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  1. Those are leased departments (I think).
  2. My doctor described one factor in this complex calculation. Hospitals such as Atrium, community focussed and responsible for care of all patients, receive a discount on drugs but can bill those drugs to insurers at a sizeable markup. Oncology drugs are a major profit center for such hospitals. There will be new rules that will limit or eliminate the markup, UNLESS the treatment is through a medical center/school arrangement. The result is to tie to a qualifying institution. The program is called 340B and is deeply confusing to the uninitiated such as I. The issue is real. This is but one issu
  3. New Yorker cartoon https://www.art.com/products/p15063217012-sa-i6844418/david-sipress-are-we-in-this-starbucks-or-the-one-down-the-street-new-yorker-cartoon.htm
  4. Micturition mitigation? Pets and homeless?
  5. After being in the midst of Atherton/South End Saturday afternoon and the throngs of 20 somethings everywhere I could see, I wonder how many of those come here unbanked or under-banked? Under-banked meaning they have had only a minimal bank relationship for cards and basic services. Not just that group of coming affluent young people. but others of their cohort in other neighborhoods and cities. In other words, what is the proportion and type of new business that comes from this age cohort? How far does it drive the enlargement of bank operations in our region? Average annual net mi
  6. How many passengers misread the departure panels and try to board a Charlotte flight at a gate for Charleston flight and vice versa? I think the NC is for the limited attention span passenger, of which I am one often at an airport. It is not a measure of the importance of the airport in the eyes of the airline. I was on a flight from Dallas to Charlotte once and after boarding was complete there was a delay as the gate agents had to retrieve a passenger on my plane who was bound for a different destination. He appeared to be disabled in some way from my view a few rows away.
  7. Is there parking?
  8. Small trackhoe on that former pile of red clay which had been there since the project began.
  9. If one wonders about how reporting of crime is malleable this may have an effect: 17,895 police agencies in the U. S. England has 43. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Law_enforcement_in_the_United_States#:~:text=Law enforcement operates primarily through,and federal law enforcement agencies. https://fullfact.org/finder/crime_law/police/ I believe this goes a long way to explaining how multiple dramatic police failures can be on video and widely seen and discussed and then it happens again and again as if the forces are unaware.
  10. Gold statues of their saints, as they call them, their church leaders, are a feature of the church. The churches have a band, a rousing musical group. I had one of the band members as a student years back. Better music experience than school band, for sure. A friend is an architect who put up several of their churches. Paid cash.
  11. When I operated the original car 85 I was surprised that no driver license was necessary. I crossed public streets and intersection, had a police officer aboard but the trolley organization never asked for license. I hope that is different with CATS. There were a few trolley operators who chose to go with CATS during the interim between trolley and light rail completion. They drove buses and needed commercial licensure, including physical exam to do so and then transitioned to light rail in 2007. It was my understanding then and also 2007-2009 when I was a conductor on Gomaco excursion we
  12. One of the uses of this lot with gas pumps was a taxi company, thus the two way radio tower extant. I cannot recall the company but they had purple color cars. Office and dispatch at the Worthington Street entrance and repair and storage in the bays.
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