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  1. SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    Are they mixing onsite? Those hoppers at the corner of the property?
  2. Charlotte Gateway Station and Railroad Improvements

    Great work and welcome newcomer. Auspicious entry to UP
  3. The Good News Report

    All in slave states
  4. Tryon Place - Crescent project at Tryon and Stonewall

    They buried across the street at Duke, jus' sayin'.
  5. Sports in Charlotte

    Here are two polls, ESPN and Scarborough-Neilsen, about the same issue and separated by property, that is, college football, NFL, college basketball, NBA and so forth, plus another set of metrics that list by professional team sport league (US only-No Premier league) https://www.forbes.com/sites/maurybrown/2018/01/12/has-mlb-been-passed-by-the-nba-in-popularity-the-problems-with-the-gallup-poll/2/#4f557827a622 By these combined metrics soccer is well below the other pro sports leagues. Baseball below NFL.
  6. Sports in Charlotte

    I read that poll and the question is "to watch" and it does not discriminate from watching live or on a screen of any type. My guess is that most participants answer for their device habits and not their paying customer habits. Baseball would then be televised Major League only with perhaps a small bump from College World Series, nothing else. Basketball is huge at college broadcast level added to NBA. As a comparisons of equal levels MLB would outpoll NBA and still well behind football from the NFL.
  7. Charlotte Knights AAA Ballpark in Third Ward

    The land under which the stadium was built was for a century or more an African American area of the (much smaller) city. The Isabella Wyche elementary school, the Third Ward recreation center and Good Samaritan Hospital made up much of this property. The school closed in 1970 or so and had become a work release jail site by the 1980's with men spending the night in the building and going to their job in the daytime. Razor wire was around the site. It was an area that no one could imagine would be attractive and thus could be packaged by the city and county for the stadium. https://perry1644.wordpress.com/2013/06/28/good-samaritan-hospital/ The current practice field was part of the Smith Metal and Iron yard, a "junkyard" that was from the Civil War as it was on the rail line. A century of dumping metals, distillates, and chemicals of every kind made it whatever worse-than-brownfield could be. The soil was removed, much of it "cooked", much more acceptable soil replaced the former dangerous ground now used as the Panthers practice area. This is why the municipal boards could provide this land as they could not otherwise even give it away. The Panthers had no intention of buying land that could be potentially dangerous, thus the 1$/year. It was a good deal for everyone. I worked with the daughter- in-law of Isabella Wyche. I played basketball at the Third Ward Recreation center around 1980. (Atrocious lighting even with large lamps that hung so low that one had to adjust his shot or pass to a teammate.)
  8. Charlotte Bike Sharing

    For someone who has enabled the app for any of these bikeshares, is the agreement including no company responsibility for use, misuse, danger, damage, fitness, breakage, failure to operate as expected, and so on? No acceptance for injury loss of life etc.? Is there a lower age limit in the agreement for users?
  9. Possibility of a New Panthers Stadium

    Related: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scotiabank_Saddledome Calgary hockey arena is 32 years old and the team and NHL pushed hard for a new building. Even tried to defeat the mayor running for re-election this year. Failed. Mayor wanted to prevent taxpayer subsidy of majority of new venue. He held firm, was re-elected and the team (and NHL) now can only threaten to move and hold breath until blue. Is this a new paradigm? You may think football is popular but Canadians and hockey moves to another plane.
  10. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    Orignal blue line opening was November, 2007 and dignitaries and politicians were on it. I was there and saw McCrorey in the cab of the first southbound car when it passed East-West. He waved at me. Passengers of the normal part may have been aboard also. http://www.apta.com/passengertransport/Documents/archive_4628.htm
  11. NoDa (N Davidson St Arts District) Projects

    As I recall (please correct me) the speed humps on Colony at Myers Park High were removed/ lowered by fire department requirement or request. Quite some time ago now this was.
  12. SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    I was a motorman from 2002-2004 with the Charlotte Trolley with car 85. I am not pictured in these two photos. The rail line was improved for light rail during the time I operated. Rail street crossings were improved as seen in the photo at Park Avenue. The siding behind the former Phat Burrito was eliminated in anticipation of the second rail line. The second photo shows the area by the Design Center. The concrete rails become wood rails at that spot because the siding leading to the Atherton Mill trolley barn was at that spot. I had to unlock a padlock, pull the long lever handle until the rails moved away from the line to the siding, then reset the lever and re-enter the car to drive forward. I assume the wood ties remain there at time of this photo because that section had not been improved due to the siding. These photos may have been taken at different times. I remember seeing the work being done and wondered how a second rail line would fit in the space available but my inexperienced eyes were incapable of understanding the necessary space. It all worked. Trolley was suspended in 2004 to allow line improvements to continue from Tremont to town and then resumed as a tourist amenity on weekends from 2007 until 2009 when economic restrictions put the replica cars into dormancy. They now run on the Gold line.
  13. Carolina Panthers

    The Superdome in New Orleans is 43 years old. Life span of a stadium is variable.
  14. Google Fiber coming to Charlotte?

    Welcome. Keep an eye for development and change on your end of downtown.
  15. Charlotte Bike Sharing

    https://www.instagram.com/logancyrus/ Photographer shows location of some bikes in Charlotte, including Freedom Park lake