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  1. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    The Bureau of Economic Analysis has released its report on the GDP growth of American metro areas 2015-2016. Here's how Tennessee's metro areas fared.metro area...2016 Real GDP ($millions)...% growth...per capitaChattanooga...22,309...0.7...$40,442Clarksville...9,441...-2.0...$33,437Cleveland...3,746...-1.6...$30,892Jackson...5,345...1.5...$41,266Johnson City...5,944...-0.5...$29,475Kingsport-Bristol...10,172...-1.8...$33,206Knoxville...35,217...1.9...$40,547Memphis...62,119...1.3...$46,259Morristown...3,611...-0.3...$30,779Nashville...109,379...3.4...$58,639
  2. Nashville International Airport

    Right now, if I figured it correctly, it looks like DL services 1 more North American city from its AMS hub than it does from its CDG hub. However, if Delta partners Air France/KLM (KLM is owned by Air France) are added, then they become even as Air France also flies nonstop to Orlando. From what I can tell, KLM doesn't fly to any North American cities that aren't already serviced by Delta. Same with Air France, other than Orlando. Cities with DL nonstops to Paris CDG (20) (21 with AF's Orlando flight included): Atlanta Boston Chicago Cincinnati* Detroit Houston Las Vegas Los Angeles Miami Minneapolis Montreal New York Pittsburgh* Raleigh* Salt Lake San Francisco Seattle Toronto Vancouver Washington Cities with DL nonstops to Amsterdam (21): Atlanta Austin* Boston Calgary Chicago Detroit Edmonton* Houston Las Vegas Los Angeles Miami Minneapolis Montreal New York Portland Salt Lake San Francisco Seattle Toronto Vancouver Washington *Airports which are smaller than BNA
  3. Nashville International Airport

    I love DTW's new terminal. It's sleek, airy, convenient, and uncrowded. The old terminal, on the other hand, had all the elegance of a truckstop restroom.
  4. It's all good. It was a good report that was worth repeating.
  5. The Dallas News article is citing the same CoStar report posted above. Just FYI.
  6. Nashville International Airport

    While I wouldn't be surprised if DL starts a BNA-AMS route, my preference is for a BNA-CDG route. CDG is the larger hub, and there are undoubtedly more French companies in Nashville than Dutch. Schneider Electric is French and has over 1,100 at its Franklin office, more than the 800 Phillips is bringing to Nashville. And, of course, Nissan is 43.4% French (Renault). Still, I'll be absolutely giddy for a nonstop to Amsterdam but my preference would be for Paris.
  7. Nashville International Airport

    I've often wondered what would've happened to BNA had AA not used it as a hubette. I mean, would BNA have built the new terminal anyway, or would we still be using the old terminal off Briley Pkwy?
  8. Nashville International Airport

    This. Northwest had a nice hub at MEM which included a nonstop to Amsterdam. When DL bought NW it promised to keep MEM as a hub. A year or so later it started dismantling its hub in MEM to where now it has a smaller presence in MEM than it does in BNA. The Memphis airport authority is now spending hundreds of millions of dollars to shrink the size of its passenger terminal now that it has 1/3 the passenger traffic as BNA; it's literally going to bulldoze a couple of concourses. If DL were to add transatlantic service out of BNA, I can only imagine how some in Memphis will react.
  9. Nashville International Airport

    If DL does bulk up its service at BNA, especially if it includes a transatlantic flight or two, be prepared for some major howling coming from MEM.
  10. More Accolades for Nashville

    Nashville does have some nice suburbs. Only one Memphis suburb made the list, and it's in Mississippi. Honestly, I don't see how Olive Branch MS is "better" than Collierville TN. And no Knoxville suburbs made the list. I mean, is Lebanon really that much nicer than, say, Farragut, Maryville, or Oak Ridge? Hardly. The methodology used in this "study" is rather dubious. But yes, Nashville has some very nice and very desirable suburbs. As much as we want Nashville's urban core to thrive and expand, we need to remember that there are a whole bunch of people out there who still prefer living in family-friendly suburbs which Nashville has in droves.
  11. More Accolades for Nashville

    Big cities, yes. Small towns? I can think of a few dozen that don't, including similarly-sized Tennessee towns like Cookeville, Maryville, and Morristown. I'm pretty sure Gallatin doesn't have the same issues as Lebanon, either. The discipline rates at Lebanon schools vs. other Wilson County schools illustrate just how bad it is there. I left Knoxville for Lebanon nearly five years ago and regretted it not too long after the ink was dry on my mortgage contract. Lebanon is, by far, the worst town I've ever lived in.
  12. More Accolades for Nashville

    Lebanon is one of the top 100 places to live in the entire country? Uhm, no thank you. Been there, done that. Worst schools in the area, by far (outside of Metro). Crime-infested housing projects. Lousy hospital. I can think of about 10 other suburbs of Nashville I'd put over Lebanon and about 1,000 other cities in America over Lebanon. Someone from Time/Money must have real estate connections in Lebanon.
  13. Soccer in Nashville

    There are lots of colleges out there with off-campus stadiums including some very storied and successful programs: Just off the top of my head: Miami (FL) South Carolina Washington UCLA Colorado State NCState USF Pittsburgh Memphis San Diego State Northwestern Hawaii If the only way Nashville can get a MLS team is if Vandy shares the stadium, I'm all for it.
  14. Cookeville News

    We finally have renderings of the $35 million hotel/conference center headed for downtown Cookeville where the old Wilson sporting goods factory used to be, across the street from the Depot. There are a few more hurdles to jump over, but nothing too complicated. The hotel will have 125 rooms with a 22,500 square foot conference center, a 5-story parking garage, and retail and restaurant space. While this isn't my ideal design, it's certainly doable for Cookeville and a big improvement over the gravel parking lot and abandoned factory that are there right now. With SAIC already ramping up its operation in downtown Cookeville, downtown Cookeville desperately needs more parking, more restaurants, and more retail. I don't know how they know this, but the head of Cookeville's downtown business association said that Franklin is the only town in Tennessee with a lower downtown vacancy rate than Cookeville. Anyway, here are the renderings. And for those familiar with Cookeville, Ralph's Doughnuts is on the other side of the proposed parking garage. And here's what's on that site now:
  15. Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    From this morning's Sky 5: