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  1. Welcome VREK and join the fray. Sideways photo, dunno.
  2. Well, well, what have we here? Charlotte Ledger reports a rezoning request for eight parcels and 4.4 acres on Rountree Road : 2021-105. Carolina Capital Real Estate Partners. 4.4 acres on 8 parcels at 517 Roundtree Road from I-2 to TOD-CC. “Allow for transit supportive uses.” Rezoning agent: Moore & Van Allen. https://polaris3g.mecklenburgcountync.gov/#mat=144281&pid=16907501&gisid=16907501
  3. I read that the smell is of rotten egg and I wonder how relevant this term is to modern life. Modern egg production and distribution, reliable refrigeration, fear of lawsuits that would destroy the reputation of a supplier have made rotten eggs a home experiment rather than an expected life risk. I have never had a rotten egg in my life. My grandparents lived on a farm and raised chickens for the table and for eggs and kept the eggs in a cellar and likely encountered the event. This city boy has been free from the experience. Has anyone on this board encountered a rotten egg in his life
  4. If you live in Charlotte you are likely to know about the New Indy paper Mill in Catawba, S. C. Residents from Ballantyne south to Indian Land and surroundings have complained about the smell. S. C. has confirmed the odors are not dangerous or carrying toxic materials. They smell bad, like an overcrowded tenement with large Eastern European family (jk). Drove to Catawba, S. C. today. Catawba is a community in the heart of the Catawba reservation. It reminds me of a rural Lumbee community in Robeson County. No T-Mobile service here. There is a tribal post office. The New Indy paperboard pl
  5. City Cemetery in Elizabethtown overlooks the Cape Fear River, for now. Due to soil saturation and unstable sub strata land slip is disturbing graves and leading to loss of cemetery land and collapse of cemetery into river bank. https://bladenonline.com/over-5-million-dollars-in-approved-funding-to-save-elizabethtown-cemetery/ This is now a Bladen County feed of micro Urban issues.
  6. Thomas Polk lived where Presbyterian/Novant is now and close to the Sugar Creek for stock watering and perhaps for human water use, idk. Access to water is powerful draw to settlement, note Hezekiah Alexander House, Latta House and others extant. Trade and Tryon is good for transportation and trade but settlement, less so. That first courthouse had, as the description says, space under the building for a market. Also shelter for animals and people from sun and rain and weather of all types. Bladen is known as the "Mother County" as all or parts of 55 of the 100 counties were at one time
  7. Cincinnati also known in the past as Porkopolis (~1850).
  8. I was at Rountree (no "d") garden center today on Scholtz Road. Corner of Scholtz and Old Pineville just south of Woodlawn Station. Frenzy of activity today. Electricians, brick veneer masons, interior carpenters, painters, framers, exterior trim carpenters and more. A tractor trailer with framing systems and trusses pulled in while I was there. Men using lift boom vehicles to transfer loads to staging areas, supervisor pointing, just much activity, so much that I could move about with no one asking my purpose. This is listed as NVR properties. I cannot recall this being mentioned here but the
  9. That is the "track" of the automobile. The first Mini I landed on with a search for track was a 2015 with 57.4 front and 57.8 rear track. This is with factory wheels and tires. Standard gauge in the USA and Canada for the vast amount of rail line is 56.5 inches. I assume light rail follows standard rail gauge. I have a Miata that is 55.5 inches.
  10. Goodness gracious they're tasty! Flatt and Scruggs are a source for this.
  11. Martha Washington, maybe? Sing along with me: For the finest fluffiest biscuits yet get Martha White self rising flour (Oh I wish you could be in my head while I imagine the tune and the smell of kitchen and the radio jingle. Divine)
  12. In 1976 the city erected a replica of the first courthouse from 1766 for Mecklenburg County as a bicentennial project. It sat on land on Third Street where the Harry Wolf Courthouse is now. The ramp you see to the left was built to cross Third mid-block and to reach the newly built Education Center and Marshall Park, though the park had no name at that time. Almost no one used it. The courthouse is described here on page 2: https://www.nccourts.gov/assets/inline-files/building_guide_final.pdf?96afrqWSkY2PatpLgdZIeN_KEnxLTVzH I remember this reconstruction and assumed it would
  13. It is possible to drive from Yorkmont to Tyvola going around and through this area. I did it a month ago after visiting the regional farmer market on Yorkmont.
  14. This is what I was trying to add to the post above and it forced the entire first few pages of this thread from 2004 in the edited post above.
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