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  1. ChessieCat

    Charlotte Gateway Station and Railroad Improvements

    Did the geniuses at CATS/NCDOT/CLT not put something into the NS intermodal contract that in exchange for land at the airport, NS would not be a limiting factor for all that you mentioned above? Just a simple bullet point saying they'd work together on it?!
  2. ChessieCat

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    I like Alternative 3 the most but relocate West Blvd further south and extend 18L/36R and 18C/36C to 12,000 feet. Granted, I am also partial to retaining the Overlook Major airports like LAX and DTW do just fine with four parrallel runways. If we reach ATL aircraft movements they can build the 5th center-west runway one day.
  3. ChessieCat

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    The airport website refers only to 1 new runway between 18R/36L and 18C/36C. IMHO I also prefer the 4th runway to be built east of 18L/36R to even things out but is there enough space to build it without having to relocate Billy Graham 10 feet to the east? We know the museum will be demolished. What about the Nat'l Guard hangar and Jackson homes? You can bet the neighborhoods north of the airport (Toddville, Paw Creek) will fight hard against the noise from two runways instead of the current one. If this easternmost runway is built, West Blvd will get moved south and merged with Byrum/Piper roads. Could 18L/36R and 18C/36C then get extended to 12,000 feet?
  4. ChessieCat

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    I was referring to all the capital projects at CLT. IMHO $422 million is a big underestimate. Anyone who drives along Old Dowd Road and Overlook Drive can notice the uneven terrain smack dab where the new runway is going to be built. The NS terminal is in the middle of a gulley which will complicate construction. I'm not against the new runway, it's just the possibility of the westernmost runway 36L/18R becoming obsolete along the same lines of St Louis runway 11/29 which only handles 12% of traffic. Sure, it'll be used for landings during the peak rush when all four runways are needed but outside of that? Who knows.
  5. ChessieCat

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    In order for a 4th runway to be built, it appears that West Blvd will have to be removed and Piper Ln will have to be extended to Billy Graham. Thankfully there is empty land to do this. Piper/Byrum will get widened and become the new West Blvd. This will all cost billions...
  6. ChessieCat

    Piedmont & Northern Railroad

    There is a Bobcat parked behind the 7-Eleven at the corner of Thrift and Freedom Drive that has been removing abandoned rails and ties along the old P&N industrial spurs in Wesley Heights/Seversville. The end of an era. Are bike trails going to be built along these abandoned ROWs?
  7. ChessieCat

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    ???? Doesn't mean that all of the runway must be used for departures. The Bay runway at JFK is 14,511 feet long but departures are limited to the roughly 12,000 feet that does not cross two active perendicular runways at the eastern end. I once took off on a regional jet that was allowed to begin it's roll at roughly the 8,000 feet mark. Years later it was a 777W heavy that started at the 12,000 feet mark. The same rules could apply to CLT.
  8. ChessieCat

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    I don't understand why CLT didn't build the newest runway 18R/36L to 12,000 feet when they completed it earlier this decade. Wallace Neel road can easily be re-routed in a straight line further south to make it happen. If CLT is targeting cargo traffic, then 18L/36R can be expanded to 11,000 too. I've seen 747 cargo jets and AF1 take off from this runway with no problem.
  9. ChessieCat

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion Does CLT really need to build a 4th parrallel runway now that the A380 is canceled? 18C/36C can handle all the heavies including the 777-900 and A350-1000 which will dominate long-range routes next decade
  10. ChessieCat

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    Finally, a second carrier that will fly to South Florida!!! AA's been dominating MIA/FLL for too long with no competition. A 3rd carrier to MCO doesn't hurt either.
  11. ChessieCat

    BB&T-SunTrust - New Charlotte Headquarters

    Heavy or light rail is semantics. ATL got permission to go below ground under the Five Points downtown when their population was only 2 million in the 1970's, and the Airport extension was completed by 1988. For Charlotte, ANY type of rail with bike trail on the side that's separated from traffic should be the blueprint for the future, plus an option to go below ground under uptown if necessary.
  12. ChessieCat

    BB&T-SunTrust - New Charlotte Headquarters

    ATL started construction on MARTA heavy rail in 1975 when its MSA population was only 1.2 Million, and that included approval for the East-West line and North-South lines that would converge in downtown below ground at Five Points station. Now the ATL MSA population is 5.8 million. Charlotte's metro population is already 2.5 million and its safe to say it'll double to over 5 million in 30-40 years. We can't build more highways without cutting through established neighborhoods. #3 is not rocket science at all!
  13. ChessieCat

    BB&T-SunTrust - New Charlotte Headquarters

    Stealing Coca Cola and SunTrust are nice, but I don't want ATL's traffic... Seems like we are halfway there..
  14. If only there was the political will (or $500MM dollars) to build a cut and cover tunnel beneath uptown to connect to Gateway Dallas DART went underground to connect their LRT to downtown... Just sayin'
  15. ^Cornelius, Davidson, Mt Mourne, and Mooresville are the most residential areas along the O-line. They will have to band together to get a return on the transit tax dollars they are sending to the County. The Red Line is up to them. Who knows, maybe they can run a heritage trolley between the four towns? Let's not forget the role that the Charlotte Trolley played in the development of the CATS Blue Line, it's not without precedent...