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  1. If it is the one with Kristen Chenowith my wife has ben waiting and talking about it for months.
  2. My visitors to our city mention the "character" in terms of trees and churches. Way more than they are used to in their home and lovely to see, in their words. The older neighborhoods also attract attention and for being so close to the center of the city. Cleanliness is often mentioned. Perhaps the "character" we seek is in front of us if we but see.
  3. The street wires that dangle at the front door of those Kenilworth buildings?
  4. papaner88 I don’t think you can put enough lipstick on that pig. Tearing it down for this design will be way better. I think we have all become somewhat jaded because we get these beautiful initial renderings and then they get VE’d to death I hope they can stay somewhat true to these. The interior Stairs remind me of the addition my hometown, Indy, did to their central library in 2007. They kept the original structure dating to the early 1900’s but made it more of a grand entrance. The modern addition in the back is similar to this and has become a community gathering place. It also has become a place for people to hold events. Check this wedding someone had there. i think this is great and will be an awesome addition to our community. --------------------------------------------- this is the building papaner88 refers to just above ; https://mason-ind.com/indianapolis-public-library-central-library/ The original library in a pure classical revival style could not be improved so they re-oriented the entrance and expanded in a new direction physically and stylistically. In high school this was my library.
  5. The reason Vieques, Puerto Rico(the target location for the Charlotte International House Hunters from above) is authentic and little known is that for decades it was a US military bombing test island. Protests from locals put an end to that some years ago. Unexploded ordnance and inaccessibility (an island off of an island) made it difficult to develop.
  6. There is so much evidence every day that an overwhelming number of people are unaware, if not willingly so, of science, economics, basic mathematics, and so much more. To expect the common person to be reasonable aware of geography is to set oneself for disappointment.
  7. That was because the First Union name was toxic in the NorthEast areas where they bought banks and had systems merger issues. "The F U Bank" Not so good. Thus buy Wachovia and take the name that most people do not know, good or bad.
  8. Students who transfer credits from community colleges to UNCC, most from CPCC but also others, complete their degree in a higher proportion than those who are "traditional" students who go straight from high school to UNCC. Source: previous Head of Admissions at UNCC. This is not surprising as those who stay local in their CC are living at home, for the most part, and resolve their late adolescent-early adult issues prior to matriculating at the university. They have balanced their family, life, work, finances and are ready to commit in a way that 18 year olds may not be. Also, the separation of those unready has taken place at the CC level. UNCC is OUR university and deserves respect.
  9. Thrift Road is a fine name and historic as cotton lint and copper pennies on a steel rail Thrift Road is textile related, based, I presume, on the Thrift Mill complex https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Former_Thrift_Mill http://landmarkscommission.org/2016/12/21/thrift-mill/ The Thrift Depot was on the Piedmont and Northern RR on Mount Holly Road http://landmarkscommission.org/2016/12/21/thrift-depot-of-the-piedmont-and-northern-railroad-company/ Moved a few hundred yards in 2016 https://www.wolfehousebuildingmovers.com/project/pn-thrift-depot-relocation/ The mill was served by the P&N and was just west on the line from Hoskins Mill Drive out to the west county and learn from our forebears.
  10. So the Starbucks suffered from an empty store due to parking problems? Has Mike or any of his interviewees been to that store? The few times I was there it was hustlin'.
  11. The snøhetta site has a page with all their employees listed in alphabetic order BY FIRST NAME. Aaron Dorf to Zhexuan Liao. And the employee photos and hairstyles have been, umm, designed.
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