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  1. About two years ago Southend Court townhomes across from Zepplin and the new Common Market were announced. Since then I have not heard anything else on its development. Is this still an active project? I think it was going to go exactly where the Carolina Foundry is.
  2. Has any work began on the lower floor interiors? For them to be done by the end of the year I would imagine so...
  3. Uptown desperately needs one more large, upscale hotel. (Loews, JW Marriott, Park Hyatt). Don't understand why we haven't been able to get one yet.
  4. I live in Catalyst and received this email today: Hello residents, Starting on March 21st Google will be sending technicians out to begin installing the infrastructure for the inevitable roll out of Google Fiber. The installation period should last for approximately 15 days and they will need 2 hours in each apartment. I'm sure many people would like to know when the service will be available and our best indication is sometime late spring or summer, but we have yet to receive any definitive date. Before the installation begins there will be a reminder hang tag placed on the doors of the apartments about to be worked on. We will also send out daily updates to keep everybody aware of the timing of their installation. They will require that the master bedroom closet be cleaned out for the installation. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to let us know.
  5. Any news out of the ground breaking ceremony today?
  6. I know this does not have the park right outside the door, but I think it does count for something that the Time Warner Cable Arena and Epicenter are literally a one minute walk away. That and the fact that no other high rise condo has been announced makes this the only game in uptown right now if you are looking for something new.
  7. Well I guess it's being assembled now because part of church street was officially closed Friday evening and work is being done now.
  8. I'm fine for more towers, I just think it may be time to build to spec as condos and not apartments.
  9. I'm really hoping the tower above the Mint turns into Condos. The timing would be perfect for me.
  10. My understanding is that Sonic Automotive is building a new HQ on former Sharon Arms Apt property.
  11. These apartments are really expensive and I believe they are going to have to come down in price soon. I live next door in Catalyst and I'm paying under $2000 for a two bedroom. I've already seen numerous people getting tours at Catalyst after leaving Element and saying there is no way they would pay what Element is asking for. They might as well live in the Vue and get better finishes. Add to that the two new apartments coming next year and these guys WILL be dropping their prices.
  12. Sigh... Carl Ichan gets his way again, to the detriment of Charlotte. I so hate that guy.
  13. 2600 for a two bedroom is extremely high. A two bedroom at Catalyst right next door is $1900. How do they propose asking people to pay $700 more?
  14. New UP poster here so take it easy on me. I'm moving to Charlotte in the next couple months and want to be close to Uptown so I took two days to tour SouthEnd Apartments and the area in general. From initially hitting South Blvd from 277 there is a really great active feel, plenty of apartments, bars, restaurants, ect. I felt as though I was still apart of Uptown Charlotte. The Apartments from Camden, to Mosaic and Ashton gave a feel of being safe and relatively close to where the action is. Rents are a tad high, but that is to be expected. Ashton was actually about 20 percent higher than any other in the area and they currently have no openings, at least no 2 bedrooms. Every single apartment I visited in this area made it a point to tout proximity to the light rail and the coming Publix. As a way of comparison a couple of them touted safety compared to some of the newer developments further down South Blvd, they specifically mentioned problems at Fountains when I said I was going to visit there too. Once you pass Ashton though, and this is just my opinion, the area doesn't feel as apart of Uptown as it could. I think the Publix will help, but some of the buildings in the area are in need of serious renovation /updating. Sedgefield shopping center across from Colonial and Silos just looks very out of date in comparison to what the apartments there are trying to portray. Fountains from everything I have heard is having serious issues with car breakins and even a couple muggings, and while the apartments are nice, the area surrounding it needs some serious work to compete. Other notes: - Silos and Colonial seem to be renting out well. Colonial opens it's second phase very soon with the Apartments with uptown views available first week in March. - Don't know if the people at Colonial know something or not, but was told that Sedgefield Shopping Center was going to be upgraded or torn down within a year. - Was also told that something was going to be done with the parking lot where Pepsi parks their trucks at the corner of Poindexter and South. - Really like the look and feel of Park & Kingston, but they only have studio's and one bedrooms. I'm definitely moving to the SouthEnd area soon and love reading the updates here. Keep them coming!
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