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  1. Well, I’ve done combined BJs and Target runs there for quite a while now. I actually prefer Costco more (for the most part), but BJs was much more convenient to me, which is why I got a membership there. This location closing is disappointing for many reasons.
  2. He’s talking about the next decade of stadiums that were built after BoA. It definitely ushered in a new wave of NFL stadium design. That’s why it’s compared to Camden Yards.
  3. Not sure what they average but it does seem like they would have expanded by now. About 25-30k would be ideal
  4. Obviously it’s not recognizable to people outside of CLT, but Romare Bearden Park has pretty much become this to people from the area. Or maybe not, idk. I like it.
  5. Thought it was booming...
  6. Wrong thread and it ain’t happening any time soon. One thing I actually have a little inside knowledge on. I wouldn’t hold my breath.
  7. Save it for southend and midtown
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