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  1. Just wondering...did this topic move to another thread? Haven’t seen any new posts in months.
  2. Anyone know details for Juicy Tails in Rogers -- seems to be taking a long time to open.
  3. True! It continues to deteriorate... latest storms really tore it up. I hope it's in the plans now, it is getting lots of traffic!
  4. Anyone know of plans to resurface Wallis in Rogers? Was hoping they would take care of that when reconstructing Pinnacle Hills Parkway, but they stopped too soon! It can be a bit dangerous on the curve by Faithful Friends Vet (hole/drop off on the curve), and it's frustrating that the road narrows, widens, narrows and widens. Traffic seems to be getting heavier on this route and it would be great to have a uniform road.
  5. Any possibility or talks of Lexus or Land Rover opening in the area?
  6. I really like Cheddar's -- anyone know if they have any interest in coming to our area?
  7. Appears this thread went quiet. Did it move to another location?
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