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  1. Is anyone else a little underwhelmed by the design compared to some of the other MLS stadium proposals?
  2. ^ I'm interested to see how they handle the entrances to the storefronts along 8th. The entrances seem like they'll be relatively higher than the street level.
  3. ^ Between that and Hattie B's opening across 8th, I'll never have to drive anywhere again (except work maybe).
  4. Yep. Was on the loop yesterday and it took me longer than normal to spot it. The height is meh and the fins obviously don't do much from that angle. It's beautiful from the east and west, though.
  5. A few from a downtown stroll this evening:
  6. Wow. That's pretty crazy. First Hattie B's now Publix? I'll be set for the next snowstorm.
  7. I think Memphis' inevitable population growth (as slow as it may be) could someday come from people fleeing Nashville's ever-increasing cost of living. I already know of a few people who are leaving Nashville for Memphis and are amazed at the low cost of real estate and housing. They're selling their houses here, making a killing off the sale and then moving to Memphis to live a very comfortable life. I don't see myself moving back to Memphis anytime soon -- I'm too much of a big/growing city kinda guy -- but you can't argue the economic sense it makes.
  8. From a few days ago...
  9. I had to do a double take on this one...nearly unrecognizable from this angle.
  10. This is so great. I'll finally have a semi-close place to run without fear of being struck by a car.
  11. For comparison...
  12. We shouldn't need more parking. That only encourages the use of more cars. What we need is a better mass transit system.
  13. It reminds me of this abandoned medical building/hotel hybrid in Memphis' Medical District.