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  1. Creative Village [Proposed]

    I would say by alot. I pondered the same thing when the Magic announced the new stadium and how close it would be to I-4, along with those new ramps they built in the Phase 1 interchange reconstruction a few years back. So now, you'll have CSP on one side, and as you head farther east, you'll see the UCF building about 3 blocks from Hughey on the left. It will give more "depth" to the west side development which is great.
  2. Metro Orlando Airport News

    that's good to know b/c I'll be flying out tomorrow and unfortunately flying back on Saturday, but flying back should be ok, I think.
  3. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    It's going to be just south of Darden HQ and west of that hotel they reference. I can't wait!
  4. Other Metro Area Projects

    wow! my old stomping grounds! Ocean Avenue- I forgot; it used to keep going north up to the bandshell and past until they built the Marriott and cut it off right past the Boardwalk amusement areas. I forgot about those coquina structures. Very depressing about that. And Ocean Avenue.. they have since cut it off yet again at Main Street after they built that county park there. Hey ! Prime real estate! Let's build a large hotel right on top of it! But, to really make an impact, let's destroy a good chunk of the prime real estate in doing so! They could've done it differently. Great find!
  5. Other Metro Area Projects

    Yes. The worst thing I recall was when they widened US 92 near DBCC & White St. and demolished the larger of the two coquina rock "towers" and left the smaller one which is still there today. Was that necessary? No. Volusia has the second most number of buildings registered on the historic register in Florida as of 5 years ago behind Miami-Dade. Impressive (most impressive).
  6. Uptown

    Remember the 1000 North Orange triangular tower proposal back during the boom? Maybe if they still built a project there, with retail ala a small grocer plus mixed use tower? Enough room? Maybe not. NORA probably should've been a higher-rise project with a grocer at it's base b/c of it's location. Maybe The Sevens should've... Dunno. something to keep people there. A grocer is always a good business for that purpose. Maybe a Starbucks or DD or Panera? A CVS?
  7. Wow! I really hope this gets built. Wow. What an addition this would be to that area... What an impact this would have.
  8. Creative Village [Proposed]

    That building will be noticeably larger than the nearby Marriott on Livingston; a bit taller and much broader. It should be very visible from I-4; definitely from the Plaza.
  9. Lake Nona - Medical City

    Wow. I love this thing. Architectonic's fingerprint is all over the design of the hotel. A big resort in the SE quadrant is a great "anchor", if you will, for the area.
  10. Uptown

    Camden Orange Court should consider reverting a few of their street level residential units back to retail at it's northern end to take advantage of Residence Inn patrons next door. This may be a good jump start for more retail up there. Mini market; that kind of thing.
  11. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    I drove by it on I-4 and it looked like the parking garage had another row of pylons, but, I didn't see active construction equipment on site, so, maybe they were already there. But they looked recent. Anyway... As for the owners, I wouldn't trust anything they say. Regarding the attractions area, I was on Grand national bridge yesterday and I noticed that the Grand National Shopping Plaza is u/c. The site is all dug up. Restaurants, medical office, retail, hotel are all going in there. There are signs for the restaurants that have been up for a month or more now. That once dead end corner will be so very different soon. Overflow parking will be gone I think for the mall, which will force them to build a garage I hope.
  12. So, I had said a while back that it seems like every time one tower is close to topping off, that that's when they break ground on the next one. Lately, it's happened with Citi to Modera, and now from Modera to CCP. Prior to Citi it was The Sevens I think. They are all different construction companies involved, and different financing as well, but because of the timing, by the time they get meaningful density built in this town, at the rate they're going, we'll all be witnessing it posthumously. I wonder if City Hall is having all of these projects paced at certain intervals just so that there is always something u/c. This trend will be blown out of the water in January when the UCF related construction begins in CV.
  13. what does that mean? "they are both"? It's one club, right, and it's "2ish" floors? what does the "they" and "closer to 4" mean?
  14. Creative Village [Proposed]

    So, pretty much, Amelia Court, the 15 story hi-rise, and the main UCF/Valencia building are all breaking ground roughly around the same time...in January 2018...
  15. College Park

    it's really coming along. Important project. Now, there will be two large marquee mixed use projects anchoring the neighborhood.