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  1. Every Nashville Bachelorette Not sure if this has been shared or not but came across this on YouTube.... Hilarious https://youtu.be/Yaqa4AbW1Ss
  2. OMG... That is hideous! The predators logo looks like a Halloween character!
  3. Mayor bans nighttime use of e-scooters in Atlanta Mayor bans scooter use from 9pm-4am after Atlanta had its 4th scooter death this past weekend. There are a lot of scooter related injuries and emergency room visits that do not get reported by the media. I know people personally who have had injuries from falling off scooters. https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/atlanta/mayor-bans-nightime-use-of-e-scooters-in-atlanta/974150729
  4. Downtown Nashville expected to see continued population boom as costs, concerns grow https://fox17.com/news/local/downtown-nashville-expected-to-see-continued-population-boom-as-costs-concerns-grow
  5. ‘Biggest finale ever’ promised for Nashville fireworks show https://www.wkrn.com/holidays/july-4/biggest-finale-ever-promised-for-nashville-fireworks-show/
  6. I was in Evansville, IN for a couple of days this week and was able snap a couple of pictures. I didn't know that Evansville has a large Italian and German population for a city of its size. There were tons of Italian and German restaurants in the town. This was the old county jail which was modeled after a castle in Germany
  7. I'm in Miami this week. Dear God I'm ready to leave lol. Love the food, culture, weather, beaches. Hate the drivers, traffic, tolls, and rude people. No one uses turn signals... My biggest pet peave. My observation: lots of construction going on downtown and along the coast. I like the stretched out panoramic skyline. It sucks that Miami is so flat because you are not able to a take a photo of the total skyline view unless you are on a boat. What surprised me was the view from I-95, which you don't see too often, since the stock photos are taken from the coast. Very dense and lots of high rises. Was able to snap this while driving... Old Miami. I'm loving the building with the crown. View from biscayne key. Had to pay a $7 toll to cross over Visted this cool lighthouse at a state park across the bay. You could climb the stairs to the top, but it was closed.
  8. My new job has me traveling all over the southeast weekly. I moved to Atlanta and live in midtown, so I will try to start taking some pics and post some developments going on there. Anyways, I was in the great state of Alabama last week. Went to the big 4 - Huntsville, Bham, Montgomery, and Mobile. I'm not always able to get pictures since I am driving but I try to stop and get a couple when I can. Here's my observations: Huntsville - didn't get to go downtown. I was out by I-595 and there was a lot of development going on... Apartments, small offices and retail. Birmingham - the poster who posted the pictures and thoughts above summed up my observation as well... Very cool city with tons of potential. Didnt realize it was so hilly.. Montgomery - very cool little downtown. Lots of revitalization going on downtown. Reminds me of Chattanooga. Really enjoyed the new Legacy museum and memorial in Montgomery, which tells the story of those who were enslaved in our country. The memorial was very touching and moving as it had every name and the county of those who died from lynchings in this country. And last my favorite city, Mobile: I enjoyed the warm tropical climate, and the French Spanish influence of the city. Had dinner on the 34th floor of the Landmark tower, which gave me 360 views of the city!
  9. According to the article, overall MLB attendance is down and has been declining for years. Not sure how much if this is accurate, since yahoo tends to get things mixed up. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/mlb-attendance-is-down-again-and-rebuilding-teams-are-getting-hit-hard-014951998.html
  10. ^^reminds me of the sirens on the movie Silent Hill! Very creepy.
  11. From the tennessean. This shot is amazing! And this was after the rain.
  12. Light show to help Nashville 'shine' in NFL Draft spotlight https://www.newschannel5.com/news/light-show-to-help-nashville-shine-in-nfl-draft-spotlight During the first round of the draft, the Korean Veterans Bridge, Nissan Stadium and the Schermerhorn Symphony Center will all light up in the colors of the team 'on the clock.' The light show accompanies 32 video boards that line the downtown pedestrian bridge. Each monitor will be dedicated to one of the NFL teams. The NCVC also encouraged other buildings to light up in blue during the first round. Blue is one of the NFL's primary colors.
  13. Interesting draft video tour with Titans player Taylor Lewan https://www.titansonline.com/video/nfl-360-welcome-to-nashville-with-titans-ot-taylor-lewan
  14. It's going to be crazy downtown week of the draft. Today was very busy and the draft is not until 2 weeks. Bridgestone employees have been instructed to work from home that week. Downtown hotels booked at 92% capacity ahead of Draft weekend https://www.wkrn.com/sports/nfl/nfl-draft/downtown-hotels-booked-at-92-capacity-ahead-of-draft-weekend/1921776073
  15. A couple of downtown shots taken some months ago.
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