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  1. That's what I've heard too. I've had friends taking pictures of BofA tower and were told it's a Homeland Security issue.
  2. I'd love for Charlotte to have a proper Nike store and with as many people as run along the Rail Trail I think that would be the perfect place for one. The one in downtown Seattle had a running club that would leave from the store, a lot of running clothing and shoes, and a large Seahawks section. If they put one here they could do a lot of Panthers stuff as well as devote some room to Jordan Brand/Hornets.
  3. I'm on the Historic Landmarks Commission and in our meeting last month (the one the article references) we voted to lease Car 1 to Belmont for this project, so if they're able to move forward with the project they'll at least be able to use the car the HLC owns.
  4. Nice to know they have that now, I think Lowes as a whole just started tool rental really recently.
  5. This is my biggest problem with it, it seems like a very inward-facing development when it really should open up to Central. Even the linear park is shoved back against the railroad behind the dog park. It makes the park space only really available to people who work or live in the development. I like the design and love that they're saving the historic buildings, but I have a real problem with the site plan. Exactly this. Everyone up in arms about how it's "gentrifying Plaza Midwood" doesn't remember that it's never been cheap to live there. It was just a cheap place to hang out along
  6. Looking forward to seeing this... somewhere in a mountain region that crosses 13 states from New York to Alabama I guess? Love how non-specific that is.
  7. On Friday I took the streetcar from the stop at Trade and Graham (really Trade and Wilkes) up to the OG Sabor location on Hawthorne during lunch. Took about 25 minutes each way after getting on the streetcar. Didn't have to deal with operator switching or illegally parked cars, so it was a nice smooth ride. Faster than walking that distance for sure. It was a really pleasant experience, although I still think an expanded bus system would have been a better use of the money. Hopefully they have shorter headways once they start charging for rides. I can't imagine a paid ride with 20-minute
  8. The loss and destruction of lives is awful, but look how great this looks! A river through there (and 277) would be so cool.
  9. Fourth Ward definitely needs more dining options, hopefully we get at least one restaurant in the retail space there.
  10. Unless the whole point is "get around the stigma of riding the bus" why would anyone take a streetcar that's in the same traffic as the bus and runs on longer headways? To be totally honest I'm very pro-transit but I've never understood why cities spend money on a streetcar line when it's surely more expensive than just starting a new bus route.
  11. Ah yes, the very well-known French dish "fried chicken." Practically the national dish of France. Everyone knows fried chicken is from France.
  12. Before the pandemic I could ride it from near my house right to the door of my office. Now I'm in a different house and a different office so I'm driving about 20 minutes each way. Less commute time than when I rode the light rail, actually, but I miss riding it so much. Even standing-room only. It just felt so big-city to ride it across 277 in the morning into uptown.
  13. If there's a list of "richest non-mafia strip club owners" that sale would put him pretty near the top, I'd bet.
  14. Yeah, their portfolio is... pretty junky. And it's indefensible for our city code to not require a certain percentage of the ground floor be set aside for retail. Any multi-family building over 4 stories should have retail in the bottom.
  15. Uptown Cabaret will be part of the new apartment tower and will be on the bleeding edge of what's considered a luxury apartment amenity these days.
  16. It's long but kind of narrow. Probably about the same amount of total space as the Legacy Union site, right? A 40 and two 30s in that amount of space is more dense than Legacy Union or Ally across the street. Either way, it's exciting!
  17. That's SO much to put on a site that small. Awesome density.
  18. I think the real question everyone is missing is whether the Dynamic Health Carolinas office on South Blvd. will build a mini version of this tower to go with the other one.
  19. That puts them in the 15-20k range. Not mind-blowing but it's a solid amount.
  20. Looks like they combined the pickaxe (the worst part of the athletics logo) with the text from the old logo (the worst part of that one) into one new awful logo.
  21. They're at about 750k square feet right now, I think, so they could fit into it. I know in the past they've been really happy with their Moorseville campus and I'd bet they're not looking for young urban talent to fill most of their HQ positions, but maybe the new CEO is wanting to go in a different direction. I'd be surprised if it was them but logistically it's possible.
  22. Looking at their website, their stuff is great. Very clean, heavy shapes, some cool cantilevers and interesting angles. Definitely a new look for Charlotte if they stick to that design language.
  23. Can't tell from the photo, but is it designed to look like a thermostat screen? Feels like a missed opportunity if not.
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