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  1. Amazon HQ #2 To Orlando?

    Here are the cities that match Amazon's wish list for its second headquarters
  2. Orlando and Metro Area Largest Publicly Traded Companies

    Orlando unfortunately does not score very high I'm hoping they look at Toronto(hometown) as well.
  3. Orlando and Metro Area Largest Publicly Traded Companies

    Amazon looking for 2nd HQ in North America. Wonder if Orlando will make a play for this. Image them in downtown Orlando (game-changer).
  4. Alexandria Virginia Skyline from Huntington Metro

    9/5/17 9:15PM Patent Office area
  5. Huntington, VA (Fairfax County)

    9/2/17 @6 PM
  6. Huntington, VA (Fairfax County)

    8/28/17 5:35PM
  7. Huntington, VA (Fairfax County)

  8. Huntington, VA (Fairfax County)

  9. Great news, Orlando recently became home to another Fortune 1000 corporate headquarters! Largest publicly traded Companies based in Orlando. 1) Darden (Fortune 500) @7.2 billion 2) Wyndham Time Share @4.3 billion 3) Tupperware 4) Hilton Time Share 5) Marriot Vacation Club 6) Seaworld Entertainment (Seas) I think these are the only publicly traded companies based in Orlando with over $1 billion in annual revenues.
  10. Citi Tower | 23-Story Residential [Under Construction]

    I think NYC has '25 ft due to density and population. Orlando will never become that dense, so a narrow sidewalk makes sense but at least 10 ft minimum. I wonder what the density/population is for South Eola and other Orlando neighbourhoods as well?
  11. Lake Eola Neighbourhood.

    Does anyone on this board actually live in Lake Eola? I'm curious to see how the addition of 420 and Citi Tower new residents have impacted the area local businesses, density and street life. 420 added @300 units and Citi another @230 units. @ 800 more residents total between the two buildings. Thanks