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  1. RichardC

    Triad Photo of the Day

    Great photos of Pilot Mtn and Winston-Salem KJH
  2. RichardC

    Downtown Winston-Salem Developments

    Flow Automotive Companies owner Don Flow is purchasing the 18-story GMAC tower and teaming with Charlotte-based Grubb Properties to redevelop the tower and build a new $48M mixed use residential, office, and retail complex facing Fourth Street in the center city. He will remove all his corporate services to the downtown Winston-Salem location from sites across North Carolina and Virginia. This is Grubbs third project in Winston-Salem.
  3. RichardC

    Downtown Winston-Salem Developments

    The location is not yet determined, but Winston-Salem is to be the new headquarters for the National Sports Media Association.
  4. RichardC

    Downtown Winston-Salem Developments

    Winston-Salem and the Wake Forest Innovation Quarter is the cover story of the February issue of Business North Carolina magazine. The work to date...over $700M in investment, repurposing of nearly 3 million square feet of dead unused factory and office space, and new infrastructure including streets and parks has been transformative for the east end of downtown. The next phases will incorporate all new construction.
  5. RichardC

    Winston-Salem's Creative Corridors Coalition

    The quality of my photo is not the best, but the twin arches are up at Salem Creek Parkway/Research Parkway interchange with US52. This is the approach looking north toward Winston-Salem State on US52 last Thursday....the interchange under construction is huge!! I hope it will be lighted at night? is exciting to drive under!
  6. RichardC

    Staybridge Suites in Downtown Winston-Salem

    It will be interesting to see how this added development is tied to the Art Deco Pepper Building, other than wrapping around the south and west sides. Will they share a common new elevator shaft? Will the drive-in parking entrance off Liberty for check in/registration be tied to a new underground parking area proposed by the city for Civic Plaza? Will Piedmont Federal have a mini drive-thru for mobile clients? I do hope that the addition to the west from Civic Plaza provides additional access to Hotel Indigo and the Sir Winston Restaurant, and that the ground floor retains as many or all of the Art Deco architectural details that have been hidden for years by lowered ceilings.
  7. RichardC

    Wake Forest Innovation Quarter

    Thank you for the links zalo. Interesting reads!!
  8. Thank you Zalo for the wonderful photo sharing. The interiors of this headquarters are very cutting edge. However, the exterior I would have to describe, in the words of Prince Charles, as a "monstrous carbuncle" on the hip of a gracious elegant lady.
  9. Bookmarks Festival announced this week that they will open a bookstore/café in this beautiful building:
  10. RichardC

    RJ Reynolds Building MIxed Use Project

    Thanks for that link. It is an interesting feature. I keep thinking that a publication such as Architectural Record or Architectural Digest will do a feature on the RJ Reynolds Building. It is nice to see so much preservation of classic and industrial buildings going on all across the country. Not so much here in Charlotte.
  11. RichardC

    Pepper Building

    I will be interested to see if the developers get the city rolling on the underground parking aspect of this block and the planned city green area that will be above the underground parking. It would also be nice for something other than surface lot parking to be on the site where Piedmont Federal planned years ago to build. These developers, out of Cumming GA, are serious in the world of investment and development. Apparently they have done work in Georgia (Atlanta & Buford), North Carolina (south Charlotte), and Portugal of all places.
  12. RichardC

    Triad Photo of the Day

    s for Orlando. Thank you Kimpton Cardinal Winston-Salem. (photo from Instagram)
  13. RichardC

    Triad Photo of the Day

  14. RichardC

    RJ Reynolds Building MIxed Use Project

    The photos from the WSJournal are great. I can't wait to visit Winston-Salem and have a look at this classic building. Anyone have any scoop on a rumor that Indigo Hotels is also interested in downtown Winston-Salem?
  15. RichardC

    Wake Forest Innovation Quarter

    Looks like Wexford Science & Technology has purchased outright and is ready to roll with the Bailey Power Plant project: