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  1. idroveazamboni

    Orlando and Metro Area Largest Publicly Traded Companies

    Fortune 1000 company based in Orlando.
  2. idroveazamboni

    Amazon HQ
  3. idroveazamboni

    Comparing Orlando...

    I come to this site every few days and get a good laugh. I like to see “I am Reality” get so unhinged and emotional, It reminds of one of those Sunday afternoon couch warriors with zero athletic ability screaming at the TV cause their team lost. Seriously, if you hate the city so much move. I did not like living in Orlando so I relocated, but still have ties to area since my parents live here.
  4. not my site but Modera should have been at least 5-10 stories taller for such a prime location
  5. idroveazamboni

    THE Orlando Photo Thread not my site but they got some amazing drone shots of Downtown Orlando
  6. If Wyndham does relocate to Orlando most likely they will move their HQ to south part of Orange County not downtown.
  7. I am Reality, have you ever created a job in your life you remind of one of those armchair QB’s who sits on his couch every Sunday screaming at the screen saying this and that. What have you done to create a high paying job in Orlando. Two you must be real lonely to sit here day and night and post the same thing over and over again.
  8. idroveazamboni

    Economic Development
  9. idroveazamboni

    Orlando and Metro Area Largest Publicly Traded Companies
  10. idroveazamboni

  11. idroveazamboni

    Comparing Orlando...

    As a Torontonian, you can’t even put Orlando in the same league. Toronto is Global Business City and one of the 10 most Global cities in the world. Toronto has suburbs bigger then Orlando.
  12. idroveazamboni

    Puerto Rican Exodus to Orlando.
  13. idroveazamboni

    Orlando and Metro Area Largest Publicly Traded Companies

    Not a public company but still a loss to Orlando.
  14. idroveazamboni

    Economic Development

    Regardless of the argumentative nature this thread has become, one thing for sure on a per capita basis Orlando should have way more Fortune 500 & 1000 to match it’s population. It’s median income is below the national average and it’s GMP-Gross Metro Production per capita is lower then the national average.
  15. idroveazamboni

    Economic Development

    One of reason for banks moving to Charlotte, was because NC had Interstate Banking Laws that allowed them to expand over state lines, as well as the repeal of Glass Steagall laws which allowed banks to get into trading, insurance and other lines of business and lead to a record number of acquisitions in the banking industry. BOA bought Nations Bank which bought Barnett Bank.