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  1. It takes a bit of digging, but that info is available at the US Census web site. Not all counties in the country report their building permits, but I'm pretty sure all metropolitan area counties do. https://www.census.gov/construction/bps/
  2. And yet there are far more single family houses in the burbs being built than there are high-rise flats being built downtown. I'm sure many of AllianceBernstein's executives will prefer to live downtown, but I'm equally sure that many--particularly those with families--will use this move to Nashville as an opportunity to live in a large house in a nice suburb with good schools and room for gardens and pools, something they could never have in NYC. Speaking just from what I know, I can see Mt Juliet really reaping the benefit as it has beautifully upscale neighborhoods, excellent schools, and a commuter train that deposits people just a couple of blocks away from AllianceBernstein's HQ downtown. There are already a lot of Bridgestone executives who've made the move to MJ and take the train into town, and I bet there will be more than a few AB workers who will do likewise.
  3. From this morning's Sky5. Percy Priest Lake with downtown off in the distance.
  4. You mean like the "KNOXVILLE" sign on I-40 heading into downtown Knoxville from the east? I think it's pretty cool. I don't know if this was TDOT's idea or if it was Knoxville's idea. Either way, I agree that something like this would be neat for Nashville. I also like this one while entering downtown Knoxville from I-275:
  5. Not really "development" news, but still something that's adding to the quality of life in Cookeville and that's showcasing local artists. Downtown Cookeville's WestSide Business Association contracted with a couple of local artists to design benches for that part of downtown. Metal artist Abraham Pardee, originally from Knoxville but now with his studio in Sparta, designed a bench located on Cedar Avenue next to Father Tom's Pub, and mixed media artist David George Fricke, who's originally from Memphis but now has his studio in Cookeville, designed the bench located next to the depot museum. According to the association, more of these type things will be coming to downtown. Fricke also designed the steel arch called Spokes which marks the beginning of the paved bike trail that connects downtown Cookeville to downtown Algood. "Spokes"
  6. "Today it’s Nashville to London, tomorrow, Tokyo, Paris or Beijing." --My favorite line from the article.
  7. In the case of Sevier County, I'm willing to bet that most tourists there stay longer than do tourists in most other Tennessee counties, including Davidson and Shelby. I'd like to see stats that show how long tourists stay in places. I think the average tourist probably stays a week or so in Sevier County versus a couple of days in Davidson, although I'm also willing to bet that a week in Sevier County still costs less for the average tourist than a couple of days in Nashville, particularly if business travelers are included as "tourists."
  8. I didn't mean to sound flippant, sorry about that. But you do bring up a good question: What constitutes a tourist? I mean, when I check into a hotel or make online hotel reservations, if I indicate that I'm on business, does that mean my money isn't counted towards tourism revenue? I have no idea. Or if I fill up my car at a gas station along I-40 in Dickson County, am I counted as a Dickson County tourist even though I'm just passing through? I'd be interested to know how "tourists" are calculated.
  9. Well if they're staying in Clarksville hotels and eating at Clarksville restaurants, I don't know why it wouldn't count as tourism, no matter the reason the visitor is in town.
  10. My guess is it has more to do with Fort Campbell.
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