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  1. hilarious! That and Park Lake Tower! first time I saw those I was like...hmmm...something familiar about this place... (think Luke on Dagobah).
  2. there was a bog ole souped up truck meet in Daytona over the weekend. Let's see...Silver Beach, US 92, Main St, Seabreeze bridges all had stopped traffic on Saturday. 92 was backed up to Nova Road. Main St was backed up to US1. Seabreeze Bridge was backed up to Beach St. What a fiasco. Hopefully that translated into $$$ for the local merchants.
  3. too bad. Hope it goes through. The Tragic Training Center is going up like right across the street or close to it...it will compliment it nicely.
  4. jrs2

    Brightline Trains

    the Obama rail has already been flushed out years ago on these boards. The CA system is a failure; a train to nowhere. Scott is no angel and myself and Spenser already ran commentary on the whole Scott-HSR coinciding with Brightline's announcement and FEC...and Scott's re-review of Sunrail and Mica's involvement and the real benefit to CSX. It's always politics but there's always more going on behind the scenes than we know. It's more than Republican's killing rail because that's what they do; it's more than Democrats raising taxes on everyone for rail because that's also what they do. De
  5. a buddy went to it last week and said it is way more intense than Hulk.
  6. jrs2

    Brightline Trains

    So, I wonder if they are wanting Orange County to "donate" some land along 528 or wherever for Brightline to develop in exchange for taking that route. Orange has that parking deck on the north side of 528 near the Hilton Orlando and surface lots. Personally, I feel that Brightline has to go thru the 528 corridor to be a win for Orlando and the County. Otherwise, only DIsney benefits. This way, the OCCC, Universal, and I-drive all benefit- including Disney because their stop wouldn't change. Disney just wants the next stop from MCO to be Disney. But the OCCC needs the stop to have a
  7. I stand corrected on that point and am very happy to hear that. Ty
  8. you need to have a column in a news periodical. seriously. Your history nuggets are priceless...for real...
  9. This is like Tyson vs Bowe; Coke vs Pepsi; Disney vs Universal. McD's vs BK. It's awesome. If it was just one hospital system here with no real competition, we might not see this type of development at all in the core. And this is really good, because it goes back to a post by ChiDev on that Lakehouse thread about the faster infill happens the sooner Orlando matures to the point of higher density more desire-able projects.
  10. Spenser, you need to stop digging up these troublesome articles; it's not good for your emotional health! LOL.
  11. I don't think anyone here ever complained that they don't or "cannot see that" about Lakehouse, or about the economic engine that drives development. You state "Well said" to Dcluley's post, but there's contradictions. You are against zoning restrictions that might otherwise hinder development, as is Dcluley. But Dcluley is also for better "urban planning." Sounds contradictory because that requires zoning restrictions and changes. Based on your post, you are stating that Lakehouse is, for the most part, "filler," built with little restrictions, to get the density up to a point
  12. I totally agree about DC. You are correct about height or lack of. I didn't want to be a Debbie Downer on Lakehouse. It really is a good project and adds alot of visual interest to Ivanhoe with it's lighting. It also reinforces that Lake Ivanhoe is a desirable locale for downtown-like development. It adds a dynamic to and extends in a way that type of development north (Lakehouse along with The Yard) to the AdventHealth megaplex.
  13. ...and as a result they had the audacity and platform to challenge the adjacent Society project's scale You're right and I know you're right. There's just not enough $$$ in Orlando to support taller buildings then...
  14. Well, I remember when the 30+ story Orlando Palace project was supposed to replace the Orlando COC adjacent to the then-Radisson just down the street. Best scaled design? Probably not, because it was huge. But the location demanded greater height. Look at everything I posted about Lakehouse. Yes, this thing lights up nice at night. Yes, I acknowledge the NIMBY's being a roadblock. Yes, it scales nicely within the neighborhood. But if we used that scale and context standard in Florida, then there would be no such thing as a 20+ story residential tower on the beach anywhere because
  15. ^^ great points. I keep forgetting about the NIMBY's. And I know there is a give and take with height and rent and costs. It's just...all the stuff I said in my prior post is a story that has no end in Orlando. But I do appreciate the project for what it is and what it represents for the present and the future, but that's all we really have in Orlando, is these groups of projects we really appreciate for...filling vacant lots...for example...and doing not necessarily the bare minimum, but just a little bit more than that.
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