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  1. ^Any chance of wrapping microapartments around the parking deck like the RailYard is doing?
  2. Yep, snapped a photo last night. Apologies for the poor quality.
  3. Does anyone know why it's taking so long for Ilios Crafted Greek to open? It's the same owners as Ilios Noche so I assume they know what they're doing, but this article came out 7 months ago saying they'd be opening soon: http://www.charlottemagazine.com/Charlotte-Magazine/October-2018/Inside-South-Ends-Newest-Fast-Casual-Spot-Ilios-Crafted-Greek/
  4. 1100 S Tryon has been fenced off so I assume demo will begin soon? Will post photos. Winnifred Street is already a shytt-show with Charlotte Water digging new pipes for the Railyard. There are temporary above-ground water wipes everywhere. This will only add to to the chaos but progress is progress I guess...
  5. Moved comment to 1100 S Tryon forum...
  6. ^True... Badin Lake is a recreation and fishing destination after the closure of Alcoa so who would want the same smell that South End has to deal with when the wind blows east?
  7. I wonder why Stanly county wouldn't incentivize them to relocate to the old Alcoa site in Badin instead?
  8. Transit passes are included in the consulting contracts negotiated between their employers and their clients, the who's who of big employers in this town...
  9. Does anyone know much about The Kimberlee tower behind Park Road Shopping Centre?: https://goo.gl/maps/Y5Sso41mtSL3x29aA I know it's a co-op and was built in the 60's, but why did they build such a dense a 5-story condo tower in that location fifty years ago when it wasn't the happening spot it is now? (Correct me if wrong) Props to their foresight!
  10. The locomotive works under construction in South End by Summit Ave will be completed soon and will be the new turn-around for all NCDOT/Amtrak-Carolinian trains. They constructed it with commuter rail in mind too, so they should put it to good use IMHO.
  11. Would love to see Kannapolis to CLT-Gateway commuter rail in the future along the NCRR.
  12. All the old P&N tracks have been removed and they are stacked across from Lucky Dog Brewery along Thrift Rd... (see photo)
  13. Yesterday was a disappointment: the Overlook was crowded with people wanting to see the LH A350 land on the center runway yet ATC routed it to 36R/18L. Boo!!!
  14. Was anyone at CLT for the first LH A350 landing yesterday?: https://flightaware.com/live/flight/DLH428/history/20190326/1130Z/EDDM/KCLT
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