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  1. You think Randy Piper and Chris Holmes are members of U-Club? LOL.
  2. Creative Village [Proposed]

    I drove by there yesterday. Saw the Commons Building site; yep. That's close to the former Expo Center/ UCF building.
  3. So, I drove south on Orange past Pineloch to check out the construction site of that big project. Nothing to take a photo of- yet... Dusk. I did a U-ey just past there and as I approached Pineloch, wow, what a change! The ABC was lit up and right smack on that sidewalk. I lost track of where I was for a second. Total transformation. When this plaza with Earthfare gets built with the out parcel businesses fronting Orange, this will be really awesome (not partially awesome). LOL! Prejudicial Google search engine on German discount grocers (unless they are now owned by the same company). Dunno. I have the same question.
  4. Winter Garden/Ocoee/Oakland Projects

    They are building a GameTime at OneDaytona. I went to their website and they are also building one in Ocoee off of SR 50 as well. It's like DavenBusters.
  5. Omg! I type, like, 10 wpm. Yet, somehow, I am still drawn to participate in an online forum that requires typing skills to communicate...
  6. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Ok, so here is the new helicopter ride facility in that Brazilian owned plaza between Grand National & Municipal Drive on I-Drive. I flew a recon sortie last night and have a few more photos of current projects in the attractions area.
  7. Winter Garden/Ocoee/Oakland Projects

    Wow! that is awesome! can't wait to see that place!
  8. Yes. I absolutely agree with you.
  9. Creative Village [Proposed]

    Amen, brother! Go Gators!
  10. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    What's interesting to note, it that when using just city population, you can usually get a good correlation of how developed the urban core is. Take Miami, Tampa, Jax, and ATL. All of those downtowns are taller than Orlando and their populations are from 300k and up. Similar situation when looking at Louisville, NOLA, Nashville, etc. Orlando is very young. Orlando needed the building boom to not go bust over the past decade just to catch up to these places. Now, all of these places have been doing urban renewal, including Denver, and these "cities" have become nice places to live, like downtown Orlando, but, they are all known for themes that have to do with the cities themselves, not a gigantic resort 20 miles away from the core. We need better marketers here, and not just for tourism. We need business partners with the likes of Adventist Health, Martin Lockheed, Darden, CNL, Suntrust, AAA, EA Tiburon, UCF, Full Sail, etc., to help market the area to other companies.
  11. 10 more stories and a taller pedestal. The height of the pedestal along Central Ave is just a little taller than the thickness of the tower is thick. It looks weak. That pedestal should've been taller. Maybe Solaire's is skewing my frame of reference. It looks like the natural size of what that design should've been was chopped down by a lot, not a little.
  12. Other Metro Area Projects

    OMG, that is so weird. I just had a conversation with someone a few days ago about how seniors make good customers. The new Jimmy Buffet Villages-type of community in DB came up as an example and the expansion of The Villages. It all makes perfect sense. All they need now is BINGO.
  13. Yeah, that's right...and the other Publix...
  14. Creative Village [Proposed]

    Yep. saw the site last week and a couple of months back off of Fletcher. If you saw the old oaks that they had to tear down for that Publix, you would have done a die in to prevent them from getting bulldozed. I was mortified and still b itching about it...terrible... Their football team may suck, for now, but just look at it... glorious. And on a design side note, I thought that was going to be an exposed concrete parking deck only. Look at it now. Just fantastic.
  15. Um, aren't you the one who said that we all want tall buildings to compensate for lack of major companies downtown more or less? I don't think you should stop posting, for whatever that's worth. My motto is "it's should've been 10 stories taller" and it always will be because I've got Windy City blood running through my veins. ^^ To Aent: OMG what an essay! More power to you.