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  1. Also posted in the Coffee House: United States to host Rugby World Cup as sport breaks new boundaries | Rugby World Cup | The Guardian Charlotte is one of the cities bidding to host some matches for the 2031 Rugby World Cup. Regardless of whether BofA is still around or Tepper Village is the new stadium, Charlotte will submit a bid.
  2. United States to host Rugby World Cup as sport breaks new boundaries | Rugby World Cup | The Guardian Charlotte is one of the cities bidding to host some matches for the 2031 Rugby World Cup
  3. Does anyone have renderings for this big development on Providence by Alexander/Rea Road? It's impossible not to notice when driving by. Rezoning docs say it's going to be an active adult 55+ community: 2018-142 site plan.pdf (charmeck.org)
  4. Or as smart as the Methodists by SouthPark Mall who cashed in a long time ago and now have a new home: A Resurrection on Sharon: Inside SouthPark Church's Transformation - Charlotte Magazine
  5. As mentioned before, that is one of the most expensive school bus parking lots in America right now. The Diocese could make a ton of $$$ if they sold the parcel but someone commented earlier that it would be a bureaucratic process requiring bishopric approval to sell that parcel? I'm sure Spectrum and other developers have inquired...
  6. Any update on the project formerly known as the Dan Ryan townhomes now known as LoSo Walk at the corner of Freeland and Tryon? As mentioned earlier, they have been scrubbed from the Dan Ryan website. For Rent signs are up for the units already completed along Freeland. Are they just going to be rental townhomes?
  7. Wells has wanted the Tower back for a decade, they will backfill it. The prime property for a HQ relocation is now 526 Church by BofA stadium
  8. Could it affect the Panthers given 525 Church bldg is cat-corner from BofA stadium?
  9. ^Yes. Wells is gonna vacate overpriced Manhattan office space and move executives to the 550 Tower
  10. New plaza in Uptown Charlotte to become Duke Energy’s corporate headquarters | Duke Energy | News Center (duke-energy.com)
  11. The great thing is Portland didn't wait for the established Railroads to play ball in order to build their network. They followed the phrase of their most famous apparel company, "JUST DO IT"!!!
  12. NCRR's double-tracking years ago was one of their best moves and maybe it is them who is pushing NS to the table. NS's shutoff of the O-line at Cornelius along with the abandonment between NGK Ceramics and Statesville decades ago is sad.
  13. I think what NS really wants is double-trackage along the old AT&O corridor (Red Line) from Gateway to Mooresville, and all of it paid for with tax dollars. Whether ridership can justify the price tag is another story...
  14. The Sun at exact Solar Noon local time (12:21PM) on the Winter Solstice between the Ally Center and Deloitte Towers. Taken from the Legacy Union lawn.
  15. REAL Charlotte? Or maybe it's a hint they'll choose either the Monarchs or Crown name which is one of the 8 they trademarked
  16. I like everything about them. I live in South End and know the area inside and out. The only problem is NS trains show no mercy at night when blaring their horns crossing the Summit Street intersection a half-mile away but that's something all of South End has to deal with. The train vibrations alone might wake people up in Altura. On the flip side, CLT Pipe and Foundry will close so the scent will be gone in a few years.
  17. Went there yesterday. Friendly service and great food. Glad they finally opened after a year's worth of regulatory hurdles (the Greek grapevine told me the city wanted the strongest possible smoke protections cause of the adjoining townhomes)...
  18. 4 months later: Does anyone have an explanation for why they installed these tracks at LU?
  19. I noticed the grove of trees to the east of Overlook Drive bordering runway 18C has been razed.. Does that mean the fourth parallel runway is going to get built? Sorry if I am behind the times.
  20. Thanks. Maybe Spectrum can be creative and propose a land swap plus more for that new high school in South Charlotte.
  21. Thanks RDF. Quick question, why is the diocese holding onto the parking lot along Church St between Carson and Palmer? The only time its full is for Panthers games. There are much cheaper locations to park school buses. I'm sure Spectrum made a bid for it so they could have the entire parcel. Maybe the diocese thinks they could sell it for more $$ or they just don't want their office building to be bounded by Spectrum projects on both sides?
  22. I see. Any street grid must not exceed Earth's axial tilt of 23.5 degrees to achieve a 'henge. Bummer for uptown CLT!
  23. Thanks! Question: because the uptown street grid is tilted beyond 23.5 degrees from north-south, it prevents any type of Charlottehenge?
  24. I came across this cool article yesterday which goes into nice detail about the Queen City street grid: https://slate.com/business/2018/07/manhattanhenge-exists-in-your-city-too.html Does anyone know when Charlottehenge occurs at Trade and Tryon? Since the uptown street grid is titled southwest to northeast like Manhattan, I'm pretty sure it would occur in May and July like Manhattanhenge: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manhattanhenge Make that the 2020 goal for this forum: Charlottehenge photos!
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