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  1. Fair enough, free agency. But, Orlando went after a player who was hobbling his final year at Detroit which cost him playing time in the Playoffs and kept him out of the Olympics. Was it a career ender in 2000? Nobody knew for sure in 2000. Why chance it? Was it an injury that would be recurring after 2000 but not a career ender? There's a very good chance based on it's severity in 2000. Why chance it? Was it an injury that would be recurring after 2000 but eventually become a career ender more or less? There's a very good chance. Why chance it? It saved them "a couple million dollars." So that's why they did it. And they used his name to justify it, trading two healthy bodies for a hobbling choir boy. Sound familiar? Alston and Courtney Lee get benched in favor an injured Jameer Nelson in the Finals several years later. Thank you. Again, regardless of the references to him being sought after, or how sports articles lauded the deal, the fact is, that at that time (not 5 years later) everyone that I know was questioning what the hec they were thinking, because in his then present state, he was used laundry. Not at all. Money aside, it's about trading for an injured player which is not a smart thing to do.
  2. OMG, you beat me to the punch! OMG...what if it's Rick Scott?
  3. Orlando traded with the Pistons and got Grant Hill for Chucky Atkins and Ben Wallace. Articles will praise the deal b/c he was a 5-time All-Star. But, none of them talk about his injuries. They are assuming a healthy player, which is my point. If he was healthy, Detroit wouldn't have dumped him. Who deals for him? Not the other 29 franchises, rather, the Orlando Magic. True to form.
  4. Seriously? So then what you are saying is that the Magic beat out other major franchises that were beating down the doors of The Palace at Auburn Hills to get Grant Hill, right? The Magic got him knowing he had an ankle injury from the year before (Detroit), that got worse, affected him in the Playoffs, and then also prevented him from playing in the Olympics because it got worse yet. At this point, Detroit was looking to dump him and the Magic decided to take it's sloppy seconds (as in, player, ala health and effectiveness, already used up, and best years behind him). I remember this vividly. It was a bad gamble and everybody knew it.
  5. Bingo!!!! I don't know. I'm so jaded from BB that I can't think straight on this one.
  6. to be fair, Mack wasn't that bad against LSU. In fact, who knows what would've happened if Milton was the QB in that game. UCF did have a bit of a comeback to only lose by 8 (I think) with Mack starting. I think if Milton was in that game instead, LSU would've played defense differently. But, nevertheless, the difference between winning and losing is sometimes the difference between punting and converting that 3rd and 1 (see 2006 Florida Gators). Milton is/was good at doing that. So when you have an X-factor player like that, good or great things happen. Maybe that's part of the equation for UCF; they have to keep luring good and great talent to the school to get that notoriety and start a trend.
  7. jrs2

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    ...and they also do not edit for typos and punctuation. I've seen so many examples of this it makes me want to hurl. ...and I think that was exactly Orange87's point...that you have to pay and you STILL get poor quality reporting...
  8. I know this isn't about the Magic team, but, to be fair about this franchise here's the "couple of questionable calls" I've witnessed: 1. They let Shaq go 2. They allowed a hobbling Jameer to resume his starting role over Alton and the other guy who were doing great against the Lakers in The Finals. 3. They listened to Dwight when he pressured them to fire VanGundy. They fired VanGundy and started sucking; Dwight ended up leaving ANYWAY... 4. They said no to Rodman 5. They signed choir boy Grant Hill in a manner which locked him in for many injury laden years which affected their ability to go after big healthy talent. 6. They signed a known head case (can't remember his name) within a couple years after The Finals who of course didn't pan out. 7. There's more; but I'm at work. And, no, I don't like them....
  9. jrs2

    Lake Nona - Medical City

    https://www.bizjournals.com/orlando/news/2018/12/12/see-tavistocks-latest-11-story-apartment-project.html?ana=e_orl_bn_exclusive&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiWXpkbFpUQTVabVZtWXpJMiIsInQiOiJlemJsN0VsQVpuS3RlcWFwVklDRFBTdHlYNFRlRVFEMGQ1WFlUdGF0RDhxV3ZNSVwvRHpIdHlWb2FQXC9VV05ObE1VUGRTWlpPbDFmemNVUEpQb1FUeVJ6b2hESlQ3RmVkRVplRUI1NmNGQnB5K2FhSE5SZlJ4b1JmSExYdW0ycmR0In0%3D Tavistock is planning an 11-story, 450-unit apartment complex at 7042 Lake Nona Blvd.
  10. jrs2

    The Brightline

    that could totally work here in Orlando I think. easement is the big issue, though. I'd like to see that on I-Drive, but I just don't want to see them tearing down the tree-laden median south of SLR.
  11. jrs2

    The Yard at Ivanhoe | Mixed-Use [Proposed]

    technically, from those shots, it does look like one... not that I, personally am complaining. I like this project because just a few years back, Mills Park was an abandoned mill. Back then, no one would've ever imagined development there and here, on the wrong side of Alden, in a very unlikely strip of land. that's why I like this, because of the uniqueness of the location.
  12. I was on foot and took advantage of the photo op... I like that top photo b/c at first glance, out of towners might mistake the shot for parts of Miami...
  13. I know I'm probably gonna get finger pointed at for snoozing, but in those photos from Orange above, that looks like the lot at around 1000 N. Orange Ave. I thought these guys were eyeing land south of Livingston. What did I miss?
  14. jrs2

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Likewise, I for some reason view Dubai like I view Vegas; oil money and casino money...versus...hard earned over time tourism grown from the ground up.