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  1. SCastroman


    I've actually thought for awhile that this piece of land would be awesome for a new koger center/performing arts space. It may be a bit small, but I'd love to have a beautiful space like the Peace Center on that property...plus, the Koger Center as a building and as an arts space just doesn't cut it...
  2. That's the twin peaks: http://www.twinpeaksrestaurant.com/locations/ I've never been to a twin peaks, but they seem to be an ok fit for the Vista. I've driven by the one in Buckhead in Atlanta, and seems to be a good fit there.
  3. I think the Cupertino, CA Aloft looks more like what I would like to see, classic with a little modern, and this is a 4 story hotel for comparison-- I don't think DDR would let a hotel like this, but wanted to show it because its a 4 story Aloft hotel--Birmingham, AL The Lexington, MA Aloft is 5 stories, but has a good bit of brick and may fit in
  4. SCastroman


  5. http://www.thestate.com/2014/07/01/3542568/clarion-hotel-converting-to-hilton.html Clarion Hotel converting to Hilton Garden Inn/Home2 Suites, adding jobs The historic Clarion Hotel Downtown will change its brand, add capacity and undergo a facelift, its owners announced Tuesday. The hotel, located at 1615 Gervais St., will convert to a Hilton Garden Inn/Home2 Suites and increase its lodging capacity to 230 rooms, owner Rick Patel said in morning news conference. The hotel also will add meeting space and get a facelift for a more modern look. Staff at the hotel will double to 150
  6. NPR did a radio story on the archaeology project underway at the Bull Street project http://www.npr.org/2014/04/23/305851397/race-to-unearth-civil-war-era-artifacts-before-developer-digs-in
  7. If you want to see more of the renderings go to http://uofscjournalismbuilding.com
  8. Has anyone heard that they are putting a rooftop bar in this building. Someone who works in this building mentioned this to me?
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