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  1. Federal Courthouse

    I think what bothers me the most about it is the yellowish tint of the exterior - maybe that's exaggerated in the rendering?
  2. ^ I have to respectfully disagree. I love the unfinished look of both. Crowns add variety to the skyline, which I think is something you can't have too much of (to a point).
  3. Call me crazy, but I actually like the aged/dirty concrete look. It gives just a bit of age to a mostly glass/stucco canyon.
  4. JW Marriott - 385' - 34 Floors - topped out

    So how many floors in total? (title says 34)
  5. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Why why why can't we get Amtrak?? I know why, but still.
  6. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Is Nashville a viable candidate? Amazon Announces Plans for Huge New North America Offices https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/07/technology/amazon-headquarters-north-america.html
  7. So does this mean it's a done deal? Is that POS what will rise?
  8. 505 CST - 545 feet - 45 Floors - U/C

    Its height is great, but sorry, it's incredibly boring. And the fact that the top three floors (?) are different heights from the rest, yet still have the same glass, bugs me and my OCD.
  9. Is anyone else a little underwhelmed by the design compared to some of the other MLS stadium proposals?
  10. ^ I'm interested to see how they handle the entrances to the storefronts along 8th. The entrances seem like they'll be relatively higher than the street level.
  11. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    ^ Between that and Hattie B's opening across 8th, I'll never have to drive anywhere again (except work maybe).
  12. Bridgestone HQ 30 stories - 460' | Retail.U/C

    Yep. Was on the loop yesterday and it took me longer than normal to spot it. The height is meh and the fins obviously don't do much from that angle. It's beautiful from the east and west, though.
  13. A few from a downtown stroll this evening:
  14. Wow. That's pretty crazy. First Hattie B's now Publix? I'll be set for the next snowstorm.