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  1. My sister has her stone there but her remains are scattered to the winds from Grandfather mountain. It is comforting to have a place to go to see and remember and leave a memento. These are all for the survivors and not for the departed.
  2. Cemetery information: Elmwood is one of several city cemeteries. Elmwood is the oldest, established in 1853 when First Presbyterian was no longer able to satisfy demand, along with other churchyard grounds. Over the years Elmwood sold all of their plots. If one is interested in buying spaces there are two options. One may find someone with a plot for sale and negotiate with them for the rights. These are sometimes posted at the Evergreen office. Another is to go to the city cemetery office at Evergreen Cemetery on Central Avenue and the people in that office can find plots that have had no activity in 75 years. They will advertise (somewhere) to heirs of the purchaser. If there is no reply then they will send a cemetery worker to use a probe to determine if the plot has a burial. If the answer is yes then it is unavailable. If the answer is no then it is possible to (re-)purchase the plot through the Cemetery office. Same for multiple plots. This is how I bought my plots at Elmwood. In addition, when there are unknown burials discovered in the county, which happens occasionally through development, roadbuilding and other activities, the developer contacts Elmwood (or other cemetery) and takes one of the available plots with no burial and places the remains there. At least this is the way it should happen. (Extra bonus information: When I went with the cemetery worker to test my preferred plot at Elmwood his name was Will Berry)
  3. Another view: https://www.colma.ca.gov/departments/cemeteries/
  4. My sister's marker is in that cemetery and I have spaces for me there and I consider it meaningful, historic, lasting.
  5. I went to a show at the outdoor facility once and never again. It was nearly impossible to enter or escape by car with a crowd for the show plus the other venues. If someone has the magic solution for this I am ears.
  6. Stewart Village Gallery is a wonderful place for unique gifts and craft items of high quality. Potter and jewelery couple started it decades ago and still run it and I recommend it highly. I always stop there when I am in town.
  7. "a bus center will be mandatory" but the quote above does not say said center must be at that location. Paying for another transit center elsewhere makes sense.
  8. I wish I were there when the inspector had to consider the restaurant with wood smokers indoors. Ash pan on the floor. Fire suppression system must be the biggest in town there. Restaurant supply salesman met his bogey for the year with this one. CO2 systems, Fans SUPREME. Also the architect with his pages of piping drawings.
  9. That property was the Red Carpet Inn on Morehead Street, a fine establishment in my young adulthood. I stayed there one night to celebrate an anniversary. Red carpet in common areas, rooms with balconies and a bistro set for breakfast in the room. Black men as service staff. It had a small parking annex which set it apart from other hotels which could serve the downtown area. Mature street trees gave a Dilworth look to the place. In the rightly famous tale told by Jay Thomas to David Letterman about the Lone Ranger visiting Charlotte, the Red Carpet was the hotel for Clayton Moore, the Lone Ranger. Is this mic on? Sound check... (Not in any way related to budget hotels today with the name)
  10. Philadelphia and its Red Arrow line http://tinyurl.com/yytx8e32
  11. It was a Reagan era meme before there were memes. It was a short-lived tv series which I thought would be wonderful but only a few people thought as I did. It also was used to sell sodas on tv, I forget which brand. Memorable, yes. Meaningful, maybe ahead of its time.
  12. A friend who lives on Tremont in South End told me his technique of navigating home from northbound 77. He exited at Remount, crossed straight on to Toomey and turned right on Tremont. If one catches the light at Tryon this is nearly seamless. This answers the northbound issue as your solution was for southbound. I have also used two of the three businesses that are on the dead end part of Tremont where it turns to parallel 77. As forgotten an address as one could find.
  13. This sounds like you know the hairdresser for the wife of the CEO
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