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  1. Any updates on process reports on Drive Shack?
  2. Atowwn

    N&O Site

    The deal falling thru may be a blessing in disguise. I always hoped Mr Kane would get this site. Fingers crossed!
  3. It's not on Wilmington street. I think that's Lenoir street.
  4. I passed by there yesterday. It looked like they were starting to move one of the old homes on site. Maybe there'll be some major movement on this project in 2017
  5. Much better than first version. Wonder if it will start before I'm in a old folks home?
  6. Atowwn

    One Glenwood

    I don't have a problem with the 10 story version. Things have shifted around a bit. Think of all the projects on the way. I'm more than satisfied. The Dillion,Charter Square,301 Hillsbrough,the N&O which will hopefully be Raleigh's new tallest,fingers crossed. Throw in this 10 story(150') we're looking good. I Just hope we can get another hotel or two started this year.
  7. Banks like other businesses sometimes cluster togather. I don't see an issue. Btw I can't remember the company's name. But a company moved out of The Captrust building for the BOA building downtown recently. Downtown is is high tech and state government. Midtown(north hills) seems to be turning into a financial district. I for one don't have an issue with that. To all the North Hills haters. What's good for one area us good for the other. Not to mention the entire city. Both areas are coming along quite nicely.
  8. The north tower is IMO the most important building that will be built DT. For years to come. It's the last piece of City Plaza. Also will do wonders for the "money shot". I hope they come up with something striking. The last I heard it would be mixed use. Office and apartments,maybe condos. About 21-24 stories. Let's hope for 24. Just think if Charter South makes an impression at 11 stories. What 24 stories will look like. They better get this right. This building will be on a lot of post cards lol. Fingers crossed. Also I heard a new rendering of Charter North is coming soon. Once again fingers crossed.
  9. The Kane proposal is 2 up to 20 story buildings. With a parking deck in between.If I'm not mistaken. Maybe the councilman got his thoughts mixed up. Either way,if they build a deck. I agree it's a win win. If not the parking situation will be pretty bad. Dose anyone know what the current parking plan is? I've heard a number of different things. Nothing solid though.
  10. This would be great. I won't hold my breath though. http://abc11.com/politics/governor-has-plans-for-more-raleigh-revitalization/293236/ Maybe we can squeeze one building out of Governor Pat. After all he's trying to get re-elected
  11. I'm just glad they didn't nickel and dime us this time. It looks like we may finally have some good leadership.
  12. No. Actually 4. Not sure of the name. A retirement community has already started. On the other side of the amphitheater. Lots going on out there. With any luck tower 3 will start some time this year.
  13. It's time for our city leaders to lead. I rarely have this opinion but 20 stories or leave the parking lot as is for now. Do what is best for Raleigh. If a few citizens are unhappy too bad! Maybe they should move to Brier Creek. 28 stories would've been great! 20 pretty good. 7 no words!
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