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  1. That former convenience store (obviously) was for a time an italian restaurant named Zarrelli's. Neal Zarrelli was owner and host. He was a fine singer and from Naples Italy. He would serenade his guests for dinner with opera and other fine music. He was an occasional singer of the national anthem at Hornets games in the 1990's. He found fame elsewhere by marrying a woman 35 years older than himself after meeting on a cruise ship shortly after her husband died. She had very much wealth and at her death it was known that she had lived in the Northeast and he lived with his female partner here in Charlotte. It was claimed she "sold" him valuable artwork and property for piffling amounts of money. The will was contested and I do not know the outcome of that. His restaurant was as good for Italian food at the time as one could ask from Charlotte. Ask around on the internet and one can find more information about Zarrelli's, Mr Zarrelli, Mrs. Zarrelli and all the rest.
  2. This data has been discussed here prior but it applies to public transport as well as private. Charlotte is the least grid-like, most disordered city in the world studied by this research. Even to ancient cities grown from walking paths we are astoundingly difficult to organize. I myself recall that on arrival I discovered after six months of wandering here, that no element of order was available to assist in recalling how to reach one location to another. Memory of prior experience was the only way. There is no short cut from one place to another as there is no straight course, unless one goes from one location on Tryon to another. Every route is a "short cut". All the rest is personal experience and preference and the preference of one person is different, perhaps no better, than the preference of another. How to integrate a public transportation system in this collection of random interstices is more than my feeble mind can consider. https://geoffboeing.com/2019/09/urban-street-network-orientation/
  3. We are about to lose the Leeper Wyatt store on South Boulevard next to Trolley's End. That one is especially painful.
  4. The one on the siding in the gravel lot off Cedar street was not nearly as eye catching as this one. First year or two as I recall it was there for Panther games, special tailgating opportunity or something like that. After that, dunno.
  5. It is much less money to have one's name on a hospital, museum or college building than is required to put one's name on a sporting stadium. Naming opportunites are a function of many gifts that seem to supersede or at least equal the philanthropic interest.
  6. There was a complaint in my block in Dilworth some years ago and the county pest team member opened the manhole in the center of the street and lowered a cake of poison on a cord down to the water level of the sewer. The cord can be retracted later and more cake/poison provided. I never saw the rats prior to the visit and none after and saw no further visits by the pest tech. My neighbor had a basement flood after heavy rain and rats in the basement were a side effect of the rising water.
  7. That property was formerly Temple Israel from 1949 until 1992. See here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temple_Israel_(Charlotte,_North_Carolina)#:~:text=In September 1895%2C these new,%2C Benjamin Silverstein%2C and Mr. Also here: https://templebethel.org/about-us/history/ Note that the history refers to that portion of Morehead as Providence Road. Both congregations claim the location so that means they used the building together. Anyone clarify this for us? Temple Israel is what I recall the building.
  8. This post is for me, more than anyone. I go to NYC 2-3 times a year and AA is my carrier, miles related and torpor mostly. I tried Delta this time and made a comparison since the "new" LaGuardia is nearly complete. First class ticket in all instances. "A"concourse is about as far as end of other AA concourses at CLT but way fewer passengers waiting to board the flights. Delta uses smaller regional equipment for this run and our flights were maybe half filled. No crowd at boarding gate, plane loads quickly and ready to depart jetway on time. No entertainment screens on seatbacks but that is not an issue for me. Plane has wi-fi. Seat was as comfortable, I guess, no issue there. Less of a walk from taxi stand to gate both in and out on my trips this year for the Delta connection, a major advantage. Checked bag was at carousel before I arrived there at LGA and CLT for Delta. At LGA Delta first class has dedicated bag drop and booking desk (Priority) for fast service. Does AA have this? AA has full size equipment, full plane, crowd at gate, longer walk to/from gate to taxi stand for my flights. Only noticeable advantage is for AA the attendant has manifest and calls me by name for drink and snack service. Delta attendant does not. Price was 125$ less, RT, on Delta. I will consider Delta strongly depending on schedule and price. Service and other issues are better. Just my opinion.
  9. Dilworth Neighborhood Grille is North side of Morehead. This may soon become the expanded hospital/medical school district, with housing.
  10. Drove through Eastland Mall site today. The far end toward Albemarle Road is off limits and work happening on the middle section of the property. Asphalt removal and some drainage installation. All the trees cut and waiting for removal. Near the Sharon Amity side is a new building housing Forest Hill (singular, no "s") Church and Movement School, whatever that is. Latino market assembling with vehicles and vendors preparing and unfolding tables and canopies. Speaking of churches, we all know of the diversity of cultures on this end of Central Avenue and this includes faith choices. Starting with Forest Hill I drive out Sharon Amity to the next light at Shamrock and then turn left. In that mile or so are: Ethiopian Orthodox Calvary nazarene Deeper life bible church Church of christ Queen City apostolic First Church Charlotte; then on Shamrock first block: Muslim education center Ou lady of the Assumption Catholic Iglesia señora de la asunción St Thomas Lutheran
  11. Urban fashion discussion is a welcome addition to the board.
  12. No longer the seat of the bishop (Atlanta) but consecrated as a cathedral so still a cathedral. Going for dinner this evening. Lamb and chicken.
  13. Question based on thought from Bruco comment above: If you were a top hire/manager for a tech/financial company hired for Charlotte and you wanted to stay in a hotel for some months prior to final decision on housing, which hotel would it be? These new 5+1 apartments are not substantial for your station thus the hotel choice. Thoughts?
  14. That "nowhere" has been discussed occasionally here. It was Green Acres, the county home for aged and indigent. See here: https://specialcollections.cmlibrary.org/repositories/2/resources/108 In my earliest years here I recall driving past that intersection of two rural roads and seeing the large home on the rise with a few individuals outside. Residents raised as much of their food as possible with the help of a few farm animals and an animal or two was also visible. There are several burying grounds for those now forgotten in that area including at the public library location and on UNCC campus between football stadium and baseball field. Mostly depressions in the earth with a few simple stones among the growth. Such history is within living memory.
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