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  1. Pretty neat look at the developments underway/in the works in Memphis: http://www.bizjournals.com/memphis/maps/crane-watch Hopefully the map fills up in the coming years!
  2. ^ Gah those make my eyes hurt.
  3. Do we know if it's been topped off yet?
  4. ^ Yep. Especially with the perceived "tallest" status, they really could have done something to make a more stunning impact on the skyline. I really don't get it. But perhaps 505 is just laying the (flat) foundation for something bigger and better to rise and dwarf it.
  5. Does anyone know if there's a specific reason as to why there's a void of hotels in the Berry Hill (and surrounding) area? I live in BH, and whenever out of town guests come, I either have to send them to the way-too-pricey downtown hotels or out to the ones in Brentwood. You would think there would be something popping up in the area, but perhaps a zoning issue is the cause? Just curious...
  6. ^ There's still too much of a stigma around them in smaller cities. In Chicago, buses are widely used as an integral part of an amazing mass transit network. I never think twice about using a bus to connect with an L line. It's a way of life. It may not be perfect, but it works.
  7. ^ I was about to post the same thing. I'm a relative newbie but obviously familiar with the goings on in development...and I had to do a double take.
  8. I know it would be a massive undertaking, but I wish they would at least consider a trolley/light rail system... (if they haven't already)
  9. Was it ever determined how the Renaissance would gain back their meeting space? Crazy to think I was just in the CC (or what I thought was the CC) a few weeks ago for a conference. I suppose we were one of the last to use it.
  10. ^ Yes! I think that's why buildings like Sears (Willis) Tower and John Hancock in Chicago are so iconic and timeless.
  11. I know it's all about perspective, but it's still amazing to see how 505 dominates the skyline from some angles.
  12. From the Broadstone site overview (which I assume is still accurate): http://maps.nashville.gov/sp/2015/2015SP-003/SP_2015SP-003.pdf Broadstone: Versus the 8th South Condos: Which looks nearly identical to the building in question: and You can't see it from this angle, but the construction fence around that building (past the red light) has a banner that reads "8th South Condos," while the building in the foreground does not. I may be mistaken, but that building just seems too different from the massive complex surrounding it to be a part of Broadstone.
  13. ^ Right, but I don't think those are the condos pictured. There's a smaller building that looks different. I believe those are the condos.
  14. ^ Are you sure that's not Broadstone? That style seems to wrap around the entire parking garage. The building adjacent to it (facing 8th) is very different and more distinct.