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  1. I want a loop, not a dead end...
  2. I'd be happy with high end condos with some first floor retail and integrated parking garage. The rest of the loop could be set up as a beach stage for the summer. Things get built, city makes money, we get a new outdoor venue. We all win!
  3. I thought they rebuilt after it burned down. Guess it was just part of the school.
  4. I would say it was across the street of VB Middle, South side of 24th between Cypress and Mediterranean. Love how there is nothing at Hilltop, and there doesn't appear to be any air strip.
  5. Only locker rooms mentioned under the courts are for officials. Personally think this was a waste of money, but hey we got something!
  6. You know what I don't see, locker rooms for 24 basket ball teams. Actually don't see any locker rooms at all.
  7. While I do like the plan, I can see where some of the opposition comes from. This will dramatically increase traffic at the light at Thalia and VB which already isn't great. Other than that, they really don't have much to really complain about other than their elementary will be more in line with other schools in VB when it comes to class size.
  8. But then they could stay in Norfolk and we would loose the hotel tax dollars. Oh and you have to remember that would bring in that bad element from Norfolk
  9. I like seeing both, just to see how each city is doing, and how we as a region are ranking. Maybe show us as a region, then a breakdown of each city?
  10. Now imagine the whole strip redone like that, with it wrapping around the entire block, so Pacific had the same look. I wish TC looked like that more...
  11. Hopefully they will build taller so they have room for future tennants.
  12. I saw the plans from 2010, but nothing really showed any urban development in that area. The improvements looked good and much needed though. The lot on the corner on Norfolk's side screams for a little more space, and tower. Maybe a mixed use office/residential/retail if they could get rid of that one office building next to it. Or if they get really lucky multi towers with a hotel/conference center deal.
  13. Once the Tide goes through, it will be a short walk to a station from there most likely. Smart planning if you ask me, even if you don't plan on building any time soon. I wish someone would put up a nice apartment tower near the Newtown station just to show how well it would work. A mini urban area that could benefit *both* Norfolk and VA Beach. The type of urban development that would be good along the line, near stations within walking distances. Think Cosmopolitan but scaled to fit both physical and economical location with more strip mall type shops. Build a couple near each other and close a strip mall, I would see that as a win any day.
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