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  1. They have done a lot of site work and started to pour the feeters for crawl spaces or foundations. Nothing coming out of the ground yet. I’m sure the rain has delayed it somewhat.
  2. Hey Ron - do you know who the architect/designer is on #4? I didnt realize a 4 was coming on board. Thanks.
  3. I got the same Zoning letter in the mail as well. I walk by that everyday walking my dog and its primed for a renew. It’s zoned MUG which according do some of the local developers in the Nations is intense for that spot. It butts up to Centennial and now across from the new Silo Bend Commercial Office space and the new Silo Bend House and Condos so there will be a demand if it indeed is a restaurant/store with condos, etc.. Whatever that may be who knows but if its mixed Residential/Commercial MUG it may be more pronounced than the ZMX (Boomerang) project right near it.
  4. FYI the aforementioned little House/Building at 909 Centennial was being painted today. Looks like they are moving forward finally with making it an official business. I don't know yet what it is but I will try to find out. The big parking lot to the right (if your facing the front door) has been stagnant so not sure whats gonna happen there. I will post a picture tomorrow.
  5. Same thing I have heard as well. I could be wrong but I am pretty sure the same folks that own The Nations Bar and 51st Kitchen also own that spot. They have within the past few months added what looks to be a future patio concrete pad, an accessible ramp and painted some fencing in the front. So I doubt you do any of that without prepping for something soon. Looks frankly like they are just waiting for the right time (Stocking 3rd phase/Lifestyles Project/aforementioned projects) to hit. It’s a prime location so anything is possible there. Good lot, possible sandwich shop with a back patio. But at this point I haven’t heard anything specific.
  6. Hey Ron - what time is it at Luna? I would like to join again if possible? 10am? Thanks - Adam
  7. Ron I will be there. It’s been a long time I’ve joined the group out but still a daily follower online. Plus I now live about 200 yards from White Bison. Looking forward to joining.
  8. First pic is the Thrive project where the old Renaissance Stone was, 2nd one is the Elmington Capital project. Excited about both.
  9. Dunno if this has been posted, but saw where they were doing some similar core drilling on the Virgin Hotel sight Saturday.
  10. Without a doubt the glaring issue is the intersection on Franklin pk & Wedgewood northbound. They HAVE to do something about this with all this additional traffic that will with increase with the 2 aforementioned projects in play soon with folks trying to get to I-65. Also they are adding sidewalks currently on the east side of Franklin pike across from Walgreens and hopefully on down to the carwash. This I believe might be spurred on by the recent announcement of the Fabric Gallery& Décor Store adjacent to the Melrose Apts and Regons Bank and across from Walgreens that they will be moving. I have not heard what the future lies with that lot and/or building.
  11. I went to a neighborhood meeting last night put on by Metro Council meeting Sandra Moore regarding the Colonial Bakery property. They had some renderings (mostly already posted by the TN / NBJ) and a presentation on what their plans were regarding the residential portions on the back side on Elliott Ave and fronting Franklin Rd. The retail portion fronting Franklin rd will consist of 4 smaller portions (sandwhich shops/coffee) in the front and a major retail option on the 2nd floor and back. Alliance is the apartment developer. The Alliance representative said that the apt contruction will be similar to 2300 Berry Hill up the road and the Melrose where Sinama and the Sutler is - but he stressed they are never the first to enter an area but always want to be the nicest looking. Their rental rates he said will be most likely more than those 2 aforementioned or the Lennar apts (site work just started) directly across the street. When referencing the parking garage and entrances etc, the gentleman that was puting on the meeting from the development co referenced Publix in West End as an example of how the garage will work. I doubt that was a freudian slip but fel that was interesting. When pressed on what retail component could possibly go there he was pretty adamant that there has been no discussion on a tenant or options. They have their first zoning meeting with Metro on Jan 8th and then a second in March. If everything goes as planned he felt that work could start shortly there after. Although there were some concerned neighbors there that were very opposed to the apt component of it - feeling it will just create more traffic and young partiers, etc. I live a few streets down so I wasnt as worried about that. Although I will say that once the Lennar project is completed and this, traffic will be quite miserable at that point. They are gonna create turn lanes and widen the adjacenct streets. He also said there is no discussion with Batson's Motors (which sits at the SW corner of that lot) to go anywhere soon. They have had no discussion with the owner. As I was leaving the Magnolia Tree lady started to talk - so that cued my exit.
  12. FYI Site work is starting at the former Thoroughbred Motors / Audi Dealership (Lennar Project) directly across the street from the Colonial Bakery. They put fencing around the entire lot on Friday and had multiple contractors on the lot and inside the building. Also talks continue with the Berry Hill council regarding the former Antique Store directly across from 23 Hundred @ Berry Hill apts and a few hundred yards from Captain D's (on the same side) - SW corner of Franklin Pike and Bradford. The preliminary plans are to make this a mix use or residential property similar to the lofts on 8th down the road. Lastly, Fenwicks 300 is now open and will be serving Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner starting this weekend. Is is the final commercial project next to Sinema & the Sutler at the Melrose. Its a project developed by the folks from Bonja Java and are billing it as a Modern Diner. Adam
  13. Some info regarding the 8th Ave/Melrose area near my house according to some folks I've talked to - 1) at the Melrose Apts: in the retail section of the apts, the old theatre section is going to be a two level restaurant similar to Merchant's downtown. The bottom floor is going to be a casual eatery while the top floor is going to be more formal apparently in the theme of the Great Gatsby era. Fido coffee shop is also going in one of the sections, and Austin Ray, the owner of ML Rose across the street is opening up a bar/restaurant as well as the other tenant and I am being told its possible its a new version of the defunct Sutler that was previously in that same section. I am being told they should be completed at the end of May and the apartments should be completed in August. Also a block away from the Melrose Apts, the long empty grassy lot at the corner of Gale Lane & Franklin pike (bottom of Krogers and next to Krystals) should finally be a new retail strip center with site work starting within the next 90 days or so. There will be 4 Suites available with a total of approx. 8k sq ft. The anchor tenant will have approx. 2500 sq ft with an outdoor patio. I am hearing bars like Sams and Corner Pub as ones that are interested in coming in with the other 3 most likely destinations for other eateries with one having a drive thru (McCallisters Deli/Smoothie King type options). I am very excited given my house is only a few hundred yards from this location. 8th ave S is getting very busy. I was told about the first part from folks at the Melrose Apts and the 2nd part from people connected to the project itself so I am pretty confident in the info. Hopefully it helps with Melrose/8th ave info.
  14. I'd be happy to be a part of this 12th S group considering I live in the 12th S/8th Ave S area and also went to Belmont. Don't think I can add much else to what you guys report here daily but would love to be a part of mini 12th S/8th S Ave group meeting and share some opinions and experience of the neighborhood. - Adam
  15. Hey Fellas, I have been to a meeting before but its been a while - Saturday mornings are always tough for me. I'd like to come tomorrow again if that's alright? I always hop on here to see whats happening. I live in 12th South and love to hear whats happening in the neighborhood and Nashville. I'll be there tomorrow - Provence in the DT Library correct?
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