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  1. The Levine website has turned into a promotional page solely for the park.
  2. LOL the only part of any of the project that broke ground is the stakes for the sign.
  3. The common denominator on Urbana deals is that they are CHEAP. Cheap owner hires a cheap architect that doesn't spend the time it takes to make an attractive building.
  4. I was told that when the land deal was made for the stadium they didn't want to give away the land for the hotel until the Knight's Stadium could demonstrate that it was profitable after 1 year of use. I'd say they've met that metric.
  5. They just got done with a small round of layoffs.
  6. A worker died up at A&P's Crescent University project back in October. Maybe that's what you were thinking of?
  7. I can appreciate their optimism, but if you look at the two sites as they stand today, there's no way they could finish even 6 months apart, assuming Camden's delivery schedule is at the extreme ends of each quarter.
  8. Camden Gallery is at a standstill because A&P is having some serious issues. I guarantee that Camden Southline will open 6-8 months before Camden Gallery, and Southline got a 1-2 month head start.
  9. Using the greenway through Wesley Heights is a nice walk. Also, there were rumblings of converting the old rail bridge at the end of the greenway into a pedestrian bridge. That would turn a walk from Pinky's to the ball park into a pleasant 10-15 minute walk.
  10. I wonder who the [prominent Charlotte Developer] who owns the [prominent Charlotte commercial real estate company] is? Doesn't Johnny Harris own a lot of land along the Gold Line Ext? But the affidavit said it was an international guy?
  11. It'd be easiest to buy a ticket with a preloaded amount based on destination. Ticket machine would know that it costs $x.xx to get from 485 to Stonewall, and your ticket is loaded with that amount. You then have to scan to exit the station. Problem is Charlotte isn't set up for that. We have platforms with uncontrolled access so any ticket based policing would be costly to implement.
  12. I applaud what they are doing but in that picture they look like they work out of a garage.
  13. I'm glad they profiled long animal hospital.
  14. those guys are kicking themselves for not using a tower crane.
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