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  1. ^^ this should have been the minimum height of a "short" apartment building in downtown Orlando.
  2. ROTFL! that's some of the funniest stuff I've heard in a while! "...and it builds itself..."
  3. pardon me, but can you remind me if this list is about which hotel may be going near I-Drive from your prior post? thx!
  4. interesting. any more info on this project?
  5. there were workers on the top floor this afternoon working.
  6. No offense taken. I am awake. And I employ several people.
  7. yeah, but it should be in the coffee house like Niteowl suggested. otherwise, you might as well have a Wall Street thread or a Dow Jones thread or a thread on every subject that can affect whether the economy goes boom or bust.
  8. they were out of stuff like alcohol, etc. on Friday.
  9. EPCOT has the Guardians ride as part of the former Universe of Energy pavilion. I could see them expanding into the parking lot with an Avengers land with Guardians as the anchor.
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