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  1. Windsor Parkitect

    Sports in Charlotte

    Of course Chelsea comes to Charlotte the summer after I move to Seattle. Cool cool cool. And I'm stuck with Man United vs. Club America. I'm so jealous of you guys.
  2. Windsor Parkitect

    Independence Corridor

    Top Golf was also looking at the Coliseum Shops site next to WalMart. Not sure if that's still in play since I've left the architecture firm that was working on multiple proposals for that site last year, but it's another possibility.
  3. Windsor Parkitect

    Good New Restaurants

    Yeah, at Hooligans you can order anything from Valhalla. Hooligans doesn't have a kitchen so they just bring food over.
  4. Windsor Parkitect

    Charlotte Off Topic

    Thanks! The thing that makes me most nervous about the move is we're only taking what will fit into our Honda Fit and driving across I-90, wayyyy up north.
  5. Windsor Parkitect

    Charlotte Off Topic

    I'm moving to Seattle tomorrow for a new job and maaaaaaan, am I glad I won't have to drive through that part of the city. Hopefully they'll realize the error and change to the walkable, 4-lane road plan.
  6. Windsor Parkitect

    Sports in Charlotte

    Charlotte was just announced as one of the cities for next year's Gold Cup. We'll have a group C match, which means Mexico against a smaller CONCACAF nation, but this is HUGE HUGE HUGE for this city's national soccer identity. It will also be Mexico's last group match, so it could end up being a very important game for them, results-wise.
  7. Windsor Parkitect

    Bank of America Stadium Renovation

    Nashville has had a surprising recent history with major soccer matches, they've hosted the USMNT a couple times and also include a really large Hispanic population.
  8. Windsor Parkitect

    Bank of America Stadium Renovation

    I'd say it's a pretty strong guess that the darker color is for the top-choice cities and the lighter color is for second choices, there's nothing as far as turf types or MLS franchise locations that matches up, but it's exciting we're still on the list at least!
  9. Windsor Parkitect

    Plaza-Midwood Projects (Central, Commonwealth, The Plaza)

    Whatever could you mean by "hidden spots?"
  10. Windsor Parkitect

    Charlotte Off Topic

    Woof, that thing is uuuuuuuuuuuuuuugly. The early design was decent at least, but this refined version is awful. It's lost any of the proportion and elegance it might have had. Maybe it's just the angle of that particular rendering?
  11. Windsor Parkitect

    Sports in Charlotte

    Totally agree with ah59396. No to the Olympics, absolutely to the PanAm games.
  12. Windsor Parkitect


    PR Shopping Center got a real gem in that place, too. The gelato is great and the little shop itself is a great little jewel box of a building. Ballantyne really missed out.
  13. Windsor Parkitect

    Charlotte Sports Complex (Bojangles Coliseum area)

    That's why Independence is mostly a ghost town. Once you take away the ability for half the drivers to access a business, it tends to be impossible for a place to stay open.
  14. Windsor Parkitect

    Plaza-Midwood Projects (Central, Commonwealth, The Plaza)

    A high-rise prison? That's a pretty harsh description. Mid-rise prison, maybe.
  15. Windsor Parkitect

    Charlotte Off Topic

    2 questions spring to mind: where is there empty space uptown Amelie's could be moving to, assuming they're moving somewhere bigger? And what could be going into that space, assuming that the Amelie's/Info Center spaces are being combined into one?