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  1. They seem to only be patching it when absolutely necessary. Noticed a few new square feet of pavement on it in the last week or two, though hardly doing anything to help the mess that the corner is. Nearly all of it was submerged this evening with the quick and heavy rainfall.
  2. Oh I believe it 30 years ago. Just shocked to hear they still had the location in 2017 when that city's population has declined by 1/3 since the 80s and with retail becoming increasingly fragmented.
  3. I noticed that as well. Originally I was wondering if one of our two would go down, but after seeing the list and realizing how many very small markets (I know, relative term) they're in, wasn't as surprised. IMHO, Blytheville, AR was lucky to have ever had one, especially with Memphis being so close and Jonesboro having one as well.
  4. I hate to continue this mall talk in the restaurant thread, but I'd even ask what is Fayetteville going to do with their essentially shuttered mall. Yes Dillard's and Penny's will remain and do fine, but all of the in-between is a mess and has been for years...if not close to a decade.
  5. I would tend to agree, but to play a devil's advocate role on the mall piece specifically, I'd ask is it the chicken or the egg? Is the Promenade not generating high sales per square footage because of the area or because of the offering? (And off the record, IMHO, the mall management did a horrendous job at the initial and subsequence store layout/locations). I'd suggest it's even harder to measure that now because of the declining trend of malls on a high level.
  6. Lol, wouldn't have thought of that, but good point!
  7. Looks like that starting in June, Delta will pull all of the CRJs that don't have a first class cabin from service to XNA. They'll all be replaced with bigger models. Seems to result in a 10% increase in seats for the summer...about 15% in the fall. Generally that kind of upgauging results in fewer flights, but they've kept the same amount of flights afterwards. Pretty nice development for XNA fliers, regardless of what class you normally choose. On a personal note, will make me look harder at connections through Minneapolis, especially when going west.
  8. Looks like that "Altar'd State" or whatever that store was called next to the old Fish City in the promenade closed. Never went in, but seemed like some kind of knock-off of Anthropologie. I guess the Big Orange could expand into that space if they wanted a larger location? Or maybe the Promenade will want to keep that space open for a retailer since it's a fairly prime location in the mall.
  9. That Myer's Ranch rendering is really interesting. I've only lived in the Rogers/Bentonville area of NWA since ~2010, so it's always been a mystery to me as to why that entrance was ever built.
  10. Returned from a trip yesterday and was given a survey card upon paying for my parking bill. Was very generic except the last question was about covered parking. Asked if I would 1. pay extra for it, and 2. would I pay $2, $4, or $6 more. Doubt they'll feel good about building a deck if they get a lot of "no's" or $2 responses. I was under the impression that covered parking was essentially a done deal anyway, so was a little surprised to see that question. Obviously they should be charging more for it than for uncovered parking.
  11. Glad to hear that Big Orange is coming and will help take up some of the empty space next to Fish City.
  12. On the whole, on time/performance. I think the LGA-XNA is averaging 70% on-time last time I checked and XNA-LGA is averaging 50%. That's even giving a 15 minute late buffer. (So 30% and 50% are more than 15 minutes late.) And I don't want to use my single flight as an example, but there were probably 20 people on the 65 seat plane. I'd rather give a lot more weight to the performance than just one load factor example though.
  13. Oh I just meant if they started at XNA since AA has so much of the market and those are both AA hubs. AA wouldn't be thrilled to have to offer LCC fares when they have no pressure to now at all. DL is really struggling on their XNA-LGA flight so far. Cancelled twice this week. I took it back to XNA from LGA last week...2+ hours late. A few days before it was 3+ hours late. Probably doesn't help that it's the busy summer season, but leaves passengers scrambling to find options late in the day, especially if they're DL-only fliers.
  14. I'm sure American would take issue to both Dallas and Miami, but all the better for fliers if they do and Spirit succeeds. Saw an article today that Frontier is looking to double in size in the next 5 years and had to wonder if they'd be a fit for XNA as well. Though if Spirit struck first, I think Frontier would probably be out unless XNA traffic really started to grow again.
  15. Saw that article as well. Have no idea what they'd actually do with them, but anything at XNA to dent the fares would be welcome (even in that questionable bumble bee paint scheme ;-p). I've probably mentioned it on here already, but having Southwest alone doesn't necessarily mean much. I've shopped fares out of Tulsa and Little Rock on Southwest and the other majors and they aren't that different from XNA, at least to the places I frequent.