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  1. https://media.riffsy.com/images/3ed84016385a06560957920423fea2f8/raw
  2. Construction planned to begin in October of 2016 but utility replacement/relocation should start sometime before
  3. The key here in all of these "successful" examples is that there are actually a critical mass of things to do, places to shop, restaurants with significant street presence/seating. We have and are making progress, but there is not nearly enough there there to sustain a pedestrian mall IMO.
  4. Seems to have gone quiet on this one lately. Anyone know anything?
  5. I would also say that the Gateway stop should graphically read the same as the Transportation Center. But this is fantastic!
  6. I'm afraid not. I lost the original files. This is high res photomerge of 10 or so separate photos.
  7. i took this back in may/april
  8. Todd's Flowers building is completely gone now.
  9. Something of this scale would be more than appropriate for that corner. I would love to see more infil office projects in the neighborhood to diversify the development that we are getting.
  10. I just don't like that they are painted black. I am anxious to see what the canopies will look like with them. I drove by one of the stations Wednesday, I believe it was at McDowell, but they were installing the vertical supports for the canopies.
  11. http://i.perezhilton.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/oprah-sing-names.gif
  12. "I noticed a Luna's Living Kitchen sign at the renovated warehouse project on Winnifred, on the space nearest Summit. It doesn't look like much else has been done yet though, doesn't really look like an actual restaurant location (though it could be a great one with that space if enough creative work was put into it). " This space you are referring to is a prep/production kitchen and storage space.
  13. http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/biz-columns-blogs/development/article17706998.html
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