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  1. With the announcement of 40 stores closing nationwide, which stores in the Atlanta metro area do you guys think will close? I can easily see Gwinnett Place and Athens on the list but was not sure about others...
  2. Per the Atlanta Business Chronicle, Phipps is set to get a major renovation. Renderings are available...thoughts?
  3. So...visited Phipps last weekend...some interesting observations....Coldwater Creek and Ross Simons have both closed. They are side by side which has left a huge space upstairs next to Nordstrom. A rug store has opened in the old Coldwater Creek but looks temporary...also, a Claire's has opened in a portion vacated by Talbots Woman....could they not find anything else to go there? I would not think your average Phipps shopped would set foot in Claire's....ever....any other news to share?
  4. Does anyone know of any potential department store closings in the Atlanta area? How is Bloomingdale's at Lenox doing these days? Wonder if they will finally pull the plug on Macy's at Gwinett Place and the one in Athens? Any news would be appreciated....I have heard that Saks is scaling way back and closing lots of stores or converting them to Lord & Taylor but I would think the Atlanta store should be fine.....
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