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  1. You're right, it's brilliant. Bravo, Indeed. This may be one of the most well designed and thought out projects I have ever seen. I mean, if I hadn't read it here I would have never guessed those original facades were recreated. Man, talk about a developer "getting it"! This gives me high hopes for future projects
  2. Thanks, I was thinking that was it but I'm still kind of new to the area. Do we know how close to topped out it was as of that picture? It adds a great presence in that picture
  3. Hey guys....forgive me, I've been away for a while and am kind of behind on everything. Can someone tell me what that building going up in background here is?
  4. Long time since I've checked in......so is this thing definitely a go? This will have a huge impact on lessening the "canyon affect" of the skyline along broadway. Also, that stage top stadium facing Bridgestone arena is GENIUS. Can you imagine the crowds that events there will draw?
  5. In terms of skyline, I'd say we sit comfortably somewhere between Louisville, KY and the big Ohio cities (Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus). New Orleans is pretty similar in terms of skyline but kills us on street level. St Louis is probably our closest equivalent, IMHO. Kansas City dwarfs us.
  6. My estranged wife (and routinely my two young children) live on the 3rd floor of the Glen Royall Mills building out in Wake Forest. This incident has been an eye-opener that hit home about the reality of the dangers of having upwards of fifty to a hundred kitchens jammed into these wood framed or structured buildings. I have to admit I've been plagued with anxiety every second my kids have been over there since.
  7. ^^^I think I may have been out of the loop for a while, but can someone clarify what that building going up north of Westin is? Is that Cambria? If so, do we know how close to topped out it is? Maybe it's just because I haven't been in town for a few months, but it seems like that went up damn near overnight! EDIT- also...holy cranes, batman!
  8. Happening now, this is really insane to watch. The news article says it started with an apartment building under construction at the corner of North and West streets and has spread to surrounding buildings. I actually watched the construction crane collapse not long ago. Posting as I'm sure people here will be watching this closely and this is a good place for those curious for information on what buildings are being affected. http://www.wral.com/raleigh-apartment-engulfed-in-flames/16589274/ EDIT- Spatula and I must have clicked post at almost the exact same time. A moderator can feel free to close this thread since only one is needed (I can't figure out how to?)
  9. This is something that has really stood out to me since I recently moved to North Carolina. Virtually every exit here, at least along 40 has landscaped exits, or at very least, the exits are fully wooded, rather than being mowed down to grass. This is especially nice for people that live off these exits as often you can't even tell the interstate is there. Of course, nice things come at a cost , overall taxes are a bit higher here. But by the same token, it doesn't seem to me like it would be cheap to bulldoze everything for a square mile before putting in new exits.
  10. Anybody know what's being built on walnut st right by the corner of Macedonia rd? Looks like a church but there's no signage or info online that I can find. Just curious. Edit- nevermind, got confirmation on city data that it's going to be an secu bank. Boo.
  11. I used to cross this bridge on a daily basis when I lived in Old Hickory Village. Renovations on that thing had it reduced to one lane both ways and seemed like it was never going to end. I've been in NC now since October, did they ever wrap it up?
  12. Just found this. States construction was set to begin Feb 15. Anyone in Durham able to confirm if any activity has begun on this? http://www.bizjournals.com/triangle/blog/real-estate/2016/02/one-city-center-tower-durham-nc-duke-university.html
  13. Yeah, it was a really neat effect. And when it went back to real time they looked like a couple of looming robot dinosaurs. Great video, everyone should really check it out.
  14. ^^^ The reflections on Gulch Crossing line up just right with the Eakin building to create a neat optical illusion, making it seem transparent...cool pic. I'm sure it's been stated before, but how much higher can we expect this baby to go? It's really gearing up to have a significant impact on our skyline. Also, who else is eagerly anticipating structural hints of the "waterfall of death" as we're watching this thing go up?
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