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  1. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I went to the new Superica last Friday for a soft opening since it's right around the corner from where I live now. Like KJHBurg said, it's a far more family-friendly environment than the Southend location. This is a huge huge huge addition to the restaurant scene in this part of town.
  2. Yeah, it was really disappointing to see Larken vote yes on that. It's a real shame Braxton was the only one who recognized the potential of keeping it closed.
  3. Dozens of full-time staff if you're including all the coaches. I'd think probably between 100-200 if you're including all the part-time workers?
  4. Learn something new everyday, I always thought once you got above a typical 5-over-2 height you were into high rise territory.
  5. I didn't say anything about Republicans being bigoted or intolerant, nor anything about Gorsuch (who has gone against the stereotypical right wing decision on occasion). You took my statement about economics poor white people, in response to another statement about economics and poor white people, and turned it into something about morals.
  6. That's the thing, though: these systemic issues which began with slavery, continued through reconstruction/Jim Crow/redlining/etc., and still exist today, are what is causing the things you're saying are personal issues. You say murder rates and out-of-wedlock births are "impacted very little by other races" but that's not true at all. Everything in minority life is affected by the majority race, to the extent that the median white household has a net worth of $171,000 while the median black household has a net worth of $17,150. You don't think that kind of disparity would lead to higher murder rates and more out-of-wedlock births, let alone the generational trauma black people are literally born with. Slavery was not that long ago and the black race in this country has proven disadvantages in almost every single area of life. It's not surprising that those disadvantages show up in areas like violence and single parents.
  7. Also helps contain the spray fireproofing if they're doing any of that.
  8. The Republican Party's M.O. since at least the 80s is to cloak itself in religion and convince poor whites that non-whites are the enemy so the poor whites don't realize who's really keeping them at the lower socioeconomic level. It's all a big misdirection sleight-of-hand.
  9. We already have the NASCAR Hall of Fame.
  10. I heard it was a tree shaped like a cow and a ramen salad place up in the Crown Fit For A Queen.
  11. Except Ginkoes can spontaneously change sex! No way around it really, other than picking the berries before they fall or applying a herbicide that stops the growth of the cones. 14 trees seems like a small enough number they could maintain them stink-free.
  12. If anyone has inside info on when it's supposed to arrive tomorrow, I'd love a DM. I'm wanting my kids to see it craned in.
  13. The Reps for Uptown are either Larken or Malcolm Graham, depending on where in Uptown, but I don't think either of them live there specifically.
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