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  1. At one point there was talk of the lobby having some sort of shopping/try out tools experience/new product showcase space, but it's been months since I was working on the project so I don't know if that's still in the plans.
  2. Seems like Tenders was the original local spot, then the PDQ founders bought that business and franchised it but kept the Tenders name on that first location.
  3. The community amenities are kind of bonkers. The website says they have two pools (the rooftop one is saltwater), a sauna, a steam room, a "tranquility room," coffee bar, and a FullSwing golf suite. Besides all the normal stuff like a fitness center and a package locker. Definitely very high end and on the bleeding edge of apartment amenities.
  4. They got rid of it to fund their new customer service initiative.
  5. Reading some articles about old Charlotte restaurants, I'm surprised to see so many Greek names. Anyone know why it seems like there were so many Greek families running these long-standing restaurants?
  6. Love to see a window installed with what seems to be no flashing tape at all.
  7. Yeah, that new Tottenham stadium is insane. A retractable, multi-section grass field with an NFL turf field underneath it, and portable grow lights for the grass... it's really something.
  8. That stadium would have easily been the best one in MLS, that's like a smaller version of a Premier League stadium. It looks incredible but there was always a 0% chance it would end up like that. Can the new Panthers stadium please use this exact same design? It's beautiful.
  9. Charlotteans should never forgive Jesse Helms for what he did to Harvey Gantt.
  10. The shelter is literally next door to this address, the homeless people aren't going anywhere. It's also not super-walkable to...anything. Closest destination is probably Optimist Hall and it's 15 minutes.
  11. Yeah, not a location I'd pick for an apartment complex.
  12. Someone (me) thinks Supperland is the restaurant that defines Charlotte the most right now, for good and bad. https://charlottecontributor.com/2021/04/26/supperland-is-thoughtful-nostalgic-food/
  13. I was at 7th St. on Saturday morning around 10 and it was DEAD. A few people inside, almost all the shops are closed... definitely not the place it was before the pandemic. I hope it comes back quickly.
  14. Is that because most games are late afternoon/evening and you'll have less of a sun problem if the highest part of the stadium is to the west? Edit: Great American in Cincinnati points south east but I'm sure that's just to take advantage of the river view. Double Edit: Oh wow I found this super cool page by Baseball Almanac that shows the orientation of every stadium. It also points out that the baseball rulebook actually says stadiums should be oriented east/north east. https://www.baseball-almanac.com/stadium/ballpark_NSEW_NL.shtml#:~:text=Major League Baseball clearly states,1.04
  15. Putting a stadium out in the suburbs is a disaster, as almost every professional stadium in every sport has shown recently. But as Clayton says, there are better places in Uptown to put the stadium than expanding the Knights' stadium into Romare Bearden. Uptown has tons of surface lots begging for development. Do I think Charlotte can support a MLB team? No. Do I want to see a new baseball stadium built at the expense of what's probably the best stadium in the minors? No. Do I want the city to help fund the bill for that stadium? Not really. But if it happens there are better places in t
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