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  1. Some good information from Ray Gindroz/FAIA on an update of the downtown Norfolk 2030 plan about the future for downtown, MacArthur Center, and St. Paul's quadrant from April's meeting of the Downtown Norfolk Civic League. The part about the proposed transformation of MacArthur Center was interesting where they want to open the mall to extend Market Street. Presentation starts at 28:11.
  2. The Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters is breaking ground Tuesday on a new $224 million pediatric mental health hospital. https://southsidedaily.com/local-news/2019/09/16/chkd-is-breaking-ground-on-their-new-pediatric-mental-health-hospital-in-norfolk/
  3. I think those low structures are placeholders. Take a close look at the map with the planned street grid. Main Street cuts clear through from downtown and City Hall Avenue extension plus extension of Tidewater Drive to Harbor Park. You don't go through all of that for a four floor apartment building. That area becomes pricey real estate.
  4. Last night City Council approved lease for 100 block of Granby Street. Granby Station Food Hall https://www.granbystation.com/ 5:10 into the video.
  5. ntheo

    The Tern

    The City is continuing to work with Equity Development Corporation (EDC) Homes on the development of Pleasant Avenue and 21st Bay. The project is currently called “The Tern” and will include a mixture of townhomes and small amount of retail including a possible restaurant. EDC is working with the city on a design that fits within the Coastal Character District expectations and will begin negotiations once all build-out costs are finalized. http://www.livingeov.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/EOVCL_Newsletter_Summer-2017_Final.pdf page 10
  6. The property is under renovation so possibly by spring we will learn how the building will be used.
  7. St. Paul’s Area Plan (2012): https://www.norfolk.gov/documentcenter/view/1687 Downtown Pattern Book (2009): https://www.norfolk.gov/documentcenter/view/1634
  8. Over the years I never recalled any plan that included skyscrapers. In fact, in the mid-1990's they were talking about big box stores along St. Pauls. This is what was proposed about 10-12 years ago: http://www.goodyclancy.com/projects/st-pauls-quadrant-area-plan/ A couple of years ago I was at some meeting in downtown and the consultants at the time stressed that SPQ should be mixed-income, mixed-use.
  9. CHURCH STREET STATION STUDIOS INFO + STORY CLIENT: LOCATION: SIZE: UNITS: FLOORS: Virginia Supportive Housing Norfolk, VA 53,938 square feet 81 units 5 floors Church Street Station Studios consists of 81 units to house homeless and low-income clients from the surrounding area. Each unit includes all necessities for easy living (kitchenette, bathroom, and bedroom) and is fully furnished with a bed, dresser, table, and chairs. The project shares its site with another, similarly planned development. Though each client has different requirements for the site, both have the same goal of adding something beautiful to Church Street. The site itself lacks the organization of the city grid and brings forth the challenges of having residential units adjacent to a busy railroad. To solve these challenges, the railroad is lined with trees and a row of parking to establish a boundary between it and the residents. The grid is brought back by tying into existing streets and positioning buildings on the main thoroughfare of Church Street. This gives the site presence in the community, while the building fades gracefully away from the business corridor into the adjacent residential neighborhood. Church Street Station Studios greets the passersby at the main entrance to the development, welcoming residents and visitors into their own little village that is lined with brick sidewalks and open green space. http://www.viadesignarchitects.com/church-street-station-studios.html
  10. I think it needs to be put into context. At that time there were far fewer options for retail than we have now. Blue laws were in place that restricted hours of operation. Virginia Beach was getting going in the 60's and Chesapeake was still years off for development so the majority of the population was within shopping range of downtown. When our family moved here in the mid-70's the only places to shop were downtown, Military Circle/Janaf and Pembroke Mall plus Wards Corner and Princess Anne Plaza. Saturdays were crowded in a way that we can never experience today because of the internet, our 24/7 culture and the vast amount of shopping centers. Once you passed Pembroke Mall on Virginia Beach Blvd. headed east immediately past Willis Wayside it was open wooded land to Rosemont Road. Great Neck Road was two lanes through farms and woods its whole length, and with the exception of Kempsville everything below the "toll road" (I-264) was rural.
  11. ntheo

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    The old Quality Shop building on Plume Street was sold: Meet @ 3:19 LLC purchased a 7,986-square-foot office/retail building at 319 E. Plume St. in Norfolk from S & R Investors LLC for $750,000. http://www.dailypress.com/business/tidewater/dp-cook-out-little-creek-buys-norfolk-properties-20170802-story.html
  12. ntheo

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Thanks for posting this. I forgot all about the produce being sold over there. In the summer it would be on the Freemason Street side of the building so to remain in the shade.
  13. ntheo

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    It was Granby & Freemason Streets. It is now part of TCC. The building is bricked up now, but it used to have plate glass windows wrap around Granby, Freemason and Monticello.
  14. That used to be a men's clothing store. It is surprising that nothing happened with that property for all these years despite all the change around it. That property and the three adjacent to it are currently up for sale.
  15. Waterside this afternoon.
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