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  1. Below is a link to the long range vision released a while ago. Revolution Ridge is a great start. The two projects announced in your post are also nice improvements. But I love how modern some of the renderings in the booklet below make the GSC look and I hope they can come to fruition. https://www.greensboroscience.org/documents/GSC GATEWAY PROJECT BOOKLET.pdf
  2. As a member of the Science Center, I'm very much looking forward to this. Is the last picture part of these plans though? The last I find of it was find of it was from 2019. I have seen the other three pictures recently though and do look forward to when these projects are done.
  3. Yep... you should always add an hour at the VERY least for any major event. Knowing that a 30k seat venue would host 40-50k, 2 hours ahead of what it would normally take to get there is reasonable. My sister went... got there 3 hours ahead... zero problems coming or going.
  4. Former VB resident (not one of THOSE VB residents) and I loved going into Norfolk to do things. And it seems to have some real momentum going. If only the light rail could get going....
  5. Right... but I think people were on the field too... but I'm sure some seats were unusable. But if the number in attendance is anywhere near the 30k capacity (ie: <40k) then it makes last night's failure all the more baffling.
  6. One is currently under construction, though that probably wouldn't have helped much last night. How many people were at this concert? I know WF can draw 30k+ for football. Was this like 50k+ people?
  7. This would be amazing. Greensboro has gotten behind on the whole food hall idea but obviously there's a lot more than this to it. Anything to lower barriers to entry for the successful build of small business is a win.
  8. Yeah, skylines don't mean everything. It's much better to have a solid core of 10-15 buildings at 200-300 feet height vs 3-5 300+ foot towers. Take a look at Norfolk. It has a short skyline, but there are a fair number of 200ish foot tall buildings and lots of activity.... and once they get of their downtown mall it'll be even better.
  9. $$$ And the front is awful. It looks like a budget design from the 1960s. IMO it's largely driven by some desperation to just complete this project and check a box... Absurd.
  10. I didn't say it was a bad thing. I just hope a food hall around here would actually make leaps like that. ROAR for instance just introduced their new station... Mexican food. On top of Asian food, seafood, Italian, and American food. That said, ROAR is more an entertainment destination that includes a food hall. So if the new food hall does bring something novel, that'd be awesome. If it ends up being BBQ, Seafood, Pizza, etc, I'll be underwhelmed.
  11. It's a cool idea... but in the span of just a few years food halls have gone from being a novel idea to being all over the place.
  12. Still seems like that would be an issue to me.
  13. Looking at the pictures, are we sure that the retail element is still there? Or was it quietly removed?
  14. The ACC has been clamoring to move to Charlotte for years. John Swofford was the only hurdle and he retired. Phillips gets the job and almost immediately they study the best location for HQ. It would be a huge shock if it didn't happen. Heck, the ACC's stated criteria for its next HQ literally describes Charlotte to a T.
  15. So when the ACC moves to Charlotte anyway, does that mean the project is dead?
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