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  1. Thank you for the pictures. Winston-Salem has the most diverse architecture of any city in the Carolinas, from 18th century to the present, with a multitude of colonial examples (at Old Salem and in the county of Forsyth), vernacular, Greek Revival, turn-of the century, and Art Deco to Post Modern.
  2. Bottom line is airport standing. Charlotte Douglas snags another one for the Queen City. The ACC wants more convenience and options for air travel for all the member institutions, and doesn’t need a Coliseum named for it. Charlotte simply has more connections with its airport.
  3. Sure, there could be improvement by the city, police, or hired security detail, but let’s face it, since the gates to this event opened (I hear) mid afternoon and the concert was at 8PM, I could pin the blame and responsibility on the attendees as anyone for the small percentage who experienced delay. If you know you have spent that much money to attend an event and you know the normal travel time and distance it takes, you don’t leave at the normal time if you know there my be 30, 40, or 50,000 other people involved. You plan ahead, and give yourself enough time to maybe get there early! i have attended concerts and large ballgames in Charlotte and Raleigh, and the same thing happens going and coming. Went to a high school state football championship game several years ago at Carter Finley, and the traffic on I40 backed up going into Raleigh near the airport, and by the time I reached Wade Avenue, it was gridlock and at a standstill. This is nothing new.
  4. Great article. Winston-Salem is really a cool city with an interesting history, and very underrated quality of life and motherload of Art’s and amenities!
  5. That is an interesting article. Not to take anything away from the good folks in Lexington (population less than 20,000, and home to one of the BBQ capitals of the world), but our friends in Elkin (population +\- 5,000) have already been enjoying their Chick-Fil-A. Would love to know the difference in the demographics or reasoning.
  6. I don’t think there is much to worry about. There won’t be any 500’+ structure anytime soon in Greensboro. There is no desire or demand for it, least of whom would be developer Carroll, regardless of who tries to play soothsayer and read his mind. There is only one person “obsessed” with such a pie in the sky, and that is cityboi.....
  7. I see that Robinhood/ Meadowlark is getting another Publix for Forsyth Co.
  8. This is exactly part of the problem with “what’s wrong” with Greensboro in the argument in the other threads about why the ACC is leaving the Triad, and the lamentation over what Greensboro needs to do to keep up. It’s not by trying to one up and out do the neighbor Winston-Salem by creating another late in the day innovation district, but by building on strengths and cooperation and building it forward.
  9. Perhaps Greensboro could start adapting and changing by working better in harmony with its neighbors (ie: Winston-Salem, Kernersville, High-Point) as does Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill? Start by including W-S and/or H-P to the name of the airport, working better together by strengthening the neighbors assets instead of trying to copy them (ie: innovation or research campuses), and focusing on amenities. The track record of Greensboro speaks for itself in terms of the airport name, being more cooperative when Winston-Salem tried to lure MLB years ago, and the puny “Triad Park.”
  10. https://www.forbes.com/sites/rogersands/2021/07/01/neighborhood-to-watch-industry-hill-winston-salem-north-carolina/?sh=131ea3486f0f https://www.forbes.com/sites/rogersands/2021/07/01/neighborhood-to-watch-industry-hill-winston-salem-north-carolina/?sh=539f48de6f0f
  11. This construction project will be very involved.
  12. One thing is for certain, I’m sure their higher rent and “high paying jobs” won’t make Fresh Market prices go down. It is the highest joint around. I’ll stick with HT, Lowe’s, or Trader Joe’s.
  13. Mr. Pelli not only used the Moravian arch as well as the Moravian star motives in his interior and exterior details of the Wachovia Center, he also used the outline of the neighboring RJ Reynolds tower to echo the silhouette of his design near the top of Wachovia Center before the breaks occur near the dome. The exterior landscape work by his wife, Diana Balmori, incorporating pergolas overlooking the freeway, is often forgotten.
  14. I read that this 18-storey tower will be nearly full by fall. Extraordinary views of Pilot, Roaring Gap, and Virginia mountains from the northern facing decks.
  15. You are the one implying the station is more beautiful. If not, then who considers it the most beautiful in North Carolina? What is the source of your proclamation? Some might ‘consider’ the station in Salisbury more beautiful, which happens to be the last surviving Spanish-revival station in North Carolina designed by Frank Milburn (which, by the way, Winston-Salem had the first of six designed by Frank Milburn in NC), or even the iconic Eastern Seaboard Station in Hamlet. Have you seen either? You seem to freely intersperse facts with your opinion, which is understandable, since you love Greensboro so much, and know so little about anything else.
  16. That is your opinion, not fact. Bigger does not constitute “more beautiful.”
  17. Once again, I hate to burst your bubble, but the current Greensboro depot is a copy of and is predated by the Union Station in Winston-Salem, which was begun in 1924. The New York architects Fellheimer & Wagner designed Union Station in 1924, then copied its own design with a slightly wider facade in 1926 for Greensboro. Union Station has recently been immaculately restored to its original appearance after years of use and amazing unchanged condition as an auto garage.
  18. Another point proven....you rattle on....
  19. Thank you. You just verified my point with your last statement. Everyone one here can read between all your posts.
  20. Grow up, and don’t get your feelings hurt so easily. I’m sure you Greensboro people give up about as much recognition to Winston-Salem and it’s people as you get back. There is nothing wrong with criticism. You seem to be on here so much that you feel the amazing necessity to respond to every quibble, when everyone else has way more to do in their lives than sit on an anonymous forum and spar with anonymous experts. I mean really....look at the numbers, 7713 posts.....is this really what you live for??
  21. Don’t mistake “envy” with outright apathy or for the fact that most people might not care for what’s going in your town like you do. I happen to live in Charlotte, and it has left every other city between Atlanta and and New York with skid marks in the dust when it comes to “towers” and impressive development.
  22. Your excitement and enthusiasm for what’s going on there is palatable and understandable, since you live there and post here and on other sites nonstop. But some of us have seen and are exposed to developments that are much more interesting and stimulating to the common eye. This design does very little to show any real design skill. And I dare say anyone in Winston-Salem is envious. After all, that city has the best and most comprehensive examples of architecture in the state! How do you contend with two works by Ceasr Pelli, the forerunner of the Empire State Building by the same architects, a Robert A M Stern, a Robert Venturi, a church by Ralph Adams Cram, and numerous works by Charles Barton Keen? I’m sure there are many more... Not to mention all the authentic architecture of Old Salem.
  23. Looks bland and unthoughtful. Greensboro’s idea of architecture is certainly not setting any bar....from mediocre to worse.
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