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  1. jrs2

    Other Metro Area Projects

    Oh, my sh!t! is that near the Sunrail station?
  2. jrs2

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I don't think he was singling you out; only commentating (yes, commentating) on the sentiment felt by many, including me, that this has as much chance at success as a Klingon D-7 against the Enterprise E. ...commenting...
  3. jrs2

    520 Church St. | 12-Story Residential [Approved]

    ^^ wow are you guys with an Alphabet Agency or something? Breaking photos! Why the hec am I not at the top of Aventura Hotel right now?
  4. jrs2

    The Brightline

    ...you could if you were an illuminati heir to JP Morgan & Co...
  5. jrs2

    The Brightline

    Haha. I just saw a Rick Scott commercial slamming his opponent for taking money from Medicare. Maybe people should look at his campaign ads for governor when he admitted to Medicare fraud, apologized for it, and then stated "Let's get to work." It's so wonderfully ridiculous, it makes me want to move to...somewhere...
  6. jrs2

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Here is the possibly overlooked beauty with this: Ferg's left a week or two ago. These guys come in fairly quickly to bring in a national retailer. The point is there are some cities historically where a business shuts down and the space stays vacant. Not quite the case in Orlando, which is a great phenomenon.
  7. jrs2

    Metro Orlando Headlines

    Likewise, I have no problem with Rollins. I think Cleveland Clinic rides on the coattails of it's mother campus in Cuyahoga. Same with Mayo I think. I don't necessarily think that FH is a super good health center, although it's FH South campus is awesome. You are correct about reputation and I agree. But even on that, Shands' reputation far exceeds Tampa General's. And perhaps Jackson memorial with UM's Med School might also as well. I'm no expert by any stretch...but it looks like reputation far exceeds actual infrastructure in these rankings. IMO, you're not going to have good or great infrastructure if the facility stinks. I dislike hospitals in general, but that aside, you know, these rankings are...interesting...to say the least. BTW, I saw Shands' newest additions not too long ago. In the words of Darth Vader to Luke Skywalker in ESB..."Impressive...most impressive..." That master plan construction is in full swing. They've been at it for the past 6 or so years. It's so insane it's silly. They've got a lot of cash too. It's like Shands… Now they are UF Health... And, technically, like ORMC or ORHS or Orlando Health
  8. jrs2

    Metro Orlando Headlines

    Jackson Memorial isn't even on the list. Mayo is a branch of Mayo; as is Cleveland Clinic. I don't trust these rankings. Shands is a machine. Adventist Health is huge. ORHS is split into many sub-hospitals. IMO, you can't rank a building off of I-75 in NW Dade higher than an entire hospital campus. And I seriously doubt that Tampa General is a better hospital than Shands. That ranking stinks to High Heaven. But these are the same type of rankings that list Rollins as the best college in Florida.
  9. jrs2

    X Orlando | Three-tower Residential [Proposed]

    I keep forgetting that UCF's campus is u/c across I-4 from there. There is a higher probability that this project will get it's later phases built because of that. right? ...just to appease the good folks at Crescent is all...
  10. yeah, the lighting on that shot is making it look ominous, like those '60's-'70's Chicago scrapers like Daley Center, CNA, IBM, Illinois Center, etc...
  11. jrs2

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    So, the railings are glass panels. they keep the lights on. how do you get rid of the glare if you want to snap or just look out over Comcast's Empire? They've got to dim the lights, or, go before sundown I reckon.
  12. jrs2

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Um... August 17 grand opening for Aventura Hotel?
  13. jrs2

    X Orlando | Three-tower Residential [Proposed]

    I just don't get the extremely similar heights or lack thereof of the three towers. The squattiness in this town is starting to get to me. Believe me, I'll take this height over Crescent and over 520 Church, but with a vertical opportunity present, why make it so squatty? Anyway, the shortest "tower" should be adjacent to Crescent, right, for the step down effect?
  14. jrs2

    Metro Orlando Airport News

    does SFB really employ 23,000 people per that article? Without doing google research, that's gotta be a typo.