gulch.
  8. Are these Russian or Canadian bachelorettes? I haven't read the attached article yet. Is this connected to the Center for Operational Excellence (do I have the name correct?)?
  9. It's there in a few places and you can buy carpet swag! https://www.bnashop.com/collections/bna-carpet
  10. This could become the defining characteristic of BNA. This, and the carpet.
  11. All they had to do was find the Easter Egg on @smeagolsfree's Excellent Development Map.
  12. If you'd like to talk Belmont, there are a few alum in the Nashville UP group and all three of my children are alum, as are my son- and daughter-in-law. I'm happy to chat with you and help if I can.
  13. In case it hasn't been said yet, welcome to the forum! And, based on your comment, you've moved from 'long time lurker' to 'active poster' and that is cool. Again, welcome!
  14. The article says the location and date of opening has not yet been announced. On a visit to Charleston, SC, in January, the wife and I stopped here to get our morning cup of coffee. The coffee is good and the vibe is beyond wonderful. Having had some involvement with Cedar Lake in Louisville, ( https://cedarlake.org ) I've seen lives changed because of this type of business. Thanks for sharing this news with us!
  15. In Terrazzo, I never hear my neighbors on my left or right and I never hear the neighbor below me. The only time I hear my upstairs neighbor is if he is playing his grand piano while there is no noise in my condo. That has only happened a handful of times in the past several years and it has never been a bother. In fact, we rather like it. The building has codes for extra thick padding under hardwood floors. Not all buildings are the same, so ask about the HOA regs regarding padding under flooring. In Icon, many of the units have concrete floors so sound more easily flows from unit to unit.
  16. Taking this from brick to white may accentuate the historical brick buildings on 2nd Ave and Broadway as well as the brick sidewalks.
  17. Chris, we all appreciate your skills with a camera. I find this one especially captivating. It's the combination of light and shadows, and the way the two colors play with each other, including the two splashes of red in the yellow. Thanks again.
  18. As a condo owner in The Gulch for 12 years, I've done this math many times, using as comparison the cost of owning a home with a yard. Included in my rather expensive monthly HOA fee is garbage collection, recycling, a dumpster for larger waste, seasonal landscaping of the beds around the building, enclosed and secured parking for two cars, a pool, a pool deck with two gas grills and a pizza oven (all maintained), a cardio room with state of the art equipment, a fitness room (strength training) with state of the art equipment, a lounge with kitchen and several seating areas with TVs, 24/7 concierge service (secure package acceptance, so no porch bandits here), secure access to the building and the residents' lobby and my floor, heating and cooling for all the common areas, routine (every 10 years) upgrades and remodeling to the lobby and lounge, and a few other amenities. As a homeowner, I would be paying for garbage, recycling, trips to the nearest waste/recycling center, some landscaping, lawn maintenance, a Y membership, gas grill maintenance, and more. For me, the biggest win is time savings on all of these features (not pushing a mower, no trips to Lowe's, no commute to the Y, and on and on). Almost forgot about the roof - a homeowner should save about $100 per month for eventual roof replacement, but this is included in my HOA fees. This calculation is about a break-even, so the condo does not win this comparison but it does not lose. The comprehensive calculation would include the home maintenance expenses listed above on the house side of the ledger and the lower cost per square foot (but more square feet), and on the condo side of the ledger is the HOA fees and the higher cost per square foot (but less square feet). Then include the costs of commuting on the house side and the benefits of less commuting and closer proximity to the city on the condo side. Side note: I saw a study several years ago comparing the 'happiness' of families that lived in smaller homes close to a city versus those who lived in a larger home and lot in the suburbs. For the families in the suburbs to be as happy as those in the city, they needed to make 40% more at work. 40%. There aren't many of us who can go to our boss and ask, "I want to move to a house outside of Nashville. Can you give me a 40% pay raise, please?"
  19. "The Magic 8 Ball says..." @smeagolsfree, I think that's your cue.
  20. On Saturday I hung out at Monday Night Brewing's new tasting room at the Neuhoff plant. Their name for this location is Monday Night Preservation Society, and a great name it is! Here are a few pics though I'm now realizing I failed to get one of the interior. Looks like I'll need to go back and have another Drafty Kilt. This was taken from the Greenway between Taylor and Adam streets, looking east southeast. Same here. Monday Night Preservation Society is next to the smokestack, as you can see in the following pictures. This hole looks like it may have reached its final depth but will get bigger on the north end. Looking north from the gravel drive. There's a covered open space on the second floor but I didn't get up there. The bathroom trailer is on the south end of the property with views toward downtown. From the wooden picket fence you can see across the river. And, lastly, a pic of the smokestack and seating area that is in the middle of the ruins. BTW, the beer is very good IMO.
  21. Here is the link to the study referenced in the article posted by @smeagolsfree. I've not read through the methodology so my comments will have to be based on the hope that these academic researchers did the math right. It looks to me like some knowledge of the methodology might be important but I don't have time to read that now. As noted, Austin is 2nd at a 51% premium. Running down the list we find Atlanta at 38%, Charlotte at 36%, Memphis at 35%, Tampa at 31%, and Nashville at 28%. We are 31st in the list. https://business.fau.edu/departments/finance/real-estate-initiative/housing-market-ranking/housing-top-100/
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