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  1. Also buried towards the bottom of the article, an un-named data management company is considering creating somewhere between 367-444 new jobs that would average $39K/year. The company has about 1500 jobs nationwide and the jobs in Winston-Salem would be back office operations, customer support, and HR. $39K isn't great... but it's better to have those jobs than not have them.
  2. Ha Ha! I see what you did there.
  3. I last went in there a few years ago (when I lived in VB). It was basically a JC Penney selection at the price of.... well.. Nordstrom.
  4. This is good news for us. My wife is really big into theater so it'll be nice to not have to drive to Durham every time we want to see a show. Though we'll probably still go to Durham or Charlotte from time to time for the excuse to get away. Maybe others in other cities will do the same in Greensboro.
  5. Not officially. But I don't think much has been happening on the site. I know there was another quibble between the city and Rocky Scarfone that apparently got ironed out but that was a couple months ago and still nothing has happened. I'm thinking this will die quietly over the coming 6 months or so. Which is probably what should happen. With the Hyatt Place near completion and the Hampton Inn and Suites under construction, there really just isn't a need for the Westin. I know the demographics are different, but it's not as if downtown had a major need for new hotel rooms BEFORE they started the two under construction. And there are plenty of other high end hotels outside of downtown Greensboro.... and very few who visit Greensboro are coming for downtown. I'd put the chances of the Westin going up at about 20%. And that might be a little high.
  6. It seems that the number of working pieces may have played a role. Carroll said something a while back about changing some of the materials used at the last second. Though I think the construction worker shortage has played the biggest role.
  7. About three... for a mid rise hotel and apartment building. But at least it does appear that it will get done. But yeah, I don't understand how Project 561 is feasible for Carroll, but he can't get this project going in a reasonable timeframe. At the very latest, the first tenants should be renewing their one year leases right now. Instead, we're still a few months away from move in.
  8. I know... I was just looking at other tall city halls for kicks.... I know another city with a large city hall is Richmond who has a 19 story city hall.
  9. Just for kicks, I put this into a quick Google search. While certainly 20 stories would be a large city hall for a city Raleigh's size (and probably in anticipation of future growth as well), it would be nowhere the largest city hall in the country. For instance, Los Angeles has a city hall that stands almost 500' and 32 stories. The thread I linked talked about worldwide city halls, but includes several others in the US. Philadelphia has a tall city hall, but most of that height isn't really functional I don't believe. Buffalo's city hall stands just under 400' and is 32 stories as well. Phoenix is 20 stories as well and stands at 368'. Nevertheless, a 20 story city hall will add to Raleigh's skyline... and will do so even if it is reduced in scope (as I would expect it to be). https://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=691964
  10. Definitely big because it isn't just a few hundred jobs.. it's a few hundred good paying jobs. The average is a bit over $50K. Big win for Winston-Salem and the Triad.
  11. Yeah, I know.... but since the article said it, it's not as if he pulled out the idea out of his rear. Heck, an average of $45K is still REALLY good and considerably more than I would have expected (I was expecting an average of about $36-38K) .
  12. To be fair, there was an article that as originally written DID say a minimum salary of $45K.
  13. HRVT

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    I get the idea and agree that it would look good. This particular drawing however looks like the building is wearing a dunce cap.
  14. Not to mention that we're going to have our own Amazon warehouse a few minutes away in Kernersville (though that one won't necessarily be a "hub" but more of just a standard fulfillment center that will likely become standard in just about every metropolitan area.
  15. 24 stories and approximately 270 feet is still a pretty solid development. Not the grand slam that it appeared to be initially (and it's common for developments to initially look like a grand slam before being downsized).... but IMO it's a solid two-run shot.
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