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  1. jrs2

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    ^^ Wow! That was FAST!
  2. jrs2

    Creative Village [Proposed]

    So, we know about the three (3) projects currently u/c at CV. Wasn't there a fourth project that they either approved/began site work on?
  3. jrs2

    Orlando Transit

    So, if they do build Hyperloop that comes into Orlando, is it going to dock at OIA's Intermodal Center, or on GOAA property, or somewhere else?
  4. jrs2


    Captain Jack sayeth: Me likey the sound of Ravaudage. It has a pleasant ring to it!
  5. jrs2


    well, that would be a good investment since it will be adjacent to at least 2-3 apartment buildings with hundreds of potential customers...ya know... The hotel. I saw the billboard up about two weeks back but didn't snap a picture b/c...it's a billboard...
  6. jrs2

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Sandusky's got the coasters, but so could Orlando, in a steadily transforming Sea World...
  7. jrs2

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    imagine that anomaly... a new 10-story red brick building in Orlando...
  8. jrs2

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    With this project and Radius, that corner will forever be transformed from the desolate wasteland that it currently is...kinda...
  9. jrs2

    Orlando Transit

    I thought that Virgin decided to pursue a route somewhere else first. But they are talking in that article as though the Orlando to Miami route is a priority. The HTT proposal for Orlando to Tampa I don't know. Maybe that route only has legs if the Orlando to Miami route gets built first.
  10. jrs2

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    I wonder if Hyatt owned that land before purchasing Peabody, and now they simply hold it and keep a competitor from developing there.
  11. Shame. on a related note, the Sears Auto Center demolition having finished a couple of months back at Volusia Mall, the steel structure of the first of six restaurant outparcels/wing at Volusia Mall in front of Sears is already up as of last night. So hopefully, the infusion of these new eateries at the Mall will help in boosting the clientele.
  12. jrs2

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    ^^ Hyatt really owns that land too?
  13. jrs2

    SunRail [Phase 1 Completed]

    So, we have Elon Musk's proposal, and Virgin, and HTT wanting to build hyperloop routes?
  14. jrs2

    Winter Park & Maitland

    ...or at least some kind of trail or path near the tracks and away from 17-92 for peds, bikes, etc...