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  1. jrs2

    The Brightline

    The jumbled mess is digging up a 4-year-old post and mischaracterizing it and then trying to save face afterwards when you’re shown to be wrong.
  2. jrs2

    Creative Village

  3. jrs2

    The Brightline

    Wow! Who the hec digs up a 4 year old post after all this time- and then mischaracterizes it to boot? I mean, seriously? Anyway, your FG attempt sailed wide right (it means you're wrong). Every one of those cities I mentioned has a city center, urban neighborhoods, city parks, suburbs, suburban office parks, satellite cities, and sprawling highways. Let's be clear: I never said Paris and Orlando are no different from one another- you surmised it. I also never commented on anything any of these cities spent much of the last 100 years doing to build cities- you did. Nor did I compare that with the likes of Atlanta ala sprawl- again, you surmised it. I also said the only metro with definable borders that I could think of at the time was NOLA, and this is a fact. Again, my point was to show that Orlando was sprawled much more than Atlanta, but, with that being said, places like Chicago et al are just as sprawled or even more so. And that too is a fact. Orlando has sprawl, and so do they- and that is the extent of the comparison that I made. "Throwing out whatever sticks to the wall is not an argument." - great advice. maybe you should take it yourself, next time you post in that Coffee House thread.
  4. jrs2

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    ...and I think that the Artegon people, when they were looking to sell, back when they kicked all of the tenants out a couple of years back, were hoping that Universal would purchase it. I had posted that I spoke to a shop owner that used to work for Universal and saw surveyors from Universal on site back before they closed it down. I was also told about the easement the City gave Universal over Grand National for transit. So, it looked like all fingers were pointing in that direction. Then, Universal did not buy it, and this other group from SoFla did. So the mall is still there without those former tenants. I thought maybe the owners gave the tenants a line, but it was one of the tenants that told me what he saw. Anyway, if Unicorp were to get involved, I'm pretty sure they could turn that dog into a prized pony.
  5. jrs2

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Back when they proposed it, Millennia had not been built yet and the outlets across the street were still Belz Outlets. I believe that Premium Vineland was just about to begin construction or already had opened. They had a list of all the tenants on their website. Then, one day, all of those tenants' names vanished, sans Bass, the Cinema, and maybe a handful more like Ron Jon. Once it opened, Millennia was already open, Premium was open, and Belz was beginning it's redo. They had 3 factory outlets in there, like Nine West, etc. They lasted a short while. Too bad, they should've pushed the outlet angle of retailers to get traction. Now, with Grand National open, it should help with more traffic I would think.
  6. jrs2

    Metro Orlando Airport News

    this would explain why OIA gave them gates at the new South Terminal...hub status versus just a new international route or routes.
  7. Great... the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Gators get to show up (or not show up) and give more fuel to UCF's fire...
  8. jrs2

    LOCAL and Florida Politics

    Religion and politics, people. My parents warned me to stay out of these discussions. I almost got dragged in... For every sin the Democrats are guilty of, I can name 1 for the Republicans, and vice versa. Politicians are dirty. At the end of the day, you should vote wallet, as my dad used to say, and not bullcrap ideology. I told everyone here I felt that Trump was controlled opposition to appease a large segment of society that was getting fed up with the "system" or the "establishment." I still believe that. Politicians want one thing, money. They are whores. But they're also puppets. Altruism doesn't exist at that level, only lip service- and I mean also the State level. I believe the two parties are part of the same coin, and they throw us a bone every once in a while to appease us. It is all for the most part orchestrated, right down to feuds between CNN and FOX. It is a sh!t show and we're the audience paying a ticket to it. They want to keep us fighting. Gillum good, Scott bad; Trump good, Hillary bad, and so on. I, for one, am tired of being manipulated and used like the glass window at a peep show booth, or the VHS tape slot of a VCR to a horny teenager watching the movie "10" or reading the Sears Catalogue whilst.
  9. jrs2

    LOCAL and Florida Politics

    I put it out as bait to see if anyone was even reading my posts... Thanks, JFW657! well, you're a Gator, so you're alright by me
  10. 55W is like that, right, for like floors 4 through 12 facing Church St?
  11. jrs2

    LOCAL and Florida Politics

    *deleted (yet again)
  12. jrs2

    A few fancy unbuilt projects

    I just don't understand the situation with the Cambria Suites lot, especially after they flooded the news waves with the new renderings, etc.
  13. jrs2

    LOCAL and Florida Politics

    ^^ You are wasting your breath and keystrokes, aent, trying to rationalize with leftists. Why do you think I "deleted" my post above?
  14. I'll help you and we can share the bounty!