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  1. I live in Mount Juliet north of I-40. The tornado passed through a new unbuilt section of my neighborhood and hit the neighborhood next to mine. 3 schools in Wilson county were also hit. The tornado also hit my parents neighborhood in Lebanon. Luckily they are ok.
  2. @Baronakim I was replying to what @CenterHill recently said. There’s been a lot of discussion about some of these buildings that don’t have a concrete core. I was hoping my picture would show that it is possible to have a spot for the elevators in the middle of the building without having the concrete core in the middle of the building. Lastly, not sure why 5th and Broad was being discussed in the Gulch topic, we can move this if necessary.
  3. You can see the steel elevator core being created in this photo.
  4. I feel like they keep adding floors to the office tower...... I think they just started floor 27 of the 26 story tower.
  5. The HCA one is. The first floor and the basement levels are free for the public.
  6. Tower crane is mostly down now. This mobile crane looms pretty large over broadway. Caught me off guard this morning.
  7. Some of my favorite new construction in the city. I am still amazed that brand new buildings can look a hundred years old. I know it can’t be cheap, but I appreciate it.
  8. Interesting shot. Looks like it’s from West End looking at downtown.
  9. Not sure if that was sarcasm.... Hey Look! Is that the house from Up squeezed in between the Hyatt House and Olmstead?
  10. Nearly everything in Capitol View was steel. I think it’s more of a thing with office buildings.
  11. Does anyone know why the pit was there? Did it have a purpose?
  12. Too bad the city didn’t keep those. Would have saved us billions now...
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