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  1. tarhoosier

    NoDa (N Davidson St Arts District) Projects

    Just tagging onto a memory from last week. The Johnston Mill at 36th and Davidson and the Johnston Building downtown, and a beauty it is, are from the same family of textile industrialists and commercial investors. I drove past the Whitehall development on Queens Road West today and recalled when it was the Johnston estate, 9 acres and a glorious southern mansion and outbuildings. The family lived here for 50+ years. I was cycling in this lovely neighborhood long ago and had seen this property before though there were shrubs all around the property line to prevent any view of the interior. On that afternoon long ago I turned into the driveway and soon there was a couple working in their flower bed and garden and I surprised them and I realized I was dead wrong and turned and pedaled away. Maybe I caused them to sell their property. The history is better told here than by me: http://www.whitehallcharlotte.com/history.php If one looks at the "History" page of the Whitehall website and clicks on the "history" link, the first pdf. one, then within that document are photos of the mansion and property, though sepia by time. Mount Vernon come to Charlotte. The workers of the mill provided a magnificent building for the businessmen and a grand and beautiful home for the family, with some intermediate steps.
  2. tarhoosier

    Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    The victorian structure on the bottom photo is/was the rectory. The modern building was built as part of The Green and parking underground structure next to the church. There are some retail portions on the ground level and church functions and rooms elsewhere in the building (I believe). I have been in the church proper not in the other two buildings.
  3. tarhoosier

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    Grandview townhomes. No residents, just interior work at this point. Interior status from South Boulevard "front" door.
  4. Crane dismantlement. I was walking over the bridge maybe an hour before Jordan passed. The truck in his photo is waiting to take a place in the loading area for boom. Wonderwall from the sidewlk
  5. tarhoosier

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Duke building reflected and shimmering in the Westin glass
  6. tarhoosier

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    Thoughtful first post. Welcome. This is how to enter the community. Return soon.
  7. tarhoosier

    Carolina Panthers

    Interesting look at population density radius for NFL stadia. NY is less than LA so I assume the northern NJ section of that radius is swamp, port, airport, industrial, water and other near- to-non-populated territory.
  8. tarhoosier

    Charlotte Off Topic

    Discussions of tall buildings made me look into Indianapolis, my natal city. Of the tallest 15 buildings only two are within the past twenty years, not including the airport control tower. Indy is sometimes compared to Charlotte but in this sense there is no comparison
  9. tarhoosier

    1000 Room Convention Center Hotel

    Hmmm... https://www.citylab.com/solutions/2012/06/stop-building-convention-centers/2210/
  10. tarhoosier

    Carolina Panthers

    We play the Seattle Seahawks four of the past five regular seasons. How does that happen? Plus two playoff meetings. 2300 air miles apart.
  11. tarhoosier

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    Came into town from the airport yesterday and noticed how much more attractive this gateway to the city is. The airport looks like a modern airport from WIlkinson view and trees planted on right of way were turning gold approaching Old Steele Creek Road. From Ashely to West Morehead there is much work to be done. That stretch from Remount to Morehead has the opportunity for fantastic views of the city but still has used cars, vacant property and questionable uses. Perhaps as West Morehead spreads further this will invigorate the area.
  12. There is a storage building a block or so closer to 4th ward on Graham.
  13. tarhoosier

    Learning from Other Places

    Oh, to have that kind of building, even a façade to preserve. Good on them.
  14. tarhoosier

    Amazon HQ2

    Had a fun 15 minutes returning to this thread from a year ago forward for a few months. The rumors, the rationalisations, the certainty, the wagers, dubious suspicions, and now it is the capital of the nation and the largest city in the western hemisphere. Thanks for playing!