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  1. I live in the Walker Park neighborhood - I was skeptical at first of an at-grade crossing, but I really like how they've pulled it off. In another decade, we may regret having not put in a tunnel here, but for now it's perfect.
  2. It looks like the former Mountain Inn site is up for sale.. Hopefully this will wind up being something interesting. Given the asking price, I imagine it would need to be at least five-six stories to justify the asking price.
  3. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder... I happen to really like the Vue; I see it coming & going everyday and I can think of a lot of other things that are way uglier on MLK. I like that is't pearched on the hill - we need a bit of a skyline in Fayetteville, especially given that many of our few highrises, with notable exceptions such as The Chancellor, are hideous 60's-era monstrosities.
  4. The final decision to move forward with two-laning Rupple south to MLK should lessen the "need" for too much widening along Weddington.
  5. I wonder when the tremendous increase in student population density along MLK will begin translating into new commercial & retail space that cater's to residents? I'd think that S. School would be a perfect place for student bars, coffee shops, quick dining, a grocery store, etc. - it's closer to the majority of the students than Dickson St, with (soon to be) great bike path access and with much less expensive rents.
  6. Excellent points. The other wards often seem to treat the west side as the City's stepchild; the Flyer tends to fill up with comments about how Weddington is all "sprawl" (seeming to forget that residents there pay taxes, they don't think of it as sprawl and with a bit of infrastructure and planning, it would be every bit as well integrated as the rest of the city). The west side should be getting a lot more trails soon, after the Town Branch & Tse-La-Gi trails finish up. The regional park & Mt Kessler acquisition, in time, gives west Fayetteville the region's best park and widening Rupple will make it readily accessible from Weddington. My impression is Ward 4 needs residents to really turn out to council meetings; Central Fayetteville is always well (too well) represented at these meetings, which tends to lead to a bit of bias in planning & priority.
  7. I think the reason the concrete was removed is due to the grade of the slope. My pups and I examined the new forms shortly before the snow fell; it drops quite a bit very quickly. The new tunnel is nice; it's short enough that it doesn't get too dark. I walked on the new trails by foot; there's still a lot of debris on the trail, so it's probably best to wait a few months before it will be ready for bike traffic. The beacon crossing is partially installed accross S School. There are three bridges total between the tunnel and Walker park. One of the bridges didn't yet have a road surface the last time I looked, but it's ready to pour once we have nice weather.
  8. The new bridges for the Frisco and Tse-La-Gi trails are looking pretty good; the tunnel under MLK is open. The bike path leading up to the tunnel behind the Mill hasn't been poured yet, but the forms are ready to go.
  9. There's a lot of work going on over at the old blue gas station on MLK in the Mill District. This is the location by the new tunnel that Arsaga's was considering last summer for a new coffee shop/restaurant/roastery. Anyone know any details?
  10. Sounds like smart diversifacation from their usual (successful) concept.
  11. Fayetteville has had a few developers who epitomized how not to do condos; done correctly, they ought to be a bit less expensive than similar square footage at a comparable location, not three-four times more expensive. My wife has a very nice condo a few blocks from Powerhouse - it was very reasonably priced when she bought it. Fayetteville needs more like hers and fewer like the one's Brandon Barber (mis)developed. Good point about these being targeted to Wal-Mart executives; no one wants to commute 45 minutes+ after working a 10 hr+ day when one has very good options in Bentonville/Rogers. When it comes to large-scale condo developments in/near downtown Fayetteville, if a U of A assistant professor can't afford it, then it probably shouldn't be built.
  12. It sounds like a pretty good idea to me - it could be a nice model to follow when West Ave and the current WAC surface lots get redeveloped. I'm pretty liberal, just throwing that out so I don't sound too much like a Teapartier... IMO, the City would get a much better return on our investment if they offer these to developers to build them out as full-priced condos. I love the idea of affordable housing, quite a lot of it is being developed just a few blocks from my home, but I think the concept is better suited to redeveloping blighted neighborhoods and not for developing prime real estate in the heart of downtown. If this parcel was sold for market value, the revenue could jump-start further improvements along West Ave, such as the long-awaited downtown park, and/or may close the funding gap for the parking deck. Whether they build affordable townhouses or market-priced townhouses, I hope the concept spreads. Building something like these around a renovated Hillcrest towers, for instance, would help tie West Ave in to its two main anchors, the library and the WAC, insure Hillcrest's future as low-income housing and beautify the area.
  13. Yep. ONF seems to have really squandered whatever goodwill they used to have with the community over the past few years.
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