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  1. Allegiant announced that XNA will be getting twice-weekly seasonal flights to VPS (Destin, FL) starting in June.
  2. I saw articles from the local news channels about it. One was very generic, and the other made it seem like some kind of jet-bridge is being added to the B side, the side that Allegiant uses. Is there another carrier that would be similar in using that space like Allegiant? I would still say the "other" and "nicer" side of the concourse still has open space, with 2 or 3 of the gates sitting empty and gate 12 not even having a jet-bridge attached. Little Rock gets by with 12 gates (next to arguably 13 at XNA if you count Allegiant's parking spot) and with 50% more passengers.
  3. They code-share with American, which is why the connections are in those hubs (not sure why IAH would show given that's United). I searched on their website as far out as next summer and all that is offered is AA leaving XNA and then connecting to an Alaskan flight from those various places.
  4. Restaurant Development in NW Arkansas

    I assume it'll be their new format which is a bit similar to Maddio's. (Subway-ish style)
  5. I can't imagine LIT-DEN isn't safe on UA either, even if Frontier does well, because of the connections that UA provides in DEN and their overall network.
  6. We'll see if Little Rock sticks this time. They tried that route a while back, announced they were suspending it seasonally, and never returned. Either way, the equipment should be better than the 50-70 seaters that UA uses.
  7. XNA could add an official gate to the 12th spot, which is labeled but unusable since there's no jet-bridge. Unless Delta is in the on the squatting game at XNA, adding that one to their portfolio without adding any flights or giving up another gate would be a pretty big stretch...so it would be up for grabs. There's no way AA could logically touch that gate if they're really squatting.
  8. They seem to only be patching it when absolutely necessary. Noticed a few new square feet of pavement on it in the last week or two, though hardly doing anything to help the mess that the corner is. Nearly all of it was submerged this evening with the quick and heavy rainfall.
  9. Rogers, Arkansas

    Oh I believe it 30 years ago. Just shocked to hear they still had the location in 2017 when that city's population has declined by 1/3 since the 80s and with retail becoming increasingly fragmented.
  10. Rogers, Arkansas

    I noticed that as well. Originally I was wondering if one of our two would go down, but after seeing the list and realizing how many very small markets (I know, relative term) they're in, wasn't as surprised. IMHO, Blytheville, AR was lucky to have ever had one, especially with Memphis being so close and Jonesboro having one as well.
  11. Restaurant Development in NW Arkansas

    I hate to continue this mall talk in the restaurant thread, but I'd even ask what is Fayetteville going to do with their essentially shuttered mall. Yes Dillard's and Penny's will remain and do fine, but all of the in-between is a mess and has been for years...if not close to a decade.
  12. Restaurant Development in NW Arkansas

    I would tend to agree, but to play a devil's advocate role on the mall piece specifically, I'd ask is it the chicken or the egg? Is the Promenade not generating high sales per square footage because of the area or because of the offering? (And off the record, IMHO, the mall management did a horrendous job at the initial and subsequence store layout/locations). I'd suggest it's even harder to measure that now because of the declining trend of malls on a high level.
  13. Lol, wouldn't have thought of that, but good point!
  14. Looks like that starting in June, Delta will pull all of the CRJs that don't have a first class cabin from service to XNA. They'll all be replaced with bigger models. Seems to result in a 10% increase in seats for the summer...about 15% in the fall. Generally that kind of upgauging results in fewer flights, but they've kept the same amount of flights afterwards. Pretty nice development for XNA fliers, regardless of what class you normally choose. On a personal note, will make me look harder at connections through Minneapolis, especially when going west.
  15. Restaurant Development in NW Arkansas

    Looks like that "Altar'd State" or whatever that store was called next to the old Fish City in the promenade closed. Never went in, but seemed like some kind of knock-off of Anthropologie. I guess the Big Orange could expand into that space if they wanted a larger location? Or maybe the Promenade will want to keep that space open for a retailer since it's a fairly prime location in the mall.