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  1. Tremont's completion may coincide with Dpac Phase II's completion.
  2. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Hollywood Garage: It looks like they started painting the front facade. It looks nice. It seems like all activity ceased for at least two straight months once it was topped off.
  3. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Ah... But this site mandates (in a way) that you turn the ad blockers off.
  4. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    At the end of the day, they're a newspaper that's in the business of making money. But don't cry sour grapes just because you can't view an article without having to fork over the cheddar.
  5. Did we already know this, that they inked a deal with Marriott AC Hotels? https://www.bizjournals.com/orlando/news/2017/09/22/south-florida-hotelier-joins-tremont-plaza-team.html?ana=e_orl_bn&u=SiFg8rn5nWPcRxRRJ7lYUg0fbf2e29&t=1506103716&j=78867481
  6. Drove by today; there's an excavator-like thing on site as well now.
  7. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Magic Place by Pininfarina is the project which is slated to go east of OldTown/Fun Spot, which is east of Celebration. The OBJ states that it is south of Animal Kingdom, but it really isn't anywhere near it; it is several miles to the east of there. Those tall towers are slated to go on the south side of US 192, and the adjoining development is to go south of there.
  8. The Yard at Ivanhoe | Mixed-Use [Proposed]

    oh, I get it, he typed his text in HankStrong's quote box. I actually went back 2 pages to see what HankStrong had written in February... But why respond to a 7 month old post when there are other more recent posts about...stuff...one could respond to? Also, why is popsiclebrandon's text missing from the quote? I'm confused but slightly apathetic to it- but not enough to not comment on it...
  9. You know, after looking at the width of this thing (N-S), it really isn't all that wide, meaning, it isn't all that wide with regards to the prior two tower design to fit well within that footprint.
  10. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Personally, I think that project's great. I really like this other view from Livingston that JFW657 posted above.
  11. ^^ Yeah, Tremont Tower is a big deal for a few reasons. First, it's visibility from I-4 will be choice. At roughly the height of 55W it will dominate the skyline coming east on I-4. Second, it will be directly at the corner of South & Garland, so when motorists get off the ramp, the first thing they see past the light will be this tower as opposed to a parking lot. A surface parking lot so close to Suntrust is a very bad thing. Third, is the hotel component and for all the reasons dcluley88 stated above. Fourth, is the Sunrail platform incorporated into the project. The fact that they're doing it is great. But also is the fact that it sets the tone for other future projects elsewhere by encouraging them to do the same (if doing so makes sense). The southbound platform shouldn't be south of South St. in the middle of nowhere. This will change. This is a multi-faceted project, much like The Plaza, 55W, and Paramount were.
  12. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    ^^ I like the design of the building. I've seen much worse.
  13. I love NYC and they WILL walk across your body. I'm going to test this out; nest time I go, I'm going to do a "die in" and lay across one of the sidewalks near ESB, maybe in front of Uniqlo, and see what happens. I'll wear a neutral colored shirt.
  14. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    I really love the Aventura tower. I was at Volcano Bay (again) and the shuttle takes you right past it. It is so awesome, it really is, IMO.
  15. Amazon HQ #2 To Orlando?

    I don't know. Amazon "encouraged" Florida to place a bid. Why? So that they have more leverage with their secret preferred location? Or, do they want to come to Florida? Otherwise, why give a crap?