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  1. I find it hard to believe that a mall with a customer base that cannot support a BELK could support a D&G. Delusions of grandeur.
  2. Construction is well underway on Building 60, which will house the Wake medical school. Renovation of this structure, along with BioTech Place, [email protected], and the Inmar building puts the investment at over $600 million by the university and Wexford in the east end of downtown, not including what is happening at the Bailey park.
  3. I sense that there is frustration about this project not being underway by now, but Coe may be smarter than anyone gives him credit for by apparently negotiating with the city on a parking deck deal, and waiting to see if the bond for city infrastructure would pass during the election earlier this month. The referendum was a success, now the renovation can hopefully roll. This building was one of the first Art Deco structures in the state, and a fine example of local firm Northup & O'Brien (1929).
  4. You mean the Triad Business Journal actually admitted the info above?...Whoa!
  5. Wonder if this will refuel interest or speculation of a new tallest for Winston-Salem and the "Triad."
  6. Will somebody come pick me up???? I'm unconscious and need air. Looks like ole Pat is our friend after all. He is getting started what Easley and Bev could not.
  7. This buiding looks great, and is getting a real overhaul. I can't wait to see it when I'm in Winston.
  8. Some of us read more than the Triad Business Journal, and have other sources, and know people personally. And it's not "bringing a new headquarters" to Greensboro, as much as it is retaining workers who are already there. Greensboro, thanks to the hands of RJR, is just not losing anything it already has. The name changing and brand swapping has a lot of people a little confused.
  9. Thanks for the news flash, but this is about three months old. All this information was either announced or expected to pan at a news conference held back in July. http://www.scpr.org/news/2014/07/15/45348/tobacco-giant-reynolds-american-to-buy-lorillard-i/ You can thank Susan Cameron for saving the jobs in Greensboro.
  10. Sorry, I attempted to post a pic of the north facade, then copy & paste to no avail, of the GMAC tower, but you know what it looks like since you live in W-S....so. This redux should be an interesting one, especially incorporating residential in the top floors, with the the glass windows facing north. There is no better vista in town than looking north toward Wake Forest, Hanging Rock, Sauratown, Pilot Mountain, and northward to Fisher Peak and Roaring Gap along the Blue Ridge. Even better is seeing the W-S skyline from the overlook at Roaring Gap, or Fancy Gap above Mt Airy.
  11. I'm afraid you've missed my point altogether. Your rabid enthusiasm is clear and easily understandable regarding this project, as it runs in overdrive about anything Greensboro-centric. Fact of the matter is, unless Mr. Carroll is sitting on a pot of gold, or is seeking incentives from the city and/or county (which I hereby predict, if he hasn't asked already), this type of project requires hefty financing. Banks require proof that he can cover the risk before they will finance. And banks have been purging loan officers and trimming mortgage departments, not increasing them. There are not enough jobs being created in central Greensboro to satisfy the demand for such a project of this size, nor do I see enough suburbanites from other areas of Guilford County to fill up this building. It's called supply and demand, and banks are not risky these days.
  12. If there are still for lease signs at Center Point, and this thing gets built out, it will sit unfilled for years. People are not moving in droves to Greensboro. Visons of grandeur comes to mind.
  13. This is confirmation by Wake that the research park is ready for the next exciting level. What has taken years to get existing real estate repurposed to the tune of hundreds of millions at BioTech Place, [email protected], the 90 and 60 series buildings, and with Inmar up and running, the renovation and rehab of old structures has reached its maxed out phase. Now we get to see some new and interesting development in the central and south districts to complement the water feature between the parkway and US52, and the Center for Design and Innovation that is currently under construction. I'm eager and anxious to see what is on the plate. This will be the beginning of putting the icing on the cake for the WFIQ.
  14. Oh boy, a chocolate factory. http://www.journalnow.com/business/business_news/local/chocolate-maker-moving-to-trade-street/article_b1e025aa-11f6-594e-8e9e-d0d8fda057a0.html
  15. Meanwhile, there's a shootout going on over at Four Seasons Mall. http://myfox8.com/2014/07/25/police-respond-to-four-seasons-town-centre-after-reports-of-shots-fired-in-parking-lot/
  16. I would not consider downtown Durham an innovation leader....but perhaps RTP or Brightleaf Square, yes
  17. That's true. Even the white collar jobs are being siphoned off across the state line by South Carolina here in Charlotte. The high tech jobs are hard enough to recruit, but they're even harder to keep. It's rather odd that one day Susan Cameron helps Greensboro retain, for the time being at least, local tobacco manufacturing jobs thru the brand swapping between RJR and Lorillard and Imperial in the announcement of RJR's purchase of Lorillard, and the next day, Greensboro loses 250 high tech jobs to Raleigh with the move of MERK's North American headquarters. There are no assurances in manufacturing, regardless of the product. High tech jobs and knowledge-based jobs are the wave to ride on for the future, and Wake Forest has at least this area of Winston-Salem on the right track. The investment in this section of the city in the last 5-6 years is staggering, compared to what has happened in the last 25 years in the entire Triad.
  18. Any movement on the apartments of this development, or the construction of the Mast General Store?
  19. Spaces such as the one here, Flywheel, are important and crucial for encouraging entrepreneurial ideas from professionals who cannot afford the overhead of office space among their peers. This type of space is already being copied in other cities and communities. I was in the WFIQ last week, and the new development is quite impressive at night with the newly renovated buildings lighted. It is truly like a totally different high tech section of the city, especially directly adjacent to BioTech Place, [email protected], and Inmar. The new park should create tremendous energy for the area.
  20. I'm not interested in sparring with anyone who thinks they know high end, but has never been out of their realm, and has never even heard of Coach. The Friendly Shopping experience may be exclusive for the folks in Greensboro, but this is a big country, and there is much more out there. Make up shops and outlets for Apple phones are pretty commonplace, and Burlington is known for outlet malls isn't it? I don't care what Greensboro has that Winston-Salem does not, and vise versa. Just don't count on Nordstrom, IKEA, Neiman's or Saks anytime soon if your city's largest mall is losing commonplace anchors.
  21. Excuse me....but I must be missing something. I visit the directory for "Friendly Center" and I could count on one hand what might be considered "high end." It must not take much to impress up there in Greensboro. Not that I shop at any of them, but here in Charlotte at Southpark I would put Tiffany's, Neiman's, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, or St. John in the top tier. Belk....(really, Belk?), Macy's, Sears, Barnes & Noble, Banana Republic.....pretty standard fair, don't you think? I could see Winston coming closer to getting another top tier department store first in the Triad. Greensboro doesn't even have a Pottery Barn does it?......I would put it at mediocre at best. Winston was the first to get even Abercrombie & Fitch years ago, and an H&M two years ago.
  22. Winston-Salem is better off with Kimpton Boutique Hotels anyway. This puts Winston-Salem in the leagues with the nation's largest cities, and with markets such as Miami Beach, Aspen. La Jolla and others, with the free publicity and advertising. Plus with the 50/50 split occupancy of the Reynolds tower itself as hotel, and residency, Winston-Salem's downtown will gain even more single and multi-family units....the most of any downtown in the Triad region.
  23. Don't get your hopes up, Hampton Inn typically doesn't build mid-rise structures. Where are all these overnight guests coming from to fill four!?! new hotels downtown, and what are they going to be coming there for? It can't be the struggling Civil Rights Museum.
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