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  1. Alright here are ones I couldn’t find threads for (or I technically could but they are so buried from all the activity we have I’m tried of searching for them lol). Also I had no clue Charlotte actually is the world record holder of worlds skinniest sidewalk! Had an awkward staring contest as we waited for traffic to pass lol
  2. I think this is the right thread, Convention Center Crane #1 going up today, and spoke with construction worker that says he thinks there will be 2. Here is some crane porn haha...
  3. Like how this building subtly fills a lot of skyline gaps from various views in 3rd Ward
  4. This block has so much activity today, can’t wait till the focus of energy shifts from the square to this area in the coming years (the square currently has a militant religious group cursing out the white man...)
  5. Took the new iPhone for a spin today. The IPhone XR I was using previously wasn’t cutting it. Expect a lot more now that I have a picture quality that’s acceptable
  6. Weird that they would keep their ceo so out of the loop (on this site 16 years almost and don’t know how to use the blue font lol)
  7. I thought it was financial too but staff explained it was bc it was found through surveys that ppl though it promoted a “bro” environment and a woman was assaulted by a drunk employee at a location. They aren’t getting rid of taps at the location, but switching the taps from beer to a variety of cold brew coffee, Kampuchea , and nitro tea. Awesome, anyone interested put a comment here by Thursday and I’ll get some sort of group chat together where we can coordinate a time
  8. My company is a startup at WeWork at 128 S Tryon St until our new office is ready in 6 months. I was just thinking this might be a cool place for us to have a meetup one day, as it’s on the 21st floor and has nice sweeping views of uptown in every direction. Would anyone be interested in coming up and talking urban development one day? (I hear one of our forum celebrities might be visiting soon , we may even be able to lure him into attendance haha) (Also may be great for a window washer to pitch there services lol)
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