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  1. well, if you check your own prior comments from 2016, you yourself were one of those "airhead suckers" gloating at that illegal FISA warrant that was issued by Barack Christ to investigate Trump. You think I forgot that? But my comment was a general comment because Spenser was talking about other stuff, so I couldn't respond to him. I was actually motivated to comment by "barker clown." I've got liberal Kool Aid drinking friends pushing me memes of how ridiculous Trump is to think Biden will lock the US down- only 24 hrs before Michigan and Oregon get shut down with threat of jail time if you violate the 6-10 person max at a private gathering. To a socialist, a centrist or anyone with a contrary viewpoint IS a fascist, whether it's now, fifty years ago, in the US, in Greece, in Germany, in Russia, or anywhere else in the world. That's why you guys always blow a gasket when someone on FOX says something contrary to CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNBC, MSNBC, The View, or any other talk show on those networks. And you've got the audacity to call me a fascist? That's laughable.
  2. So, Putin is a nationalist. Trump is a nationalist. Britain performed the Brexit as did Russia pre-2016 elections. Italy tried to follow Britain's example but was strong-armed by the Euro. All of this circa 2016. Canadian legislators are announcing that the covid lockdown is a fantastic opportunity to push forward the global economic reset. The writing is on the wall and they do not hide what they are planning or working on. If you don't see it, you're a Democrat fanboy no matter what the cost to US sovereignty. If you do see it and support it, you're a Socialist.
  3. were right wing agitators responsible for looters demolishing all of the store fronts on Michigan Ave? Ha ha. They looted their own Democrat leftist controlled city, but a place I hold dear to my heart. Give me a break. Defund the police. Why, because one police department used a chokehold used over and over the past year on both blacks and white suspects but that this time killed a black suspect in custody? If a white cop came out in every state and killed a black man just because he was black then burn the mutha down. But this is a bunch of BS. So if any "right wing" publication, say, writes about this event and Antifa and BLM involvement and their stances on rioting and funding sources, then more power to them, because CNN ain't doing it when they're supposed to as well as the rest of the MSM liars. So, you're a liar when you don't report it and a liar when you slant it. And to have a debate moderator deny that Antifa actually exists is laughable and incredible, and if people don't see the apparent bias against a presidential candidate especially during a debate, then you are a leftist parading like a centrist, which is a typical leftist tactic. Here's something the MSM dared not bring up about Chicago... when looters were coming into a Mexican gang controlled neighborhood about three miles SW of The Loop, a firefight ensued and the BLM looters ran like cockroaches. As a result, a buddy of mine's restaurant suffered no property damage or theft. Here's another thing that's disgraceful- when a county official tells a presidential candidate not to campaign in his county because protests will follow. This was local, of course.
  4. Um...did no one watch the supreme court nomination hearings but me? There is a whole laundry list of angry, sputtering kooks from the Democrat side that tried to corner lady judge but couldn't. Add to that souffle recipe Pelosi, AOC, and Warren. Did nobody watch the Young Turks' coverage of the 2016 election? What about the white lash comments from Van Jones in 2016? What about Chris Cuomo crying? What about all the criers marching around Lake Eola after that election? What about the fake impeachment committee with that guy with the cyborg stare, Shiff? What about all the Democrat women in white sitting disrespectfully at the state of the unions? And what about Trump's town hall lady mod who kept trying to debate him when it was a town hall? What about Chris Wallace more or less snickering with Biden at comments Trump made, like they were two high schoolers when Wallace was supposed to be unbiased; no curve balls sent Biden's way. And what about the lady mod at the second debate who kept asking Biden questions but only gave Trump 10 seconds to respond. How much air time did they give Biden at that debate for God's sake? Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar.
  5. is there like a downtown business development committee that courts companies to move downtown?
  6. Ok. My response to to your post right up until quoting me: Word salad. My response to the second part of your post: Or, she won't approve it until Biden gets elected so he can take the credit. What, she's holding out for even more PPP money and individual bailout checks to citizens across the board? bullsh!t. I didn't know Rush Limbaugh was still a thing, for starters. But you don't have to be Hannity to see what's going on. See below: Cuomo gives Ice Cube grief because he meets with the Trump campaign. The reason he did is because the Democrats balked at him until after the election. Except Ice Cube doesn't care about politics; he only cares about Blacks. Who do the Democrats care about? Not Blacks apparently and not Ice Cube; only politics. So, the Democrats politicize this issue so long as it benefits their agenda, just like with Pelosi above.
  7. Obama had a complete majority from 2008-2010. Clinton did from at least 1992-1994. For most of the remainder of presidential terms it's been mixed between the president and congress for party control. And you know the answer: pork. Just look at Pelosi...she won't approve the latest bailout because she wants more money to bail out democrat controlled states- and Wolf Blitzer grilled her on this in that CNN interview but he did not go for the jugular and he should've- because if she was Trump, he would've.
  8. I don't know what a "word salad" is.
  9. https://news.energysage.com/best-solar-panel-manufacturers-usa/ The top 10 list of solar panel manufacturers (global) Included in the table below are the solar panel manufacturers with the largest global market share in 2019, based on sales in 2018. Top solar panel manufacturers in 2019 2018 RANK COMPANY HEADQUARTERS 1 JinkoSolar China 2 JA Solar China 3 Trina Solar China 4 LONGi Solar China 5 Canadian Solar Canada 6 Hanwha Q-CELLS South Korea 7 Risen Energy China 8 GCL-SI Hong Kong 9 Talesun China 10 First Solar USA Wow. If I lived in the "fracking" belt I would vote GOP every time because it is obvious the writing is on the global warming wall. And they have the audacity to claim Trump is on the take with foreign powers? Look at this Top 10 list. It is pretty obvious when Gore started with his ManBearPig BS when he lost the election that something stunk to high heaven. I've been saying it for years...follow the money. From Gore to the Paris Accord. Trump talked against globalism with bad trade deals etc., and they trumped up a bunch of BS the past three years to shut him up and shut him down before he did too much damage to their plans. China in this Top 10 looks like the SEC in a typical year college football poll. It's ridiculous. China owns the studios; China owns the politicians, and in this case, China has a bunch of American citizen environmental cheerleader do-gooders pushing their own business agenda based on BS; turn off American industry and instead buy from China for energy. You won't see CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, and the like pointing this out to the American public because they're all in on it. So "global warming" the movement is nothing more than Chinese business marketing, packaged instead as environmental & business good sense.
  10. I'm not your typical Christian. Establishment Christians IMO are a bunch of divisive blowhards- but so are many atheists. Just because someone mentions Jesus' name doesn't make them a Christian. So, if the government pays for abortions, does that mean that the Left feels that it owns this country because they are making all taxpayers pay for Planned Parenthood's abortions? I think it does per your argument. If you support abortion and made the government declare it legal and to pay for it, now you're the one pushing your religious beliefs on others. It goes both ways. Wanting "Christian" to walk the walk ala following a moral code- does that mean atheists don't have a moral code and shouldn't be judged by any standard? Regarding Islam, I have talked for years with colleagues of mine that are gay and Islamic and they themselves have told me how it is within their faith and how dangerous it is for them. They get alienated by their Islamic families here in the States just like gays do from other perhaps Christian or other families. This comes from my firsthand knowledge. So, the rub on all this is that Jesus was about giving people hope and a legit way to get right with God again. He's not about killing abortion doctors and the people that do that are not really Christian, whether they say so to the media or not. He's also not about alienating gays, and there's a lot of gays that are Christian. And if real Christians are weirded out by abortions and/or by the government legalizing it, it is because they fear the wrath of God condemning the US for doing so. I think they believe that when society gets so bad beyond the point of no return, that's when He's gonna come back and toss everything into the pit. I think that's how the GOP gets their votes. And before you vilify anybody for any reason, think of who you don't vilify and make sure their crap don't stink before doing so. And when you say "so called Christians" you hit the nail on the head whether you knew it or not; they're probably posers just playing a role. abortion is an issue only because it is divisive and gets votes. It's brilliant actually, for the control structure of this country.
  11. So according to the OT, the Earth was created by God and it was inhabited by angelic beings. After the revolt, He judged it, flooded it, and froze it. After some time, he reconstituted an already existing Earth and then created A&E. From that point, 6k years passed. Prior to that, nobody knows how old it really is. That information is contained within several books of the OT and in no particular order. So, when I locate it again, I will quote the passages from the actual Bible that state as much.
  12. Well, I dunno 'bout you, but when that hotel opens up inside CSP, I plan on going to that open air bar in the cutout portion of the tower halfway up! And that's technically in between Amway and DPAC...albeit not on Church...
  13. WTF? I remember when they first wrote about that. Their theory was something about how the Society project would somehow interfere with their project's viability b/c it was too big or something like that; some bogus theory... Sun being blocked from hitting their pool deck perhaps? If that's the case then 55W should sue itself.
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