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  1. About 1981 we had visitors from out of town and went to Wing Haven for the first time for a summer day visit. The Clarksons still lived in the home. We knocked on the door and Mr Clarkson answered in a white summer seersucker suit and said his wife was poorly. The garden was not open at that time (pre internet) but he bade us enter and to enjoy their life's work. The book about Elizabeth Clarkson, her love of everything natural, their enduring relationship is in "A Bird In The House" by Mary Kratt. The story is touching and I am glad I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Clarkson even though I disturbed them for which I apologize here. It lifts my heart each time I visit.
  2. This was borne out of the Carolina Drought of 1998-2002. See here: https://pubs.usgs.gov/sir/2005/5053/pdf/SIR2005-5053.pdf and many other online locations. It was the most severe and long lasting drought in NC recorded history. All of the piedmont was seriously affected with numerous municipal suppliers resorting to running hoses from nearby towns, drilling wells, and petitioning to pump from an out-of-basin location. Inter basin transfers are always acrimonious because once the water is withdrawn from one basin it never rejoins the original basin and locations downstream from the original pump location suffer. This forced interaction to avoid the loss of water supply brought us to our current situation where growing communities have some assurance that their supply is safe from drought, an existential fear which was crystallized in that 1998-2002 period.
  3. I came through the completed LGA with American in February and it was a LONG, LONG walk to the taxi stand and no moving sidewalks.
  4. "It's quite sad really. A couple of years back, I was staying in Downtown, and one morning I took the Metro to Hollywood/Western, walked up Western Ave to the Griffith Park entrance, and then proceeded to walk all the up the hill to the observatory, before walking back down and taking the Metro back to Downtown. My local friends all thought I was completely crazy, and a good number of them had no idea there was a subway that went in that part of town. " I took the bus from the entrance to the Observatory and had no idea people walked the whole way up AND down.
  5. What I remember is a house at Kingston and Lyndhurst with working girls I have mentioned before. Not with a Greek woman as I recall however I kept my distance from the operation. At Kingston and Euclid , a block from my house, there was a family(?) that had a 12 year old daughter who was being rented by the parents*. Gruesome stuff and an example of the neighborhood and the city in early-mid 1970's. It was more like (insert slander of small semi-rural Southern town) than the city it became.
  6. Australia adjacent information: I recently learned that straight line air distance from Beijing, China to Sydney is greater than Beijing to London. Almost 500 miles further, so not a minor difference. I went to a globe to confirm this measurement and it is true. As is said of Oz, the tyranny of distance is their destiny. (Commerce can call anything Australian because so few people have been to Oz and know the truth of the place. I have not, thus my ignorance demonstrated above.)
  7. My regular comment about the Stonewall situation: note this map from 1935 http://maps.co.mecklenburg.nc.us/historicmaps/scans/charlotte_official_map_of_charlotte_1935.jpg Also from here: http://maps.co.mecklenburg.nc.us/historicmaps/ Some enlargement is necessary but the details are discernible. One notes just north of West Morehead at the location of the current football stadium are three short streets named for Confederate generals: Hill, Vance and Jackson. Clearly the lost cause memory. Hill persists but the other two have disappeared over time. If one were to honor the saint and martyr of the South our genteel forebears would never use his nickname. Stonewall pre-existed or was conferred its name at a time that was not for the General. Impression and appearances are everything and evidence is discounted. I fight a lonely battle. edit: these three streets may have had other names in the further past. This area was at the time of this map one of the African American residential areas. Extra point making for the street naming committee to choose this area for these men.
  8. Tesco was in the US from 2007 to 2012. I recall the opening in Arizona, but they chose a bad time (Great Recession) and converting shoppers from SUPERmarkets to their size shops, even with Tesco branded take-away products failed.
  9. Occasional feature in Wall Street Journal is "My Ride" where normal people are featured and their special vehicle. One was a man, late 50's and his ride was a 1969 Ford Country Squire station wagon. 18 feet long, fake wood decals the whole length, seating for 10 with double facing seats at the wayback. He recalled it as the family car of his youth, vacations, school drops, fights with his siblings, and using it as his high school transportation after learning to drive in the thing. He discovered they had become rare because they were so large and inefficient with MPG in the 8-12 range. Many went to the crusher, some straggled along as vehicles for painters or cleaning services who could use it as a makeshift work truck-thing until it died and rusted to pieces. He finally found one in average condition and had it painted to his familiar color and nothing else done to it as he recalled it as a well used car from his time. "No air bags, ten ashtrays" was his description.
  10. As a boy my neighborhood in Indianapolis had Dave's market. Dave was a butcher and his shop was his custom meat section in the rear and shelves on the sidewalls and center section with basic home items, bread, snacks, canned goods, a cheese and dairy case and so on. A single cash register near the front. I was a regular at the candy rack/baseball cards at the cash register. Those in the before times recall, as do I, that the original Reid's grocery from Providence Road and Fenton had a spot on Park Road in the building now Ed's at Ideal Way. Reids occupied the left side of the building as one faces it from the street. Similar to Dave's as a local, neighborhood focussed place with butcher in the back making meat cuts to order for clients. Canned goods and daily basics. I went there rarely as it had a limited selection though I bought my favorite canned soup there which was difficult to find at that time.* The Dilworth location closed sometime in the mid-late 1970's. The Providence location continued for quite some time until Chuck Edwards bought it and it transitioned to what we know today as Reid's. *Campbell's tomato bisque. This also serves to describe how insular Charlotte was at the time. edit to add this: https://www.reids.com/history
  11. I have been taking a taxi/rideshare to and from the airport for 20+ years. The idea of driving, parking in remote, regardless of time away, and waiting for shuttle to and from terminal, an extra bag loading and unloading, compared to taxi to the departure doors, plus assistance with bags is of little comparison. Then on return flight I walk out the doors and enter a taxi in three minutes or less and I am on my way home. I am a cab fare of 25-30$ from CLT but if it were double I would still choose this method. No train/transfer/wait time/bag drag could ever top this. I estimate the price for my convenience as worth the difference in cost. Personal calculation.
  12. Anything with concrete construction, even with poured onto steel deck, would be a welcome improvement for living conditions for the tenants. Brick facing a major improvement to esthetics. Well concealed parking would have to accompany these improvements as any less would be absurd. These 5/1 structures will come down with dramatic speed and recycle nicely.
  13. I learned this week that power systems require flywheels, similar to your thermal auto engine*, in order to maintain "grid inertia" to keep voltage and frequency (60 Hertz [Hz] here in N America). These flywheels can weigh 200 tons or more. Magnificent beasts. Based on my near-to-nothing knowledge this is where I started: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/318858939_Benefits_of_Flywheels_for_Short_Term_Grid_Stabilisation * In high school I had a part time job at a big Ford dealer parts department and occasionally there was a call for a flywheel replacement. Other than the cast block of the engine and perhaps the crankshaft, depending on engine size, the flywheel was the heaviest single piece of metal in the car at that time. Likely still true though advances with metallurgy may have shrunk the weight.
  14. In the 1960's (at least) Icelandair was well known among the younger set as the European airline that was not under fare regulation. One could travel to Europe, usually to Luxembourg or Amsterdam (as I recall) for a far cheaper price than the state owned flag carrier airlines or the US carriers. It required a stop in Reykjavik. The low cost and the large number of backpackers using this airline made it the "hippie" airline. For those of us wishing of a European holiday it was a dream connection. I was finally able to make my Iceland getaway nine years ago. If I had gone when I was 23 I may have never returned. An amazing destination. One can ride a bicycle from North America to Europe while there, among many dramatic and spectacular experiences.
  15. "Express Bail Bonds 24 hour service" Some years ago there was a person who worked in the bail bond business who lived in a condo in Dilworth and drove the company car as his personal transportation as the business is truly 24 hours on call. The transportation itself was a white mildly stretched limousine. Sadly, I cannot recall the name of the company, but as I said at the time that I wanted to leave the jail in that specific vehicle if I were a bad boy for an evening. I have a lawyer in my phone queue but not a bondsman.
  16. Joe Bruno on twitter says source suggests it could be attempt to make resolution with borrower or a third party willing to take assignment of debt in return for $$$. Other options of course.
  17. Leans back, extends arms, links fingers and cracks knuckles. OK, here goes. There was a Krispy Kreme shop/bakery on the location of the current Burger King at Marsh and South. Note well that Sedgefield was well known at this time as the place where Greek families bought homes. Many of them were in this area. My household historian herself had a Greek family in the home next to hers from her youth. To enter that Krispy Kreme was to enter a Kafeinion (sp) with dark haired Greek men nursing coffee and smoking cigarettes down to the filter with no white meat remaining. A blue haze hovered overhead nearly all the time, especially in the pre-lunch hours and a take out order was the only choice since the smoke was overwhelming. There was also a small brick house behind the KK at the corner of Melbourne and Marsh. The house is still there and still owned by two Greek men, in their names, for 50+ years. This house was a well known Greek Mens' "Social Club". Gambling, drinking ouzo and Greek coffee, and smoking. Very much smoking. No one bothered the "club" as they handled their business within the "family". One day a pair of young men not of the "Greek" persuasion heard that gambling was on the premises and decided to take out the place. They burst in, guns drawn and demanded the goods. Unfortunately the blue haze was so dense they could not make out the nature of their targets. All the Greek men leaped to their feet and rushed the men. They shouted and subdued them and made threats all in Greek and before the poor miscreants were pummeled to powder they were thrown out of the club on their ears. Someone called the police, likely to save the life of the burglars, and the police politely carried them away and the Greek men went back to their coffee, cigarettes, ouzo and gambling. Those of us who were aware of the situation thought this hilarious. edit: 225 Marsh Road is the house address. I have the general outline of the event here if not the particulars from my memory. I provide your personal wayback machine.
  18. I believe that was the Cash America Pawn shop in another life. (not) famous as the site of a gambling location fronted by a CMPD officer. Operators called themselves the "Greek Mafia". * This report was in media of the time (2001) but the first link I found today was Casino City TImes-Your Guide to Gaming Excitement. https://www.casinocitytimes.com/news/article/feds-indict-1-cop-3-deputies-129014
  19. South has been two lanes, one in each direction, for some or much of its South End and Dilworth section for, what, five years, eight years, maybe more. Construction alongside, street opening, street repair. The experiment has been proven. It can work just as well as the four lane plus turns but without the danger and unnatural speed of the four lane stroad.
  20. Seeing these many photos of apartment buildings with individual air conditioning units on the roof leads me to wonder if any residential construction uses circulated chilled water for air conditioning with a central chiller. Is it really better/cheaper/efficient to have individual units rather than central?
  21. First game I saw there and first game there ever, as I recall, was the 1988 Olympic squad, summer of '88. The team had a scrimmage with the top college players which made up the Olympic team versus an NBA All Star team. This was the last year the Olympics team was "amateurs". The Dream Team was in place in 1992. That place was enormous.
  22. Found while looking for something else: Grayland INTERGLACTIC Airport https://airportguide.com/airport/info/43IG For those seeking to brand an aspirational airport name here is the standard to surpass.
  23. I have been watching the newest Netflix phenomenon "On My Own" which films Japanese toddlers going on their first independent errand and traveling startling distances and remembering several purchases and stops before returning. After dark in one of the first episodes. While watching these I wonder how one builds community where this can occur. It is clear that the young ones have accompanied mama on these paths numerous times so the route is known to them. Still, with traffic and narrow streets and winding lanes, and in my recent episode a crowded fish market and I mean crowded Japan style crowded. So far they have mostly been successful and these are children 2 y 10 months to 3 yrs+ and I wondered what children of that age would attempt in my neighborhood other than walk to the corner and back. Would they take a bus? Then what? To the Park, maybe? Would the police knock on the door when they return her? City design fosters habits for even the youngest among us. How much later is independence achieved, for our youth with no neighborhood to know and recognize. Who designs for them?
  24. Carolina Foods, maker of Duchess products. Famous for Honey Buns™ and little chocolate donuts which they call "best breakfast alternative". https://carolinafoodsinc.com/
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