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  1. So N-S agrees to this art scheme for the trestle it owns (we assume). If so then I may think a bit better of N-S. That trestle has regular usage, no abandonment issues.
  2. I am sure this was a grade crossing 150 years ago across public Tryon Street. We are in an age where the buildout of freight rail is so far past completion that these issues of ownership, improvement and maintenance are of our great grandfathers' time. My ggfather likely was familiar with civic discussion of trestle construction, rail entitlements and so on. Of course, in his time Railroad companies jerked the chain of any and all elected bodies.
  3. The angled orientation gives interest. Otherwise, meh.
  4. Who owns the trestle? The upright concrete colums? The metal understructure for the rails?
  5. I wonder how Charlotte named a street Lincoln. This area is in a later 19th century part of the city.
  6. From 1957-58 until 1973-75 the US birth rate fell nearly 30%. {edit-total births fell 30%. The birth rate fell nearly 40%} https://www.infoplease.com/us/births/live-births-and-birth-rates-year This is a spectacular decline and manifests in every factor of culture. Thirty percent fewer buying second homes, luxury items, new cars, for goods and services of any kind. The good news for those born in the early to mid 70's is their cohort was dramatically less competitive for all the opportunities of early adult life than their Boomer cousins. College entrance, jobs, anything a teen to mid 20's person sought was more available since the demand had dropped ~30%. This was all before any effect of immigration, which would have a negligible effect in any case. The 70's babies were/are a different group in so many ways and I expect luxury goods is another marker for that. 40+ earners are near the top of the luxury market demo but there are so many fewer of them than the the group ahead in life. And with different attitudes. I see nearly everything in terms of demographics.
  7. Sale on Charlotte Paris. I booked first two weeks of October, 462$ total round trip. One stop. Multiple airlines offer this price with stops at their hubs-Newark, Chicago, Toronto and so on.
  8. Yes, I remember this view. Overstreet Mall will save retail in downtown Charlotte. YMMV. No buses in that photo though transfers were all at Trade and Tryon. Line of buses was common.
  9. The concept of "municifying" the near-in areas to Charlotte never happened. Mecklenburg County has 6 smaller municipalities and they are all from long, long ago. No newer towns were created which would have been resistant to the change and annexation and smooth expansion of service throughout the county. St. Louis County Missouri has 90. Cuyahoga, Ohio (Cleveland) has 38. Broward, County Florida (Ft. Lauderdale) 30. Dallas County has 30. You get the idea.
  10. From a visit to the Reed Gold Mine State Historic Site: Docent mentioned that early mining was difficult and dangerous and PLENTY OF PEOPLE DROWNED IN MINES. My emphasis for significance to this discussion.
  11. Charlotte is within the broadcast zone for four teams, Atlanta, Washington, Baltimore (?) and Cincinnati (!!??). Each of those owners would expect a major payment for loss of broadcast zone and the Charlotte Zone would be reduced or split accordingly. This makes the cost of owning a new team dramatically more than just the buy-in. Montreal has only Toronto to adjust with and that is much more easily done and also is a non-US decision. DC and Baltimore are STILL fighting about this from 10+ years ago. Plus the Orioles owner owns the majority of the DC broadcast entity. Expect that cost to occur here also. In other words, adding a team anywhere would cost man millions more than the buy in, perhaps billion.
  12. I hope this is her way of showing BOC members that the choice will be stark and they will vote against it. A political move.
  13. What is the point of reference for this photo. 77? As exact as you can remember.
  14. This Seattle newspaper article lists cities with cranes. Where does Charlotte fit into this? http://www.seattletimes.com/business/real-estate/seattle-has-most-cranes-in-the-country-for-2nd-year-in-a-row-and-lead-is-growing/ It appears to me that the cities chosen for the graphic are not in any way a ranking. It is a selection of cities of interest, I guess.
  15. Charlotte is in the team broadcast area for Atlanta, Washington, Baltimore and Cincinnati (!?). Thus those teams would require a major payment to forego their current broadcast zone and viewer numbers. Even if those numbers are small to vanishing. Montreal and Mexico City have no broadcast sharing areas, except all Canada is Jays and thus easily divisible and not a US decision in in any case.