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  1. Detroit Off Topic

  2. Detroit Photo of the Day

    Does the city still own the trolleys that ran on Washington Blvd.? I agree that running those trolleys down Atwater St. is a great idea. I
  3. Detroit Photo of the Day

  4. Detroit Off Topic

    Apparently, it was determined that the Detroit 300 Conservancy was not a nonprofit. Try this link. http://www.campusmartiuspark.com/
  5. Detroit Photo of the Day

    Very nice photo, Tony.
  6. Detroit Off Topic

  7. Detroit Off Topic

    While I was at the Lions game last night I noticed a crack in the concrete running down the corner of a stairway from the last row of the lower deck all the way down to the field. Is this normal or is this an indication of some major structural problems?
  8. Detroit Photo of the Day

    I like the old one. I can't really say why, just a matter of personal taste I guess.
  9. Detroit Photo of the Day

    The same thing happened to me last month when I was taking pictures of the GM/UAW Training Center. And I've been a UAW member for 35 years so my dues help pay for that building. Security guards can be such jerks! Nice picture, by the way.
  10. Detroit Photo of the Day

    Someone shot out the streetlight on my corner a few weeks ago. It took me 30 minutes to sweep up the glass. A quick call to the DPL and they replaced it four days later. You can't complain about service like that.
  11. Detroit Photo of the Day

    What a beautiful picture, baldy. I adore Elmwood Cemetery. Cemeteries are such special places. When I travel I try to include a cemetery visit in the itinerary. So much can be learned by a stroll through a cemetery and the peace and quite are always a welcome bonus.
  12. Detroit Photo of the Day

    An excellent shot, Zissou. I love the moody sky.
  13. Detroit Photo of the Day

    Reasons why you need at least 5 hours of sleep Too many students obsess over finals. Get some rest before you permanently damage your health and your grade point average.
  14. Detroit Off Topic

    It wasn
  15. Detroit Off Topic

    Zachariah, I find it hard to comprehend that someone of your age, who has lived in Wayne County his whole life, has never been downtown. I remember going down with my mom or my grandmother when I was just a little kid. We