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  1. Some details about the future of Mud Island: https://dailymemphian.com/section/neighborhoods/article/30389/downtown-memphis-mud-island-task-force-tom-lee-park-riverfront-redevelopment-options New slate of ideas for Mud Island expected around Labor Day
  2. The lack of height has always surprised me. With the magnificent view of the Mississippi, you would think developers would want to offer as many unobstructed views of the river as possible, which of course almost always necessitates height.
  3. As much as I want a theme park in Memphis, I don't think something along the lines of Tivoli is feasible for Mud Island. I think the city needs to pursue a practical reimagining of the space — much like Tom Lee Park. The park's main attraction should be the river, plain and simple. Make that the focal point with the amphitheater, museum, river walk, recreation, restaurants, etc. being added bonuses. However, I do think a Ferris wheel would be a terrific addition.
  4. I grew up in Bartlett but moved to the University District when I started at the UofM. Even though I was only 20 minutes away from home, I felt as though I was in a completely different world. I was exposed to so many areas of Memphis I had never seen. Growing up in the suburbs, most of my exposure to Memphis proper was limited to going Downtown for Grizzlies games and other events. I had no idea there were so many other areas of the city to explore. That's why it's so hard to listen to people who spend the vast majority of the time in their suburban bubbles to trash talk the city. They have no idea. Anyway, hope we see movement on this site soon!
  5. A permit has been filed to demolish the fire station and parking garage. Construction on the museum is expected to begin mid-2023 with the building being completed in 2026. https://www.bizjournals.com/memphis/news/2022/08/15/demolition-permit-brooks-museum-downtown.html
  6. Yeah...driving through Memphis is a breeze compared to driving through Nashville (unless you take 840). Of course, it bottlenecks in spots during rush hour. Before I moved to Nashville, I commuted downtown from Bartlett, and traffic was rarely an issue.
  7. I love this positivity — it's exactly what the city needs to sustain and build upon the good things happening in the 901.
  8. I've renamed this thread to be a catch-all for Riverfront- and Mud Island-related developments. I am not a fan of this — those platform towers on top of the pedestrian/monorail bridge look so tacky. Exclusive: Forge Memphis team reveals full backstory, details of Mud Island zip line plan https://www.bizjournals.com/memphis/news/2022/08/09/forge-memphis-mud-island-zip-line-climbing-wall.html
  9. I've always thought MLGW's building looks so out of place with all its green space (which I'm in favor of - but not there) and how set back/closed off the building is. I'd love to see this materialize.
  10. Interesting, I wonder what led to the switch. Nonetheless, I'm glad it's seeing new life.
  11. I haven't flown out of Memphis since moving to Nashville, but I hope I get the chance to soon if only to see the new concourse. From photos it looks stunning.
  12. Yep, anecdotally I've heard of developers and other bigwigs starting to look at Memphis as an affordable alternative. We still have a lot of obstacles to overcome, but hopefully with some more investment that will help turn things around.
  13. My concern is space. Without room to grow and build new attractions that bring people back to the park, its long-term success will be difficult. But perhaps it will do well as is since the target demographic is so specific. Time will tell.
  14. The design is pretty meh. I wish there was some street activation on the ground level.
  15. Yeah...if the deal falls through, I guess it will just be a pit-iful eyesore for years to come. I need to be more optimistic, but it's challenging at times.
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