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  1. From this afternoon:
  2. Was it this one? (I posted it at the bottom of the previous page.)
  3. Seven?!? This thing's going to appear taller than Batman.
  4. Does anyone have a tape measure handy?
  5. Amazing drone video from downtown last night as the storm approached:
  6. Look at it in this video: The stupid slats move with the drone and distract from the otherwise beautiful video (it's more noticeable on a smartphone).
  7. I always heard mixed things about it. I get tired of the "upscale" Mexican places here that charge a lot for subpar food (and don't offer free chips and salsa).
  8. It's official: http://nashville.eater.com/2017/3/20/14986790/cantina-laredo-closed-gulch-nashville
  9. Pardon the terrible quality, but from the airport area 505 appears to be nearly the same height as Batman.
  10. ^ I'm not sure. A closer look:
  11. Just a few from Rolling Mill Hill this afternoon: Ugh:
  12. ^ I love when I'm coming back from Memphis on 40 -- it is such an impressive view.
  13. Thanks! One more:
  14. Just a couple from the Renaissance: