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  1. threw up in my mouth a little. The kids and I love the Rock Cats and can't wait to use our opening day tix in 4 weeks. I'm not sure I can really rally behind this name. My seven year-old can't figure out how to pronounce it yet. Oy you Solomon kids! What is this?
  2. Creamer said he won't post it if he doesn't trust the source. I can only hope that the source is just trying to stir up some rants. You'd think the selection committee might take it as seriously as they did for the Hardware City Rock Cats moniker. Centerplan has put a webcam on the Ramada Plaza roof to watch the construction. The link I got from Dean Z @ the RC is down. Waiting to see if they just need CP to log back in. URL: https://www.workzonecam.com/projects/centerplan/hartfordballpark/workzonecam
  3. I just get google listing things on the map related to Hartford ballpark like NB stadium and Ballpark Frankies. What am I missing?
  4. The raised concrete mall in front of the Travelers Rotunda and Main South (tower) building has been closed for two years and the signs inside say it will re-open next year. If all they were doing was shining up the tower exterior top to bottom, then there might not have been need to close the entire mall area. I am pretty sure it was confirmed that the motivator for the work was iQuilt just as for the Phoenix boat building area greenification.
  5. For Front Street--I'm also wondering about the tiny tiny courtyard abutting the Elks Lodge. Wouldn't it have made more sense opened up on Front Street facing UConns buildings? I haven't put the two renderings side by side, though.
  6. New pics from Nixs and Infinity Hall. http://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/index.php/gallery/image/3385-nixs-hartford-08072014/ http://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/index.php/gallery/image/3384-infinityhall-hartford-08072014/
  7. Fresh paint and windowed openings in the basement.
  8. Paint, carpets, fine woodworking ready at Infinity Hall.
  9. Here's what I meant by holes in the basement of the Sonesta visible through the 3 CP vacancy. Maybe they are windows, right now with no glass. They have painted the concrete also. FIXED PIC URL http://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/index.php/gallery/image/3386-ontheplaza-hartford-08072014/
  10. Found on their web site that Ballpark Design Associates of KC has designed a stadium concept for Hartford before, designing a plan for a stadium a few blocks away behind the Hartford Insurance buildings. A very similarly shaped lot, a bit bigger though, at Garden/Frazier/Myrtle where a few buildings were later torn down and it eventually became "HartBeat Park". http://www.ballparkdesignassociates.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/hartford_A_20080226-page-0011.jpg Hartford Minor League Ballpark Study, Hartford, Connecticut Concept Designer for a proposed new 8,000-seat minor league ba
  11. Anyone seen a timeline on this project? I'd imagine it'll be a while based on the sheer size... I can't imagine anything would still open on schedule later this year or in spring, right? Also, @The Voice of Reason, are you seeing it from up high? Do you have any pics? On the 777 site on Becker and Becker it reminds us that the building was designed by renowned master of concrete 1960's wrongness Welton Becket. It seems his work was so influential in the 60's that RTKL Associates got onboard when designing the Travelers Plaza Building in 68. I'm wondering with the removal of the 'butt
  12. I saw today that beside the Channel 3 hole in the ground, there were new rectangular holes cut out of the cinder blocks at what seems like the basement of the Sonesta "On The Plaza". Has anyone found any artist renderings? I checked on WonderWorks, Girona Ventures, Crosskey Architects, HBJ and Courant/Tribune and CRDA. Maybe I'll email Ken Gosselin and see if he's seen anything (or can get anything). Crosskey did 410 Asylum, but I have no idea if the style will be anything like that at On The Plaza. Also, anyone heard anything about movement on "Residences at River View" at 3 Constitution/
  13. Chatted with a project manager at Nix's this morning. They have their inspection today and are hoping to open in 13 days. They are conducting interviews on site. That's about 2 weeks after they told CTNow.com they'd open the doors at the beginning of July. But, the fences are down and the furniture is out on the patio. The menu is posted, but still no prices. They also note that they will have bands, but nothing posted yet. http://www.nixshartford.com/ I can't remember if anyone posted this, but opening week at Infinity Hall Hartford is 8/28-8/30 with Toad the Wet Sprocket, The Outlaws, Az
  14. I know; let's wall off downtown, DoNo, SoDo, riverfront and Asylum Hill. Then only allow access by sentries at toll gates off of 84, 91 and 2. If you live in Clay Arsenal, Upper Albany, Frog Hollow, etc. $5 to get in. Heck, most of that segregation was already laid out by Lady Fox Auerbach 50 years ago, no?
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