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  1. I noticed since a couple weeks back they have forms popping up and visible over the fence line
  2. the video is nutz. they are pretty talented. I learned about them from my gf's kids.
  3. yeah. I heard his buyout was only $500k. Also, they analyzed his opponents' winning % this year and since he's been there, and as a whole, it is below .500. He's also got no real ties to Florida. I do agree there is a downward or stationary trend for FSU. But their fanbase has money. That being said, I heard from insiders that they had to take out a loan to fire Taggart. They claim the boosters gave them the $$$. Is Norvell their dream coach? No way. He's been good at Memphis, but...as you pointed out...he hasn't beaten UCF. To his defense UCF has been really good- but...it also has to do with coaching in the big game and not choking. I always thought Memphis were chokers in the big game while UCF mastered the attitude of playing in the big game. There! I said something positive about UCF! So, I guess Bianchi was commenting on how Norvell was told he had to keep Odell on staff. Apparently the same was told to Stoops and that's a reason why Stoops backed off. I wonder if OH is good for recruiting but bad for roster discontent? Anyway, the longer UCF is used to being good, the more likely they will continue to be good- likewise for the AAC and their ranked teams.
  4. yes! and they are bringing in a European bronze-smith to create the masterpiece!
  5. I didn't know Jr was even a coach. I think SOS sent him to Duke back in the day for his schooling
  6. OMG. I am going to bite my lip before I piss everyone off on this subject.
  7. Yeah. Melbourne spent a lot of money at their airport recently. Seminole has a modernization plan in the works, but it's not as much money as Melbourne has spent. I saw for several years how the terminal at OSI looked worn out, but I figured that airlines liked it b/c it was cheap and for the location. So, Melbourne must have given UTI a sweeter deal. I don't know. The beaches, cruises, and KSC, and only another 30 minutes added to a road trip to get to Disney (compared to OSI)? Maybe...
  8. I watched the video. they did a really good job of it; it's like a couple of rides stitched into one long ride. Time for Comcast to spend more money...
  9. not to spread ill will, but he is a quitter. He expects the starting job to be handed to him in 2020. If Trask didn't get hurt in the Mizzou game in 2018, he might not have regained his starting role. That must be what he's been afraid of all this time. Because if he was better than Trask and knew that he was better, he would come back expecting to win the QB battle. But he doesn't and so he's not. And he's throwing away all the training he got under Mullen. It's not sour grapes on my part. Now, if he is vying to go pro, b/c he senses his "mortality" ala injuries and half-life as a healthy qb, then so be it. I get it; Bryant, Hurts, Eason, Fields all entered the transfer portal too. Driskell, Brissette, Del Rio, Appleby, Grier ala UF... I guess I should just get over it and move on. It's just that with Grier, I still believe that McElwain wanted him gone b/c of his schmoozing with Jack Del Rio, otherwise he would've stayed in 2016. Back to Franks- He was talking about transferring during the Auburn game- and that was only after UF finished the UK game without him, beat UT, and two scrub teams. Seriously? Was he expecting Trask to fall on his face and Gator Nation to be saying "whoah to us" b/c of franks' injury? How pathetic. He decided to transfer that quickly. Mullen knew Franks was a head case. He was a head case in 2017. He did not play like the 5th best pocket passer in the country. Coming into 2018 nobody thought UF would be any good b/c of the return of Franks and how he performed in 2017. But Mullen, the QB whisperer brought out the best in him- even though he still couldn't look off his primary receiver. In 2019, how many times did he try to lose the Miami game for us? Throwing into 3 white jerseys when we're trying to run out the clock? WTF? His crappy level of play carried over into the next game, and led to his injury at UK. He knew it. And then Trask becomes the hero of the UK game. Oh, he didn't like that one bit, I guarantee you. He did not want to see the team successful without him as the starter. Back to Trask. Mullen knew Franks was a head case and knew Trask was a TEAM PLAYER. So, he asked the team player to take the No.2 spot to quell the prima donna, because he needed the depth. Now that he doesn't really need the depth all that much, the prima donna is afraid of the competition.
  10. Julian's. wow. when I was a kid, my Jewish friends' parents would eat there... Man the demographic in the area sure has changed over the years...
  11. Gaylord Palms is under an expansion. 300+ rooms and 90k sq ft ballroom (think AC/DC) space, a 4 story parking deck, and lazy river. You can see it from I-4. they'll be able to handle bigger balls now...
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