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  1. nickbenso

    Uptown Fayetteville Development Area

    Hey, I was trying to find the plans for the Hyatt Place but can't. Is it too early for planning documents on this one? Im glad that there will be a pretty good cluster of hotels in that area.
  2. nickbenso

    Fayetteville, Arkansas

    I think the zoning change near the Walmart Neighborhood Market is for the Avid Hotel. According to the Flyer article the Avid Hotel is going in behind Planet Fitness.
  3. nickbenso

    The Promenade At Chenal

    Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse is actually the flagship concept and Del Frisco's Grille is the faster, cheaper concept (relatively speaking). I have seen both concepts in many major markets (NYC, Chicago, Boston, DC, Nashville, Denver, Houston) so its a shame we couldn't support a location in Central Arkansas but if the rumors are true I bet Ruth's Chris will do great. The location in Rogers has always been busy when I've been so hopefully that bodes well for a Little Rock location.
  4. nickbenso

    Restaurant Development in NW Arkansas

    I saw a news article about a new craft beer pub chain that is expanding across the US. I went to the website and sure enough there is a location planned for NWA, Bentonville more specifically. Looks like it will be the 11th location in the nation.
  5. nickbenso

    Infill projects in downtown Fayetteville Review/West Avenue Lot/Draft Resolution.pdf Here's the link to the plans.
  6. nickbenso

    Fayetteville, Arkansas

    oh my! comreguy, share what you know!
  7. nickbenso

    Fayetteville, Arkansas

    I will guess Aloft, LA fitness and Chuys
  8. nickbenso

    Restaurant Development in NW Arkansas

    Looks like a 2nd raising canes is coming to MLK in Fayetteville's).pdf
  9. nickbenso

    Fayetteville, Arkansas

    Looks like Fayetteville will be the new home of the NWA Volkswagen dealership. It will be next to Crain Hyundai
  10. nickbenso

    Uptown Fayetteville Development Area

    Exactly! All the Planning and City Council members say they want density/smart growth and then vote against it in every way possible. How about some ordinances that encourage taller buildings, less surface lots, more parking garages, smaller roads, better sidewalks, more bike lanes and trails, and better parks. But after all, complaining on here isn't going to do anything and we will still end up with what I can only hope will be a Bass Pro Shops and Outlet center on the Van Asche extension. Welcome to Fatevull /s
  11. nickbenso

    Uptown Fayetteville Development Area

    Fayetteville DOES NOT need an area like Pinnacle hills, which is the epitome of sprawl. We need mixed use, tight-knit, dense neighborhoods. I think once the new apartments are built in this area the city should try to differentiate the Steele/Van Asche intersection area from the rest of the Joyce/Mall area. Make an area desirable to renters and the developers will follow with more apartments and retail. I wish something slightly similar to Frisco Square, in Frisco, Texas, could be build somewhere in the Uptown area, maybe on the Van Asche extension. Another good example is the gulch neighborhood in Nashville, TN.
  12. nickbenso

    Restaurant Development in NW Arkansas

    It will be in the same building as Jimmy Johns in the new development by Dunkin Donuts. Ozzys, in the Starbucks building, is supposed to be a build your own pizza concept as well.
  13. nickbenso

    Restaurant Development in NW Arkansas

    Looks like Fayetteville is getting a Pieology location on MLK. This will be the second chipotle style pizza place on MLK
  14. The easiest way for NWA to move forward with transit would be Bus Rapid Transit. If done right, BRT can have the same comfort and speed as a Light rail system while costing far less to implement. I think NWA transit needs could be covered with four BRT lines, Downtown Fayetteville to Downtown Rogers via 71, Downtown Rogers to Downtown Bentonville via Walnut/Walton, Prairie Grove to Downtown Fayetteville via 62, Downtown Bentonville to XNA to Downtown Springdale. There could also be a few future lines like Centerton to Downtown Bentonville and Wedington, Gregg, and MLK in Fayetteville could also have dedicated Bus lanes.
  15. nickbenso

    Rogers, Arkansas

    Its because Dave and Busters gives away things like game consoles and other prizes over(?) $500 dollars and the previous law didn't allow that