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  1. Meanwhile, little Cookeville has two Filipino restaurants, one which is also a Filipino/Asian grocery store / market where I can get my calamansi juice, corn ice cream, prawn crackers, and passionfruit Kit Kat fix. A Taste of the Philippines (the one that's just a restaurant) has regular Boodle Fights. There are also four very good, very authentic Thai restaurants in town, a wonderful Korean place, and an excellent Vietnamese restaurant downtown around the corner from an Indian restaurant where everything is homemade by a sweet little Indian grandmother. There's even a place with Japanese c
  2. And I take issue with the earlier post that said their White Bridge Road location will be the first Raising Cane's in Tennessee. There's already a Raising Cane's in Knoxville. They're also opening a location in Cookeville.
  3. My takeaway from this is how much more Chattanooga is connected to Atlanta than it is to Nashville.
  4. Cookeville and, especially, Martin really got screwed with this census, similar to other rural college towns across the country. When covid hit, colleges went all remote, and a bunch of students packed their bags and went home to finish the semester, particularly since many of their jobs were also vaporized by the shutdown. The Census Bureau did cooperate with colleges to make sure that those who had been living in "group quarters" (dorms) were still counted. But thousands of students who live in off-campus housing were likely not counted. I don't think this had as much of an affect on pla
  5. Don't forget that the official name of the Nashville MSA is Nashville-Davidson--Murfreesboro--Franklin. People don't have to commute all the way in to downtown Nashville to be included in the MSA. Like UTGrad said, plenty of people from Shelbyville make the short commute to Murfreesboro, enough to put Bedford County in the CSA. I suspect Bedford will someday become part of the MSA as it continues to become a popular bedroom community of Rutherford County. I think it's 10% have to make the commute to be part of the CSA, and 25% to be part of the MSA. I think.
  6. Here's a visual of the region's population density broken down by census tracts: And the population change by county. The darker the blue, the faster the population growth. The darker the brown, the faster the population loss.
  7. I think a more impressive stat is that among MSAs of over 1 million population, Nashville was the 4th fastest growing: Austin...2,283,371...+33.04% Orlando...2,673,376...+25.25% Raleigh...1,413,982...+25.08% Nashville...1,989,519...+20.86% Houston...7,122,240...+20.30% Dallas-Ft Worth...7,637,387...+19.96% San Antonio...2,558,143...+19.40% Jacksonville...1,605,848...+19.34% Charlotte...2,660,329...+18.56% Seattle-Tacoma...4,018,762...+16.83% Denver...2,963,821...+16.53% Las Vegas...2,265,461...+16.10% Salt Lake Cit
  8. Lebanon's city schools are K-8. Lebanon HS is run by Wilson County and drags the scores down for the whole county, at least at the high school level. I've talked to teachers and administrators at LHS who are frustrated that LSSD doesn't do a better job preparing students for high school. I suspect both entities should share the blame. If/When CoolSprings gets built out or too expensive, I think Rutherford will be the next to see more corporate relocations and Class A office parks. Hendersonville and Gallatin are probably not far from that, either.
  9. Without revealing too much, I work for the state department of education, and I can tell you that a huge problem that Lebanon has is its public schools. They are abysmal. Wilson County likes to tout the quality of its schools, but their scores are propped up by Mt Juliet, and it's not even close. Take MJ out of the equation, and Wilson County's scores would be among the bottom third in the state. Williamson has arguably Tennessee's best public school system which is a big factor in its ability to attract corporate relocations with ease. Williamson also has some excellent private schools a
  10. Country music is most certainly "culture." There's more to "culture" than symphonies and Renaissance art.
  11. And Clarksville is ranked 9th in the country for small metros. Very impressive to have both Middle Tennessee metropolitan areas ranked. No other metro areas in the state were ranked.
  12. My goodness, this means there are now 5 airlines that fly between BNA and LGA: American, Delta, JetBlue, Southwest, and Spirit. And this means that LGA is served with more airlines out of BNA than any other airport.
  13. The Cookeville-Putnam County Chamber of Commerce President was on the radio last week and when asked about the potential shopping center at the current fairgrounds said she's had to sign several (she stressed the word several) letters of non disclosure from retailers who are ready to build. So, hopefully, it won't be long before we know what stores will be coming to Cookeville. Before becoming president of the local chamber, Amy was the Assistant Director of Rural and Community Development with the Tennessee Department of Economic Development, so she's no stranger to these types of things.
  14. That's because this is old news. It was announced at the end of 2018 and was discussed in the Cookeville thread. Covid delayed everything, but groundbreaking should be next month sometime. https://businessfacilities.com/2018/12/portobello-america-chooses-baxter-tennessee-us-production-facility/ https://newstalk941.com/portobello-america-aiming-for-august-ground-breaking-in-baxter/
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