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  1. A plurality not a majority for Trump. Or in statistic-speak his voters were the mode of votes cast.
  2. tarhoosier

    MLS in Charlotte?

    https://twitter.com/emptyseatspics This twitter account aggregates photos of sporting events that have small attendance or questionable attendance counts. Baseball n Florida is a popular location and MLS is well represented also. The twitter feed is meant as a schadenfreude experience, I believe. The Knights are not in that twitter feed.
  3. tarhoosier

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    The Spectrum News had an employee working today giving her standup with some metal building stairs in her background as she must have been in the fire escape area or something rather than studio. My wife noticed it right away.
  4. tarhoosier

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    Anyone remember when that building (Spectrum) was the Boy Scout Headquarters?
  5. tarhoosier

    Dilworth Projects (Kenilworth, Morehead, East)

    I was at Fran's last week and asked as I was leaving. No scrape of the current strip but new retail where the former Marsh offices existed. Demo fence has rendering of retail at the corner on the fabric barrier..
  6. tarhoosier

    The RailYard SouthEnd

    That is a Link-Belt crane. The distinctive Red-White color scheme is their identifier. Long ago I worked in the Charlotte company that was the Link-Belt distributor for sales service and parts. You will really have lived when you see train cars arrive with cab, boom, sheaves, cable, ballast and all and the crane assembles itself on site including lifting itself to attach the tracks and treads necessary to move about. This is necessary since cranes are often used in locations where supporting equipment that requires roads is not available such as marshes, quarries and such.
  7. tarhoosier

    Learning from Other Places

    All of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin is divided thus. But I digress. The 1785 ordinance laid the foundations of land policy until passage of the Homestead Act in 1862. The Land Ordinance established the basis for the Public Land Survey System. The initial surveying was performed by Thomas Hutchins. After he died in 1789, responsibility for surveying was transferred to the Surveyor General. Land was to be systematically surveyed into square townships, 6 mi (9.7 km) on a side, each divided into thirty-six sections of 1 sq mi (2.6 km2) or 640 acres (260 ha). ]
  8. tarhoosier

    Learning from Other Places

    I was born and raised in Indianapolis. Indy was a planned city with a strict grid from the beginning. There was no river and it is flat so perfect for the system. Surveyors went to this virgin property and laid out streets with a north/ south meridian named Meridian Street and an east/west compass street crossing called Market street. The perfect mile square was bounded by East, South, West, and North streets.Each block was one tenth of a mile. The city then grew from there in the same pattern with all streets to the north numbered and to the south named. There is no topographical or geographic reason for adaptation of the original plan. As I grew I quickly learned my city from the back seat of my father's car since it was so simple. All directions are straightforward and understandable. To find 1600 East 50th street one goes five miles north and turns right to go 16 blocks. I assumed it was the same arrangement for other cities until age 10-12 when I realized how bizarre it was. This design was the pluperfect conception of the Northwest Ordinance from dear Mr. Jefferson. Oh, you do not recall the Northwest Ordinance? Well then, you did not go to grammar school in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois or Michigan, did you?
  9. tarhoosier

    Carolina Panthers

    It WAS contaminated but remediation with Panthers stadium plans made it better. How much better I cannot say but Johnson and Wales dormitory and parking is on the same stretch of land so it must be acceptable for residential now. Would they remediate just the J&W land? Not likely. Testing will confirm.
  10. Wall Street Journal reporting it is Charlotte https://www.wsj.com/articles/gop-nearing-selection-of-charlotte-for-2020-convention-1531255499
  11. tarhoosier

    Charlotte Supermarkets

    I think some new Charlotteans may be shocked to see we have a Prosperity Church Road and thus a Prosperity Church. Prosperity churches, in many areas, now mean belief that financial well being is God's plan and donations will be recouped many times over in THIS life, because of faith. Affluence is a sign of faith and closeness to God. Our Prosperity Presbyterian Church is from 1789 and as far from the prosperity Gospel of the late 20th century as can be imagined.
  12. tarhoosier

    Charlotte economy...

    Someone on city-data posted he moved to Charlotte for a job over a year ago and rents downtown for his downtown job. He and his wife had a child early this year and they are thinking of buying. He wants 30 minute commute maximum and has 350,000$. I looked at carolinahome.com and with that commute, including park and ride option, he was out of luck. I was surprised which shows how out of the loop I am.
  13. I sense ZERO support in Charlotte for violent public disturbance (definition of riot). I believe a strong ameliorating influence from Charlotte for any visitors with such plans. This event will have special restrictive rules for public areas and I believe the risk is present for disturbance but the reality is limited. I trust our people. It will absolutely be a test for the police force to limit their use of force on such a visible stage. The chance of a strong positive experience is far greater than the obverse.
  14. tarhoosier

    300 South Tryon and Kimpton Hotel

    Way late to this. Merchant and Trade last night after the rain and with the cool incoming breeze and sunset, just the perfect place for after dinner. Service at the bar was comfortable and there were fewer customers than expected. Plenty of seats outdoors, bar order available immediately. Drink pricing was normal uptown bar pricing and less than I expected. Colored lighting overhead from building display adds interesting motif. Excellent view of Ascent residents enjoying the temperature and breeze on their balcony on floors 20-23. I was looking for dress code issues and no obvious trainer shoes, some canvas rubber soled, one man with ball cap in his back pocket, a colored t-shirt or two. No novelty t's. Women, as usual, were more on their game. I was in the outside covered seating area with comfortable all weather sofas. The inside seating area with tables was more couples. There is a DJ spinning on site with techno/house music. There were two men working the ground floor elevator entry and the once over happens there. Elevator exit took us to the hotel lobby. It has a special big city feel and not at all my little Charlotte (N. C.). I would definitely return if the weather and crowd allowed.
  15. tarhoosier

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    There will be a linear greenway parallel to 277? Perpendicular to 277, or rather along the rail, for sure but bordering 277? Enlighten me.