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  1. This thread and really the entire NWA board has gone quiet. I got hit by a SUV while riding a few months ago and just got outside on a bike again this weekend. The trail from the Greenway to Kessler is getting really close to being complete. The bridge across Fulbright is concreted and the tunnel under Razorback/Cato Springs is done except for concrete. The last major thing is pouring concrete under 49. The forms are in place almost, so I expect it won’t be long before it’s all tied in and finished. The new property around Wedington/49 got approved to be purchased by the city, so there will be more MTB/hiking/running trails coming as well as a connector to Kessler and the Greenway. Great things happening now and in the future for Fayetteville. Good to see us catching up with the trails up north. I know there are some new things in Benton county as well but being mostly home bound with broken bones I have very little knowledge of what’s going on up there. I know there is a new trail in Bella Vista connecting to the Greenway and some new Bentonville trails on the Greenway but I don’t know exactly where everything is and the current status. Keep you head on a swivel out there. The drivers are not looking for you.
  2. IronScott

    Restaurant Development in NW Arkansas

    James at the Mill closed.
  3. IronScott

    Restaurant Development in NW Arkansas

    Pretty sure it's one of those 7 Brew coffee shops. Think it's a drive-thru only place. I don't think SJ's is closed or closing but maybe I'm mistaken.
  4. IronScott

    Bentonville, Arkansas

    Firm based in Dallas bought it. Doesn't look like anything firm has been announced yet.
  5. Thanks for the update. That's great to hear they're working on it. I haven't been by there in months. That indeed will connect to the regional park. The is a map in the master plan somewhere. That will be a well traveled trail.
  6. A few pics of the new bridges on new hope. Not the best pics but you can get an idea.
  7. Some of the new lanes on I-49 are finally opening tomorrow in the Springdale and Johnson areas. I don't know what their criteria for opening is but it has been a ridiculous amount of time since the paving and striping has been completed. The new asphalt is already faded and they are just now opening. This project is a nightmare for motorists but the highway dept would buy some goodwill by opening more of the completed lanes. It would also help if they didn't shrink existing lanes and put the barriers so close to make it a danger zone to drive through but that's another story.
  8. Three bridges have been set in place next to Einstein Bros in the last few days. I couldn't visualize how they were going to do it but it looks great. I'll try to get a pic today. That entire area is in desperate need of rerouting.
  9. I rode it Sunday and agree with your comments. It's terrible. Much of the sidewalk is narrow and rough. Some dangerous road crossings. I finally gave up and just got on the road. On a separate note, I wish the closed section in Bentonville leading to Bella Vista would reopen soon. I don't have high hopes of it happening.
  10. IronScott

    Fayetteville, Arkansas

    Ha ha!
  11. Found some details which I had not been able to find before. Looks like they plan to start this year. "The Town Branch and Cato Springs Trails will provide connectivity from the Razorback Greenway to the new Regional Park in southwest Fayetteville. Portions of the Town Branch Trail are complete, with the remaining sections west of Greathouse Park under construction in 2015 into early 2016. Design is being finalized on The Cato Springs Trail with construction planned for late spring of 2016."
  12. Yes it is. I saw the planned route recently on the Fayetteville master trail plan but don't remember if a target date was mentioned. That should be a 2.5-3 mile stretch, I think. It will be a great addition. I'd love to be able to safely ride down to Kessler. I've ridden down 265/Cato Springs many times but people drive really fast through there.
  13. IronScott

    Uptown Fayetteville Development Area

    Not all people forget it.
  14. IronScott

    Restaurant Development in NW Arkansas

    Ate there last night. Looked like they got their problems resolved. Liquor was flowing. Hopefully they won't close now.
  15. IronScott

    Springdale, Arkansas

    Beautiful. Thanks for posting that. It will be a tremendous resource for this area. Springdale is finally coming up to speed with the rest of the region. That area between Johnson and Lowell is booming.