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  1. I don’t find it peculiar. We have known for quite a while (I’d like to say 2 years or so) that this building has purposefully been designed to have a complimentary design to DEC. I remember the first description from someone that saw the renderings prior to their public release made mention of this.
  2. Sure it’s pastiche, and it’s obvious that they are very aware of that when designing this exterior. I don’t fault the designer whatsoever for celebrating an earlier work and reimagining it with an Argentinian flare, in a way that captures the imagination and transports a person to another time and place.
  3. I really enjoy the entrance of the Grand Bohemian the more I pass it on my walks. I Googled and learned a little more about the entrance. The entrance inspiration appears to be the Vienna Secession Building, built in 1898 by Joseph Maria Olbrich, which is in the Jugendstil style. It is one of the most treasured examples of secessionist art. You can learn more here. The building celebrates the marriage between art and architecture. The three gorgons above the door represent Malerei, Architektur and Plastik: painting, architecture and sculpture. The “gold cabbage” laurel leaves signify victory, dignity and purity. Also, there is an owl motif that on the Grand Bohemian that is also drawn from the Secession building, which along with the Medusa heads are attributes of Athena: the goddess of Purity and Victory. All in all, with the Grand Bohemian brand being known for bringing together travelers with art, I find that this was a well thought out motif for the buildings exterior. Below are some pics from my walk today and a few photos I found of the secession building for comparison:
  4. Kind of cool watching the workers build this during lunch breaks. Look closely and you can find 2 in this pic haha Question, about 8 floors down you will notice a large concrete wall. Curious as to why they would add this, and is it permanent. My theory is maybe signage attaches there?
  5. Adding this project to my long list of “don’t post a picture of that building to urbanplanet because instead of appreciation for the update it will only be met with over-the-top criticism ” Thank you for taking the time to take such great pics of this building, appreciate the update!
  6. They should fix the crown, looks like clip art from MS Word 97 or something
  7. Some random pics from uptown/NoDa today
  8. I have had such an eye opening experience after marching and participating at BLM events the past couple of weeks. To watch it evolve from anarchy and violent clashes with police into a coordinated effort that is making a huge impact on the community has been truly inspiring. Today was especially moving, as we marched and distributed food to the tent city and then finished in Romare Beardon park for a candlelight vigil with amazing speakers. Let me know if you’d ever like to come along!
  9. Edit: apparently I am developing Alzheimer’s and forgot seeing these lol. Old news but oh well, I’ll leave them here
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