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  1. Don’t consider them Orlando or within Orlando Metro Area.
  2. 8th largest now is Suntrust building at Church Street @ 315 FT.
  3. https://fortune.com/fortune500/2019/search/?hqcity=Orlando 1 Fortune 500 Company, 4 other companies in Fortune 1000. SeaWorld and Ruth’s Chris also have their HQ in the Orlando Area.
  4. I’m not local, does anyone have pictures of the street behind Central where Citi, 420 and 520 are? These three apartments plus Modera added @1230+ units. 1230 *1.5 people per unit @1845 new people. Area is getting dense curious if it translates to more street activity. Thanks
  5. Sorry for the late response please email me at [email protected] and reference the image thanks
  6. I was just at Lake Eola Park and got say it was packed with people. Beautiful day a lot of potential.
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