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  1. Because the typical non-luxury malls are dying. People don't go to them anymore.
  2. They can get all the retailers in there they want but unless they figure out a way to turn it inside-out to face the street, it's just a suburban shopping mall without a roof.
  3. It'll always be the Epicentre in my heart.
  4. Exactly right. There should be suburban hubs with necessary routes going into Uptown and others going to other parts of the city. Having a single hub in Uptown hurts the transit system and decreases usability for anyone who needs to go anywhere outside of Uptown, and if you ran routes into center city you'd still serve all the bus riders that go there.
  5. I haven't read the tree ordinance, but if there's not something in there requiring the saving of trees above a certain diameter (the one pictured would more than qualify), that's indefensible.
  6. No, that's about right. CCCP is useless and pointless, except to raise money for themselves.
  7. String Bean is good too, I'm excited for the pizza place. Sometimes guests at our AirBnB there ask for pizza recommendations and we just have to say "uhhh... there's a Pizza Hut by the highway..."
  8. Every single time I see that mid-engined Vette from afar I think "Sweet, an exotic supercar, I wonder what it is" and then it turns out to be that.
  9. I think WFAE should look to Seattle's KEXP for an example of how to do this. They put a coffee shop, record store, and their recording studio in an old warehouse space along with some living room spaces. https://www.google.com/maps/@47.622815,-122.3551017,3a,75y,20.72h,88.16t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sAF1QipNJ9mozEY54HnaKn76p5QVJb_QvHyM7ZrEPbyK3!2e10!3e11!7i8192!8i4096 Wouldn't have to be coffee necessarily, but something like that to draw people in.
  10. Oh, well...then I have no idea why it's so low. It's a bad look.
  11. And now we're down to like three decent quick lunch options in that part of Fourth Ward, including the Harris Teeter.
  12. Yeah, I don't think of Club Monaco as being preppy at all, they feel to me like more of a European middle-aged guy store to me. Charlotte doesn't really have that market. I think Tabor is fairly successful but they're a tiny store and can probably afford to cater to a smaller demographic.
  13. That's exactly right. "I don't have the money to be the sole financing on developing these properties I own, and nobody wants to partner with me right now because the land isn't valuable enough yet."
  14. Charlotte is still very much a preppy Southern bank town, fashion-wise. I don't know if Club Monaco would do well here, or a Uniqlo for that matter. Zara might do well among certain groups here. I honestly don't even know how well the new J. Crew fall line will do here, even though I think it's so good. @LKN704 You may be able to find some things at Tabor, they're easily the most fashion-forward male boutique here in town.
  15. It's crazy to me that an entire store based around Christian Girl Autumn can do well enough to have multiple sub brands.
  16. It's sort of like "Do you like _________ food? We have a single option for that! No matter what kind of food it is." I think it's going to be very short-lived and Sprock will say something about how it's too bad the public didn't give it a chance and he won't bear any responsibility for it.
  17. This is not The Penguin, it's just the franchiser guy who bought the branding. Has nothing to do with the original, and is being started by the guy a lot of people think had a big hand in the demise of the original. Plus, that menu... talk about all over the place.
  18. Yeah, it's pretty wild to compare this parking deck to the Ally one next door.
  19. Even when something happens to his properties, it's by accident.
  20. My car has been in the shop for two months now so I've been taking the bus and I actually like it enough that I may keep taking it even after I get the car back, but I have an express bus stop right outside my neighborhood and it goes right into the middle of uptown, so it's an easy right for me. The most complicated part is that there's only two busses in the morning, like literally there's one at 7 and one at 7:45, and then you're out of luck after that.
  21. Honestly most MLS training/HQ facilities are pretty basic and they're often in light industrial areas because of land costs. They're essentially office buildings with gyms/therapy rooms/cafeteria/relaxation and then the fields outside. Even Seattle's brand-new one which will be fairly world-class and open in time for the 2026 World Cup is going to be a renovation of an existing office space out in the suburbs. I think we'll know once we see the renderings and more details whether Tepper intends for this to be permanent or not, but they could make this a pretty nice facility by MLS standards without doing too much to it. Even if they do build a nice new permanent HQ/training facility somewhere else, I'd be REALLY REALLY surprised if it was connected to the stadium uptown. It just doesn't make sense economically to put it on land that's so valuable.
  22. Sounds like they're just going to rehab the existing building and install new fields. Probably light on the interior rehab too.
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