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  1. Thanks for signing up and sharing that information, makes sense and at least gives hope that this will be gone at some point once they get through all the red tape.
  2. Went on a walk through Marshall Park and was going to joke about Charlotte actually having an observation deck or how it should have been a skate park. Then I met this turtle that was just checking out the skyline and I immediately decided I don’t want the park to go away until his life span is complete
  3. In other news little Sugar Creek smells like raw sewage, like really bad I do not recommend this stroll today lol
  4. Home 2 Suites appears to be painting a lot of the building different colors, so I’m guessing the bland colors are just some sort of Primer. Also some other Stomewall shots bc I decided to go on a stroll to Best Buy and I’m a glutton for punishment (on a side note, dear web developer please put a sign in button back by the comment box if it is at all possible. I understand some theme updates eliminate features so if you can’t no biggie. I keep writing a post, then going to attach images and realize I’m not signed in, then have to scroll to the top, sign in, then it takes me back to the main page and I have to search for the thread all over again. Please please please and Thanks haha )
  5. 1. Dock in camp northend 2. Water tower at camp northend 3. Steps at 25th St station 4. / 5. 25th st station with reflection in puddle 5. Creepy Bell Acres, always making my walk home in LoSo a little unsettling haha
  6. My video blog from yesterday with friends, thought I’d share here since it includes includes views of Southend, Rail Trail, Skyline, and drive from Hot Taco to Sycamore
  7. Hmmmm, I think I might start designing postcards, I’m having way too much fun making these lol... this one is a revamp of a pic I posted a little while back @Crucial_Infra
  8. A couple photos from today. Decided to play around with my iPhones filters to change it up, def took some creative liberties haha
  9. I knew he wasn't lying! Glad to finally see this, he would not show me the images. Oh, and they definitely have someone in mind.
  10. I wish we could have the height and shape of the proposed building with the black steel accents and window design of this proposal from Brooklyn. I prefer a brick building with a more broken up window scheme like Railyard or the warehouses in Dumbo NYC. I still bet this building will look amazing at sunset with the brick brightening and and the glass picking up the colors from the sunset, and then transitioning into some nice lighting scheme at night.
  11. I’m sorry if you think my post was directed at you, I assure you it was not. You have been one of the most forthcoming, insightful, productive members of this thread. Also, if one person on this forum has actually articulated themselves properly with every project, it would be you. My comment was in no way geared at any negative comment expressed by any other member with thought out, constructive criticism. It was geared toward the “This is trash” with no substance posters. I am by no means praising this project, but I do not think anyone that is an architect that worked on it and happens to stumble upon this thread deserves someone to completely sum up their hard work with such a comment in such a demeaning way. If you are unhappy with aspects, great, express it, that’s productive. hey Calling it garbage and exiting in a torch mob mentality (which is only a vocal few) is childish in my opinion and degraded the integrity of this forum.
  12. Lol! Yes, one of the tear down comments were in blue. Here is one that isn’t. And I’m sure if I cared I could find more.
  13. The exterior is brick. I have literally read 2 of the habitual complainers complain brick is not used enough. If this was glass it would be too matchy matchy. If this was Efis the turtles or squirrels or whatever would die when the styrofoam cup residue floats to the ground. If this was limestone like the Jonas addition, it would be “soooooo boring” and tall limestone buildings can’t be pulled off and modernism is bla bla bla bla.... I’m pretty sure the only thing that will make them happy is if someone started some mining expedition to locate granite quarries that produced rock in 100 different shades so that all new buildings would be high quality material like BOA corporate but god forbid not match one another. I would also confidently bet not one of them regularly attends city planning forums or spends one ounce of energy to develop their opinion into one that actually matters, like running for a city planning position or public office. I have no problem with a difference in opinion. My problem is that if you do have one, why not do something with your time which brings about change or provide an actual solution that is economically feasible? Simply going on a web forum and stating something is ugly is not helpful to anyone, why not position your comment in a way that states pros and cons so that adjustments can be made (assuming that someone matters is listening, it would probably be way more effective to start investigating how to petition the project or email someone that matters instead). Oh and my favorite, requesting a newly constructed building to be demolished because it isn’t aesthetically pleasing to you... that is not only an absolute waste of energy, it’s ridiculous.
  14. Thanks Crucial_Infra! I love this angle, one of my favorite in the city. This angle reminds me of those urban photos of LA along their rail lines. I still imagine the area to the right of the power lines full of midrises with a few scattered high rises, can’t wait for North Tryon to take off.
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