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  1. 11 A-List Celebs Who Live in Nashville Pretty interesting article. I knew about some of these, but some were some surprising https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/11-list-celebs-live-nashville-180627994.html
  2. True. I'm paying about that amount for a studio at SkyHouse in midtown atl. I would definitely choose 505 over SkyHouse or any other of these cookie cutter stick built apartments they are putting up. A building like 505 would be starting out at 3k here in Atlanta.
  3. Here are some more pictures of my walk today in midtown atl. Pretty day here! Hope you enjoy! The Mayfair Condos Westin Midtown King Spalding bldg- one of my favorites Older homes converted to restaurants Joe's on Juniper - pretty popular spot. Place is usually hopping, but most restaurants in ATL are still closed for dine in This parking lot is prime for development Hanover Midtown Broadstone Midtown - Cool Pool! New Condos - starting at $300 Iliana apartment building - Another one of my favorites The Georgian Terrace - I LOVE this building Georgian Hotel Fox Theater - Another Grand Beauty Courtyard and Element Hotel Courtyard and Element Hotel Georgian Terrace Not sure of the name - but condo building across the street from the Georgian Old fire station - now restaurant Emory Building under contruction MARTA North Ave Station - their is a redevelopment plan in the works for this station - mixed use Rendering of Norfolk Southern's massive complex Bank of America building AT&T This will be part of the North Ave Station redevelopment Norfolk Southern Complex U/C Anthem's new building CODA Building CODA Building Side of the Biltmore Hotel
  4. A couple of more pictures from my balcony.
  5. Since I am currently in quarantine here in Atlanta, I thought I would go out and enjoy the 80f weather we had here yesterday and take some shots of midtown. I currently live in midtown in one of the SkyHouse buildings. I would have gotten Rooftop shots but our amenity deck is closed Sorry I do not know the names of buildings and projects under construction. I am shooting with my Note 10 camera Enjoy! I walked down Peachtree headed north, then circled back down West Peachtree headed south. This is a residential project- Condos and Apartments. Couldn't find a name or rendering Artmore Hotel Southeast's Largest Whole Foods - This building is called the Icon Pretty cool Wrap on this building New apartments Nice little Midtown park with a fountain MARTA Arts station Historic building - Condos CVS and QT Biltomore hotel and apartments New apartments Condo Buildings - Publix is in the base of these buildings New apartment building on the right Hanover midtown in the grey Post Midtown Apartment building Nice old house sandwiched with the new - Think this is being used by the construction company building the development across the street. Not sure of its fate after Residential project - sorry again not sure of the name or scope - Atlantic Station in the background Cool little open space Atlantic station in the background Ascent apartments and Canopy hotel Looking down West Peachtree Historic Rhodes Hall High Museum Very Expensive Condos across from the High - starting at $1M Colony Square 5 floor addition - retail and restaurants Norfolk Southern current headquarters - Their new headquarters is being built in Midtown. Will get a picture of it on my next walk. Lobby and Base renovations The FED park ATL Fed My whole walk was pretty shaded like this To the right is mostly all new Residential Just about every building has retail at the base - residential and office 2 condo buildings Handover Midtown - there is a new DGX that opened up in the base of this building. Open from 7am-11pm. It's been a hit!
  6. Same with Bridgestone. They also have restricted all domestic and international travel and any group meetings/trainings until further notice.
  7. SXSW is canceled over coronavirus concerns https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/06/media/sxsw-preparation-coronavirus/index.html Talk about a huge blow to local economies. This only the beginning of this virus continues to spread. Festival season is coming up in a couple of months along with peak travel season.
  8. I fly out ATL every week and use clear. I love it, especially with the large airports. Nashville never takes me more than 20 mins to get through pre check, so with clear it would probably be like half that, and I normally fly during the busy business hours. I've gone through MIA with clear and no one was in line and it took me like 2 mins. The pre check line was wrapped around. I would say it's worth it if you are a frequent traveler.
  9. I was thinking the same thing and was going to ask the question, but didn't want to start a war with the posters (You have to tread lightly with some questions on here). My thinking is that is the methodology that is being used. Since they are a major airline hub, they may be counting business travelers/air transfers as visitors? I work in sales and cover the southeast so I am in that peer city at least once a quarter, and I never see the amount of tourist or foot traffic that I see in Nashville on a regular basis. I worked in downtown Nashville for 3 years and M-Sun, non stop people, tour buses, pedal taverns, etc starting as early as 10am. Plus with our NYE celebrations, SEC Tournaments, ST Jude marathon, Top 3 July 4th celebrations, CME Fest, Bonnaroo spillover, and convention business, we should definitely be ranked pretty high in tourism numbers. Also, I noticed that even though our tourist numbers were reported lower, the direct visitor spending in Nashville was more, while their tourist numbers were almost twice ours. (Nash 15.8mm visitors - 7 billion spending / Other city - 28.2 mm visitors -7 billion spending). Their numbers were regional MSA not sure if Nashvilles is MSA or just Davidson County. Definitely not starting an Us vs Them, but just wanted to know how the numbers were reported. Both are truly great cities and I enjoy visiting both! Interesting visitor info in the link below. https://www.visitmusiccity.com/research
  10. I totally agree^^. I was at the game as well and truly enjoyed the experience. The tailgate areas were very nice, food prices were super cheap inside the stadium ($1.50 for a hotdog, $3 for a burger, unlimited refills on soda) and good quality food. I Iive in midtown Atlanta and take Marta everywhere I can. Took me 15 minutes via train from my house to the stadium. Titans have changed food vendors multiple times and the food is still blah and expensive. I also went to the braves game last week and had an awesome time. I hope Nashville MLS can replicate something like the Battery. Only thing that sucks about the Braves stadium is no MARTA. Surprisingly, traffic was not a nightmare as I expected.
  11. Recreation group says Tennessee parks among top 4 in nation Tennessee has 56 state parks. The other finalists were Florida State Parks, Maryland Park Service and Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission. https://www.wkrn.com/news/recreation-group-says-tennessee-parks-among-top-4-in-nation/
  12. New payment system, upgrades coming to WeGo Star This is good news. Looks like WeGo Star (lol... The name is hilarious) is maintaining or growing ridership. I definitely think the trains need to be replaced. https://www.newschannel5.com/news/new-payment-system-upgrades-coming-to-wego-star
  13. Every Nashville Bachelorette Not sure if this has been shared or not but came across this on YouTube.... Hilarious https://youtu.be/Yaqa4AbW1Ss
  14. Mayor bans nighttime use of e-scooters in Atlanta Mayor bans scooter use from 9pm-4am after Atlanta had its 4th scooter death this past weekend. There are a lot of scooter related injuries and emergency room visits that do not get reported by the media. I know people personally who have had injuries from falling off scooters. https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/atlanta/mayor-bans-nightime-use-of-e-scooters-in-atlanta/974150729
  15. Downtown Nashville expected to see continued population boom as costs, concerns grow https://fox17.com/news/local/downtown-nashville-expected-to-see-continued-population-boom-as-costs-concerns-grow
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