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  1. So, I was at the USPS location off of Tradeport last night around 8pm and I saw this building way off in the distance...the green lights. Extremely visible from miles away just like the Orlando Eye. The next time I'm in Citrus Center at night I'll try a gander from a SE facing window to see if it's visible from downtown. Something tells me it will easily be.
  2. jrs2

    Brightline Trains

    The other 49 are no different than Illinois. But the notion that government is only dirty when the OTHER party is involved is a fairy tale that is strictly for voters and donors. On that note, there could have been certain demands made of Globalvia to approve Maglev, but there's no way to really know unless you were there. But we do know that Mears has been a major player in Orlando and OIA since the '60's. But that's usually how these types of deals happen, whether it's a train, a paving contract, a bridge contract, etc. And I didn't even bring up the unions. Locally, we've
  3. yep. heading SB on The 405, I mean, standing still on The 405, I would gaze up those hills wishing I was in the sky on that gondola as opposed to sitting still with fingers crossed whilst speeding motorcyclists tight-roped the dashed lines between cars. BTW, at that point on The 405, if you look to the left, there is a building almost identical to that Sheraton circular hotel on I-Drive with the metal globe on top. But I agree with you. Case in point, I don't like using the acronym MOSI, because to me there's only one, in Chicago, and the rest are posers. But, MOSI is many miles s
  4. jrs2

    Brightline Trains

    Spenser, it has ALWAYS been about the money, no matter how you try to sugar coat it to convince yourself that the people you once held in high esteem (or still do) from seemingly better times in the past did it better than everyone else since. You can name drop Rick Scott, but he pales in comparison to the goings on in The Windy City for the past century. And I have a history and major ties with that town so I know what goes on there on a daily (not to be mistaken with Daley) basis. With regard to AMT, once Globalvia stepped in, Tony Morris was more or less a non-factor. Trust,
  5. jrs2

    Brightline Trains

    ^^ Below is a series of articles documenting a chronology of recent rail initiatives here in CFLA since Sunrail began development. Regarding AMT Maglev, I think the big problem with Morris is that he didn't have a major in-state RR company worth $$$billions or more heading up or backing the project, like FEC which developed BL. Aside from that, having a test track in a low rent part of VoCo- what's wrong with that? Was he supposed to instead be somewhere in high rent Silicon Valley to get more street cred? I think if the Fed came through in 2003 with their Old Dominion project i
  6. that's a good moniker...'Built By UCF'...like 'Built Ford Tough'
  7. jrs2

    Brightline Trains

    who was supposed to operate the AMT Maglev or similar project? Maybe this had something to do with them nixing it.
  8. I predicted this...might as well start referring to me as The Amazing Criswell... Mullen waited way too long to pull AJ in the LSU game. He is just too indecisive it is painful to watch. The last time I saw it at this level was in 1989 with Lex Smith and Kyle Morris and Herbert Perry. It became a thing of the past under SOS. And after 2002 and the departure of Rex, Leak was on the team for four years and then Tebow and then Brantley. Even Driskel would take off and run if he didn't see a WR open. Even in 2013 when Driskel got hurt and they threw in Murphy, he was good. In 2014
  9. well, infrastructure-wise, SoFla and Orlampa are so different. Another Chicago reference coming: Burnham did the Miami grid plan as well. And the Miami grid continues due north into PBCo. It's a lot like Chicago structurally street-grid-wise. Orlando and Tampa don't have that super-regional grid aesthetic (if you can call it that). For starters, there would have to be a second expressway connecting the two much like Fla Tnpk & I-95 down south do. And, until there is CRT connecting Orlando to St. Pete, it's just not the same thing as SoFla with TriRail (and now BL). Maybe BL to
  10. ^^ Again, this is better than the last one (photo essay). Truly amazing and unique perspective shots, IamFloridaborn. And the contrast is great from the building foreground to the bright blue background sky. This building insomuch as how it is linear and across the street adjacent to another large building (rather close) reminds me of (here comes yet another Chicago reference) the interplay between Prudential and Millenium Park Plaza (minus the pedestal, of course).
  11. jrs2

    Brightline Trains

    damnit, Spenser, I already addressed the politics issue in my response to aent, but you just can't help yourself. HSR to Tamps- studies showed the leg from OIA to WDW would make most of the money and the leg from WDW to Tampa would likely fail, with the State picking up the tab. this was, as a first and probably only leg of an HSR system, a train to nowhere with it dumping you off north of the Tampa courthouse.
  12. "misinterpreted voter intent." maybe you should give Trump his clown makeup back
  13. I've been preaching that they need to redo the South End Zone and make it like the North, with Club Seats, while also raising it and increasing capacity to over 90k. Stricklin is making some sense- some. Why spend $$$ on the student section? I would focus on the South. And then maybe in the future, figure out some sort of cantilever system to build a club and box seating facility above the East stands. With the South, the roadway adjacent to it is more or less elevated and the only way in is the ramp between the South and East. Maybe they could build another entrance there as w
  14. I spoke to a colleague last year who told me the tale of why things went awry with that project
  15. well, if you go into one of those former Orland Magic garages at CV and go to the roof, with a zoom, you can get a good shot. I just don't know if they're open and the roof level open if they are. we need somebody at City National Bank with a north side office... or, somebody on jury duty
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