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  1. well, all things being equal, I recon we can agree on two things: 1) nice shots, and 2) you risked life and limb to get them. That's my kind of crazy.
  2. https://simpleflying.com/turkish-airlines-28-target-cities/ Turkish Airlines looking to come to OIA.
  3. Amazing. The foundation is there for the 4 gates. And it will take 3 years to get to substantial completion. They built the Sear Tower in like 3 years.
  4. wow. that was interesting...he lankily dribbled down to the 3 pt line and shot the tre. Bol.
  5. ahhhhhhhhhhh (exhales)... so much better now... now point me in the direction of the centrists!
  6. he was implying that Florida did not have an illegal alien problem like Texas and CA ala people coming over the border en masse. My point was that if they didn't come here from over the border, regardless of whether by foot or water, then were they shipped here by those administrations; how else would they get here, right? My point was that it is one or the other. The other was a hypothetical to prove the point that Florida does have an immigration problem. Capish?
  7. what kind of infrastructure comes with having a pilot base?
  8. my point was that Florida is a border state; maybe not by foot.
  9. I can't reply b/c I promised @JFW657that I pulled my head out of my a55.
  10. alright, I pulled my head out of my a55. now what?
  11. https://orlandoparkstop.com/news/theme-park-news/epic-universe-update-mack-dueling-coaster-track-installed-monsters-facades-take-shape-and-nintendo-progress/ Epic U updates...
  12. you must be referring to all the gamma do-gooders and activists that vote Democrat, right?
  13. this is an example of what the MSM does. They slam the, how shall I say it, non-Leftists, at the beginning of an article, through the middle of an article, and then, knowing that people mainly read just the headlines and the first paragraph or two, give the REAL info at the end to CYA. That's why memes are so popular. It's a tactic and they do it all the time. Sometimes they even state that the theme of the article was nothing more than satire.
  14. I heard. He needs to have venue for any criminal case moved to CA; at least there, they will let him back out on the streets like all the other 7k pedos... Bad for our depth chart. bad juju for the team too. I just don't get it.... I read the article. he should've taken the advice of the typical criminal attorney and shut the F up and called his dad immediately or UF legal.
  15. DeSantis doesn't have to ship illegals to MA to stay relevant. But, the whole sanctuary city/ sanctuary state thing- if Democrats want to pay for that, then pay for it with your money and house those illegals in your cities and states and on your own couch. Again, you can'[t have it both ways. You can't allow thousands of illegals walking over the border and force it down the nation's throat, give them Medicaid and free things, and then when people protest this, they are shamed and extoled for it. That's bullsh!t and right out of the liberal playbook. It's just another "victim" to create. Victim politics. Fix the damn economy and stop creating yet another victim class and attacking conservatives when they protest it.
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