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  1. Hopefully that's coming. That land is criminally underutilized. It's so sad.
  2. I think this is a large enough (and controversial enough) development to merit its own thread. New Tom Lee Park plans include large open spaces, fountain, treetop walkway Coverage: Commercial Appeal: https://www.commercialappeal.com/story/news/2020/05/20/tom-lee-park-plans-large-lawns-raised-walkway-groves-trees/5225090002/ Daily Memphian: https://dailymemphian.com/section/neighborhoodsdowntown/article/14199/new-tom-lee-park-plans-include-sand-bar-beach-hammock-grove Concept art: New concept plan: Original plan:
  3. Haha, doubtful. Not quite on brand for Hilton. One of the low points in my college career was the 24-hour period in which I ate there twice. Not my proudest accomplishment.
  4. The Downtown Memphis Instagram posted an update of the 18 S. Main renovation: https://www.downtownmemphiscommission.com/develop-property/current-projects/18-s-main/ Original rendering:
  5. Good point. But at the same time, it could act as a catalyst for future street activation if/when one those lots opens up (surely at least one of the non-CMOM lots will).
  6. A little bland with no street activation...not a big fan of this one. I'd expect more from LRK.
  7. I won't believe the hotel is happening until steel starts to rise. We've been burned too many times before. But I'm trying to remain hopeful.
  8. Certainly a few steps up from an Econo Lodge, but I wish the design was a little more dense.
  9. Hopefully everything will be complete and ready for passengers once travel picks back up.
  10. ^ I agree. This is not sustainable. But I feel like you can't say that without being accused of not caring about the at-risk population. There are different but just as serious consequences for continuing on like this.
  11. This is going to look so great from the riverfront (and Main). Thank you for keeping us updated!
  12. Do you have links to any of that research? I'm curious in learning more. I know there were some people in China who tested positive after being released from care, but these were thought to have been cases where they were discharged too soon before they truly recovered.
  13. ^ Although I would have liked something a little more visually striking on that corner, it sure beats its predecessor.
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