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  1. I live over on Water Oak and use that neighborhood to get back to Sharon Amity from Colwick. Traffic is going to be a nightmare for those residents. Those "Wick" streets need to be tied into the surrounding neighborhoods.
  2. Dan Morrill has his book Historic Charlotte available free online - http://landmarkscommission.org/Morrill%20Book/Index.htm There's also Hornet's Nest by LeGette Blythe and Charles Brockman - http://www.cmstory.org/history/hornets/content.htm Hanchett's book is the most complete scholarly book on Charlotte, though the in depth material really runs to about World War II.
  3. I usually park on the first floor at Target and walk over. It's so much easier than combating the TJ's and office traffic.
  4. A friend of mine made those buttons/magnets. She moved back to SoCal, so that's why you don't see them anymore.
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