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  1. see my Orlando Magic comment in that thread. So, I wonder what the odds in Vegas would be in a showdown between whether The Orlando Magic Entertainment Complex ever getting built, versus, US 92 ever looking respectable on the beachside and getting redeveloped. a tuffy, to be sure...
  2. so this is about the time where I chime in and dog this organization. I won't. I'll just let the facts speak for themselves: regardless of the date of the first post in this thread, which is some time in 2017, the Magic first announced this project in November 2013. Does everyone remember what's been built in Downtown Orlando since then? See below: Steelhouse, NORA (2-3 retailers), The Sevens, 420 Artisan (6+ retailers), Modera (U-Club), CitiTower, Skyhouse (2 retailers), Novel Lucerne (Earthfare), Crescent Center (8 retailers), Residence Inn, Brownstones off Mariposa, Exploria Soccer Stadium, OPD's new HQ off OBT, And projects currently u/c: 520 Church Street, CSP, Radius, The Yard, Broadstone Lake House, and...Phase II of DPAC (how unlikely was this to ever get off the ground?) I won't even go into DPAC and Creative Village. CV was proposed in 2010 but IMO, it was far tougher to get tenants for that project at that time because nobody knew that UCF would be a player until later. Now, you have Amelia Court, Union West, and the classroom building all finished, with Prism u/c. But I believe their reasons for the delays are BS. They just don't have the money lined up; tenants, loan, etc. and the don't want it to get out because it makes them look bad, unlike a company like Unicorp that has a good rep for this sort of thing, or, ISC, which just got street cred for One Daytona. I've already drawn comparisons to ISC in Daytona, and for the record, maybe unfairly, and One Daytona is now fully operational (I sound like Emperor Palpatine) since the opening of the Marriott branded hotel there prior to July 2019. They first announced this project in August 2013 and broke ground in 2016. But One Daytona was a big risk too because of its location. OPD opened their new HQ on OBT in March 2017 to clear the way to the Magic. It has been 2 years and 6 months since then. Their I-4 underpass mumbo jumbo is nothing but a red herring. This "one-phase" BS is...BS. If it's not one thing it's something else. Trust me, Buddy isn't holding his breath on this one. They are utterly incompetent or they are up to something where they're gonna try to get money from the City or some tourist tax money like they got for the Amway Center. Wait and see. don't hold your breath...O2 is precious and having faith in The Magic organization for anything is faith misplaced.
  3. this is pretty cool; it is meant to connect to SWGE at Hollywood Studios.
  4. thanks. Btw, is it just me, or is the rebuilding of the Silver Beach Bridge a waste of money? Chicago is full of draw bridges over the Chi R, so I don't see the necessity for all of these bridge projects. What it looks like to me is bridge companied greasing officials to push for their reconstruction. You could justify 92 and Seabreeze, but Silver Beach? I dunno about that.
  5. 'horrible'...'meth'...my home this is! LOL not really, but kinda... if you want to walk along A1A near the core or Beach Street and not get rolled up upon for money, forget it. but you can get that in downtown Orlando too. I do agree about the I-Drive on meth thing though...but that's when you escape and head to DBS, PI, or OBS to escape the riff raff. I keep telling people that Daytona, albeit with bad decisions after bad decisions, is an old urbanized city on the beach which is why it is dirty and run down. it has an illustrious history with "organized" crime and drug dealing on the beach and at the Boardwalk. The difference for me is familiarity because of tons of people that I know there, over the years, so it's not judged in a void, unfortunately its judged in that context and I usually let a lot of things slide as a result; a lot of things that a first time visitor wouldn't. man, the first time I spent meaningful time in east Orlando back in 1996-97, the first stretch of road I encountered was E. Colonial off of 417 heading west into town. To me, that area looked like a run down war zone suburbanized ghetto. It looked horrible. But then I got used to it and it just became...normal. Since then, they widened 50 and improved it, but it still stinks. All this being said, Daytona has the beach and the Intracoastal and the Inlet, with other nice pockets mixed in amongst the run down sh!t. You just gotta know where to go to enjoy yourself- but if you are already familiar with the Daytona experience, then you've probably hit a point where you're tired of making excuses for it...and I may hit that point some day- sooner than later.
  6. good points. US 92 on the beachside is a wasteland. there was a condo project slated for that parcel at 92 & the Halifax, on the north east side of the base of the bridge, back during the boom, but it didn't happen. I think that would've been a big catalyst for development. now, it's a wasteland. it's an embarrassment. At least Seabreeze is nice. But once you cross over to the mainland, you are in...well...let's just say the Mason Ave corridor leaves a lot to be desired. US 92 was supposed to have a traffic circle at A1A and so far...nothing.
  7. well, if there's not that much demand for those routes, then maybe that won't affect the overall numbers at OIA. you seem to be the resident expert on this...any newer updates on OIA numbers?
  8. the last few posts...the money issue...I wonder...is that why they had reported last year that they might slate the Rosalind side of part of the property for an apartment building, ala, to create another source of revenue for dpac?
  9. very surreal. I never thought in a million years this would or could ever happen. but, they are acting like it can or will happen. stay tuned I guess. if this goes forward before the Magic Entertainment Complex does I will never let up on that organization.
  10. they should just call it New Smyrna Beach Adjacent
  11. not 100% about the logistics, but even if Sunrail extended to OIA on its own, they would do it with a different train I think from what's been mentioned before. nevertheless, they would still need an expanded station probably at Meadowoods because that specific train would not emanate from downtown or Kissimmee; you would still need to transfer. so, with that being the case most likely, it would be better to have Virgin do it that FDOT. To anyone else, am I correct on this understanding?
  12. jrs2

    Creative Village

    impressive. when you view CV from the CBD, the cluster is literally a 3rd cluster complimenting the two satellite hospital clusters; not as large but getting there.
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