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  1. nashmoney

    CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    20 years behind?? Seriously? Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but come on. A city that is 20 years behind doesn't win 1k+ job relocations, MLS teams, international soccer games, and top 5 in every list dealing with places to live, eat, work, visit and play. It seems like a lot of people in Charlotte have nothing nice to say about any other city that's not Charlotte. I was just in Charlotte last month and enjoyed my trip. Very nice city and is doing a lot of things right. But if you want density, I would say Nashville'midtown is pretty dense. Didn't see anything like that in Charlotte. Nashville has its own issues but I think it's a far fetch to say we are 20 years behind. I guess the 30+ cranes doesn't mean anything if it's not building a shiny tall corporate building. Enjoy your stay!
  2. nashmoney

    CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    Nashville's Music City Center is now home to 100,000 bees Let's just hope they go after pollen and not people. And I wonder how they would react to the big booms on 4th of July. I don't really know much about beekeeping
  3. nashmoney

    City Parks

    Janet Jackson to play Ascend Amphitheater in Nashville
  4. nashmoney

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Nashville vies with New York for largest U.S. fireworks show We definitely have one if the best and largest displays in the nation. Let's give nyc a run for the money
  5. nashmoney

    Nashville food and beverage scene

    Nashville # 6 on Zagat's Hot Food Cities Congrats to Birmingham for making the top spot...lots of great food places in that city.
  6. nashmoney

    Nashville International Airport

    Nashville airport plans for flight to Cuba
  7. nashmoney

    Nashville food and beverage scene

    Take a Look Inside 5th and Taylor Stunning...can't wait to try it out
  8. nashmoney

    MSA South - Williamson & Rutherford Counties

    Rutherford County is on fire with new jobs and investments Nissan supplier investing $53M to expand in Smyrna - 100 new jobs
  9. nashmoney

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    I agree. Especially since they have bought the controlling interest in Bonnaroo and expanded their local offices with a move to Edgehill Village From the article: This will be the second major move for Live Nation into the Nashville-area this year. The company won the contract to manage the new riverfront Ascend Amphitheater last year, and the inaugural season kicks off this July 30th with a solo concert by Eric Church. Live Nation, which has significantly beefed up its presence locally, has new office space in Edgehill Village.
  10. nashmoney

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Alaska grows Seattle hub with nonstop service to Charleston, Nashville and Raleigh/Durham Summary of new service: Start date City pair Departs Arrives Frequency Sept 23 Seattle-Nashville 9:30 a.m. 4:05 p.m. Daily Sept 23 Nashville-Seattle 5:05 p.m. 8:20 p.m. Daily
  11. If it is destination shopping with stores that are not in the State of TN, people will go, especially since their will be ample parking and multiple entertainment options. Check out their website....this isn't gonna be outlet shopping with boots and trinkets. This guy is about the money $$
  12. nashmoney

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    This may have some serious traction. It would be cool to add another fast food/casual dining headquarters to the city. The metro area already has O'Charleys, Cracker Barrell, Logans, Shoneys, Captain D's, GiGi's, Backyard Burgers, Stoney River, and J Alexanders Here is the article from the St. Louis paper From Article: Hardee’s occupies about 50,000 square feet at 100 North Broadway, which was known as the Bank of America Tower before the bank relocated its offices from the building. David Kelpe, a senior vice president of commercial real estate firm DTZ, said the building remained about 67 percent occupied. Hertz Broadway Tower LLC, of Santa Monica, Calif., owns the building, which opened in 1974. There is definitely not 50k sq ft avail in the core or midtown that I know of. They would definitely have to go in a new building if looking to stay in the city. I'm sure their are some large spec buildings being built in CoolSprings that may fit their needs, but I would love to see them in DT or MT. Here is the tower they currently occupy in St. Louis.
  13. Why the retail must be upscale at $400M convention center site overhaul Quote from Article: "This is an expensive project to do, so we'll have to have top-flight tenants who can muster the finances to participate in a project like this," said Dene Oliver, CEO of the developer OliverMcMillan. In other words: Higher-end retailers are the likeliest to be able to afford the rent that the project's developers will have to charge, in order for them (and their financial backers) to turn a profit. "It won't be run-of-the-mill things that you see everywhere in every mall," Oliver added. "We're going to appeal to tourists, locals, conventioneers and the office workers that will work nearby."
  14. nashmoney

    CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    Cincinnati firm aims to double its employees in Nashville Mostly entry-level college jobs...getting more younger folks working downtown
  15. nashmoney

    CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    Especially if they are going to be giving the property away for next to nothing. Maybe Rich Rebilieng won't be the Finance Manager for the new administration so we won't have to worry his shady hokey pokey deals.