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  1. This is exciting, owned by the JK&T Wings guys that have brought us Buffalo Wild Wings, Bagger Dave's, Smashburger and others. I have seen the prints and elevation drawings for this as I've bid some of the interior elements, it will have an upscale feel to it...nice.
  2. I'm a bit of a newbie, but I've been lurking for years! I've finally moved downtown (as emptynesters) so it's time for me to jump in. There has been some activity at 53 Monroe Center it is a small retail space between Charlie's Tailor Shop and West Coast Coffee. It's a small space, but I'm curious what might be going in there. I'm hoping it gets some exterior updating as well as it's the last aluminum frame storefront on the block. I'm curious what other retail, small or large, people would like to see? And don't say a grocery store that is such a given that it doesn't need noting!!
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