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  1. Unless changes are made soon it's gonna go downhill there fast.
  2. Guys, I'm sure it's fine. What could possibly go wrong with trying to deliver over 400 parking spaces in a little over a month when those spaces have sat exposed to the elements and unmaintained for months and months and months?
  3. Most of what Daniel Levine gets from the city is incomprehensible. Yeah, I mean I guess? As long as you can park a car and get out of the garage without falling into a 4-story hole does that count as deliverable? Nobody's gonna park there.
  4. Oh, sure, that garage totally looks a month away from deliverable completion.
  5. Can we expect to see a huge gross Truist logo on the Hearst in the future? I hope not.
  6. Nice! We moved from Shoreline to Edmonds and lived there for two years before moving back here. Lived near 5 Corners and Edmonds Woodway HS. Miss living there for sure, Edmonds is really great.
  7. Shoreline? We bought cheap in Shoreline in 2015 and sold in 2017, best financial decision we've ever made. Can't believe I missed the Charlotte vs. Seattle discussion this weekend! Here are the facts: Seattle has less taxes and higher incomes. But the cost of housing evens it out, pretty much. We're making less but also spending less since we moved back to Charlotte. Seattle has better weather than Charlotte does, and during the summers there is no more beautiful place on earth than the PNW. Seattle also has a lot more to do and feels like a much bigger city, obviously. But Charlotte is nice too in its own way!
  8. The past tense is the key here. A decade ago the Epicentre did transform uptown for the better. Now it's bordering on transforming the area around it for the worse.
  9. I could see them being ready to play in 2021 because BoA stadium already exists for them to use. I'd also bet on them using the Sportsplex in Matthews (current home of the Independence) as their temp training facility while they build a permanent one (Eastway?) Very excited to start watching Charlotte _______ games as my second-favorite MLS team.
  10. So a guy lets slip, before anyone at Sherwin Williams or anyone in Cleveland has confirmed anything about a possible move, that his development might be in the running to get the new Sherwin Williams HQ while on a conference call with investors? That's shady as hell.
  11. That's what I mean, yeah. The three-story middle part of the Epicentre. The rest would I guess have to just be renovated because of the hotels above. You could keep the structure and totally change the skin of that part so it looks completely different.
  12. If they can turn the nightclub spaces into something else then I'll retract my statement about it being torn down. During weekday lunches it's fairly busy with people grabbing a bite, but there are large spaces that are currently or will be empty. Beyond that, the building itself is not in great shape and is already a dated kind of architecture. I'm glad I'm not the owner, there are multiple big problems with that place that need to be solved to make it viable.
  13. Epicentre will be torn down within 10 years. Places like this turn into ghost towns once shootings start to happen.
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