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  1. Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    The Cardinals have an outside scoreboard in St Louis although it is seen mostly by those driving on the nearby elevated expressway.
  2. The State of Higher Education in Charlotte

    UNCC was ahead of ECU last Fall based on FTE (Full TIme Equivalent, generally 12 hours/student). This number is used for funding.
  3. Amazon HQ2

    My comment was related to a previous comment that Amazon has a dominant number of customers far from its headquarters. The Mississippi is a convenient border for our country when making distinctions. The Twin Cities provide a substantial proportion of their population on or west of the river. Due to the large S of the river some parts of the Twin Cities are to the west of the river while on the east bank. Confusing. The larger point is about the massing of population along and east of our national dividing river.
  4. Amazon HQ2

    Warren Buffet has spoken on television financial shows how Amazon surprised him, and Amazon even surprised themselves with how much runway they were given (how much head start) over all other likely providers. He likes them (it?)
  5. Amazon HQ2

    Is a bank a subdivision of a larger retailer but that attracts investment money? Maybe I cannot understand the difference between a bank and a "bank".
  6. Amazon HQ2

    2/3 of the US population is on or east of the Mississippi. Minneapolis, St. Paul, and St. Louis (plus other sizable cities) are on the west bank.
  7. Elizabeth Projects (7th St, Elizabeth Ave, etc)

    Shelton Drum has been the Hero man. He lives walking distance from his store and has no interest in making his life one bit more complex at this point. I agree on personal, neighborhood and philosophical grounds.
  8. Charlotte Weather

    Miami city manager quote at the end here is worth the price http://www.miamiherald.com/news/weather/hurricane/article172416297.html
  9. I just had a conversation with my wife about Brooklyn. She moved to Charlotte when in 1955 as a child. Shopping was done downtown. She recalls clearly going through Brooklyn to reach downtown and had no fear or sense of danger about the experience. Her mother drove her and her younger sister. In the mid 1960's. She recalls being with a high school classmate and coming back from downtown in the classmate's car and made a wrong turn. The classmate thought that 3rd street continued to Providence but it ended in Broooklyn and they felt embarrassed but not endangered. I have just had this conversation with her as I have been typing. Take it for what it is worth.
  10. She lived here for many years. She was one of the Morrison sisters from Mariposa NC, NW of Charlotte. I visited that site and house many years ago though the house may no longer exist. I could not find it a few years ago though I believe it was there when I visited in the 1970's. She had a home in downtown Charlotte and attended 1st Presbyterian Church until her death in 1915. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Anna_Jackson I am not aware of her involvement with the naming or renaming though this was before my time, hard as that may be for some to understand ; )
  11. This is my thinking on the Stonewall Street issue. Recently the Observer reported that after our current discussion on Confederate naming the Public Librarian responsible for historic documents found a handwritten note from aldermen in 1869 that had a sentence that said streets were to be named for Hill, Vance, Lee and Stonewall. Hill Street is still here. Vance disappeared with I-277 and Lee has still not been found, if it ever existed. There is a Lee street today elsewhere in a part of Charlotte not existing at that time. One obvious issue to me is that there is one difference in the four names as listed. Three list the honored man by his given family name. One uses a nickname. My sense tells me that our forebears would never use a nickname to honor a man they wished to memorialize. Stonewall is the only one that does not follow the centuries old pattern of using the given name of the man. He was also the only one not alive at the time of the naming, another reason that using the nickname is impossible to imagine. I cannot believe aldermen from that period would abandon custom and take such a cavalier attitude to naming one who may well have been revered at that time. There is a map in the Carolina Room history collection at the Library that shows Stonewall Street from before the Civil War. That document is not an original but a later copy. Was there a Stonewall street from pre Civil War that was simply re-assigned in 1869? Would this be a re-naming? There is just not enough evidence for me to rename today a street that we cannot be sure was renamed nearly one hundred fifty years ago. We have a General Pershing Street, not Black Jack Street. We also have Jefferson Davis Street:
  12. Crescent Stonewall Station

    All the development on Stonewall street and I have seen no one associated with this pile of investment money make any complaint
  13. 18 months ago Neighbor moved here from Madison, Wisconsin, home of beautiful blue lakes. His new company sent him some Chamber of Commerce beauty shots and pamphlets about Charlotte. One photo was from top of Cameron Brown building at 301 McDowell, his new office work location, with view across Marshall Park. He was pleased and excited that there was an apparent lake in his new hometown. When he arrived at his first workday he looked from the window and the "lake" had been drained for cleaning and it was a mud hole with abandoned shoes, bottles and general litter and detritus from end to end. He ghosted his new lover Charlotte and moved to Winston Salem 18 months later.
  14. Charlotte Weather

    I plan to evacuate to Tri-Cities TN-Va
  15. Charlotte Weather

    I visited U of Miami on business and their newer dorms at that time were hideous bare concrete 6-8 floors with roll down metal doors for all windows and other exterior openings. Not so attractive but stout as all hell.