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    Architecture!!!!!! and especially in Miami<br />
  1. I'd have to say,..... 1. Winston Salem- High Point- Greensboro 2. Birmingham 3. Columbia, SC I would say Orlando too, although the city's core has grown by leaps and bounds, I just feel with in the last 30 or so years it has been recognized as a well established city because everyone 200 miles outside of Orange County thinks Disney is in Orlando proper.
  2. 95-Souf


    Thank God someone has stepped up and purchased that mall I go to school in Tallahassee and when your used to such shopping experiences like Aventura, Orange Park, Mall of the Mellenia etc, its a disapointing step down for about 8 months out of the year (untill Spring Break at least). It would be nice to have a Cheesecake Factory and something other than Burlington to keep good business, besides I aint trying to go to Governor's Sqr Mall like that.
  3. Hey, what about the NBA, I hear the Orlando Magic organization is trying to relocate if a new stadium is not built. But you will have to wait in line with KC on that one I guess..
  4. Does Florence have a Downtown Development Authority or something? Many other cities equal to its size has benifited from revitalizing its downtown area with different venues to attract more people back into its downtown. Savannah West Palm Beach Columbia are just a few cities that have done this....
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